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For those who say that when you have children you no longer travel? and that you have to leave your suitcases in the cellar we answer that not? absolutely true! The demonstration ? my daughter, Matilde, who has completed her first year of life in magical New York!

Undoubtedly, with the birth of a baby, life changes and is revolutionized but with ap? of patience and some changes to the way of traveling you can? quietly continue to travel the world!

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Normally we have always traveled with a stopover to save money but this time being a very long journey and the first for Matilde we decided to take a direct one, indeed we were very lucky because? we found a great offer. We flew from Milan to New York with Emirates and for all three with insurance for the entire period the amount? state of 950 euros.

During the flight we requested a crib so that the child could sleep peacefully, we also recommend Emirates for our relationship with children. The hostesses, very kind, deliver blankets and toys as well as a polaroid to each child with a captain's hat.
We visited New York for six days but today we will only talk about our little girl's birthday, the rest of the trip you will find in another travelogue.

To start the day we took a nice balloon with the words? Happy Birthday? and tied to the stroller and a hat to wear all day. After breakfast the day? started in Central Park. We went to the playgrounds suitable for more children? little ones (there are lots of them for different ages and needs) and we had fun with them between swings and rolls in the park even though it was December. After we decided to go to the park's zoo. The zoo ? very small, there are not many animals but for small children or to spend a few hours among the animals? very nice. To Matilde? especially liked the part of the pets even if at the sight of the goat? burst into tears.
After taking another stroll in the park and meeting many people who sang? Happy Birthday? we headed to Time Square. Can't you? pass by there without entering the Disney Store and so Matilde was able to celebrate with her idol Mickey Mouse. Leaving there we went to a huge toy shop where Matilde was able to play ap? with legos and other children.

After having something to eat we went to the famous pastry shop of Buddy, or the boss of the cakes and we took a mega cupcake oreo taste with a lot of candle number one and we headed to Rockefeller. Before going to see the famous tree for? we stopped by American Girl a three-story doll shop. IS? a really absurd shop, each doll is about 150/200 dollars and you can choose the most? looking like your little girl. Plus there are whole aisles of matching baby and doll clothes. If that's not enough c ?? also the restaurant where you can eat in the company of many dolls and listen, listen? the hairdresser. Exactly c ?? a real hairdresser for dolls where for the modest sum of 20 dollars you can take your friend for a restoration. I was amazed at how many people there were!

After this little parenthesis in this absurd world we headed to the famous alberone and we lit the candle, took the usual photos and ate our delicious cupcake while people walked by and still sang? Happy Birthday ?.
We hope with all our heart that this day has been for our little girl a day of love, joy and happiness waiting to be able to choose the next destination for her to celebrate her birthday!

Federica and Diego

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