Moving abroad for love: the experience of the Friends of Fuso

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Don't have a fixed home, moving to a new country, with a different culture and language, greet old friends and be ready to make new ones.
Probably many young Italians are absolutely fascinated by this perspective on life.
But "taking flight" is not at all easy ... often those who love you consciously or unconsciously try to dissuade you from leaving, not out of wickedness, rather for fear of moving away from you. Although in most cases a parent is well aware of how "breathing new air" can be a great growth opportunity for their children, they linger in giving their blessing, and they do so for obvious reasons. There are two possibilities foreseen: convince yourself, go on an adventure, collide with the harsh reality and retrace your steps, or discover the "real" world, opening up to new cultures and start living your own life.
Not everyone is suited to living away from home and away from family, but everyone has the right to try to chart their own course.
It is difficult to make such a drastic decision at any age, at 20 as well as at 50.
And when you do it to follow an important person, it's even more difficult. After having lived almost half of their years (and sometimes even more) in a country, making the leap is a gamble, a risk that only a few brave can take.
we at we want to tell you the story of some women who have had this courage: they are the "amichedifuso", women who they followed husbands or companions around the world, or even women who have heard theneed to leave, striving to cope with their own strength. Some have found their dimension and taken root, others are still looking for a place in the world. Anyway they all managed to reinvent yourself both in the personal and work spheres, starting projects and realizing their goals. These girls "teamed up", comforted each other, shared fears and joys, victories and defeats, and they created a community, a large web family.
Loud friend intends to be a window on the Expat phenomenon, a virtual place where those interested can learn what happens outside the "Bel Paese" through the adventures, experiences and daily problems of those who live abroad.
Here are some testimonials of women who have decided to move out of love for love and who still managed to be fulfilled on a human and professional level.


  1. Elena from Dubai
  2. Mimma from Kuwait
  3. Greta from Wisconsin
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Elena from Dubai

Elena she is a "frequent expat", which means she is used to packing and unpacking suitcases and boxes practically every 2 or three years, changing nation, culture, language and lifestyle. She is left for the love of her husband, an engineer who is transferred according to work projects. She is the mother of Tommaso and Giulia, two wonderful children who, as she says, "are children of the world", who obviously grow up with a natural propensity for travel. Throughout his life lived in Ecuador, in New York, Las Vegas e San Francisco. Today he is "momentarily" a Dubai with his family and tells about his adventures on the blog.

Mimma from Kuwait

Mimma she is forty full of life, mom of a little funny girl equally dynamic.
She is a southern woman, lawyer, writer and pr that after having lived in Milan for about 20 years, chose to follow her husband to Kuwait City.
Not without difficulty, she managed to accomplish a real feat: find herself in his "Five Stars Prison".

Greta from Wisconsin

Greta, like other "fusion friends", she embraced her new reality as an expat for follow love. Lives in Milwaukee in Wisconsin with her husband, her dachshund Margot and hers beautiful little girl. He loves American art, literature and television series.
She was catapulted into a new country, had to put aside career dreams, come to terms with one different language and consequently with the difficulty socializing.
But thanks to the fortitude she managed to adapt, acquiring greater linguistic fluidity, creating new friendships and habits.
After this great test, she managed to strengthen even more the harmony with her husband and today they are more united than ever.

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