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- movie lovers they can't really do without festivals dedicated to this art. The great opportunity to learn about new genres and trends, and see the films screened in their original language, is certainly more attractive than the Grand Prix linked to festivals.
The events scattered around the world are many, each one of a kind. Let's find out together the most successful ones.


  1. Cannes International Film Festival
  2. International film art exhibition
  3. Berlin international film festival
  4. Tiff
  5. Siff
  6. Sundance film festival
  7. TIFF Tokyo
  8. VIFF
  9. Edinburgh International Film Festival
  10. Shanghai International Film Festival
  11. Tribeca Film Festival
  12. Sydney Film Festival
  13. Nantucket Film Festival
  14. Locarno Film Festival
  15. Telluride Film Festival
  16. Zurich Film Festival
  17. BFI London Film Festival
  18. Dubai Film Festival
  19. San Francisco International Film Festival
  20. Raindance
  21. User questions and comments

1 - Cannes International Film Festival

  • Where: Cannes, France
  • Year of the first edition: 1946

Definitely the film festival best known and most important of Europe. It can only be accessed by invitation and sees an infinite variety of international guests parading on its red carpet, from the most sublime directors to the most popular actors.

2 - International film art exhibition

  • Where: Venice, Italy
  • Year of the first edition: 1932

Venice is the film festival oldest in the world and certainly one of the most important on earth. The lagoon setting does full justice to the elegance of this event.

3 - Berlin International Film Festival

  • Where: Berlin, Germany
  • Year of the first edition: 1951

Berlin is one of the festivals with greater turnout, both in terms of films and spectators: it is in fact possible to buy a ticket to participate in the festival even if you do not have an invitation.

4 - Tiff

  • Where: Toronto, Canada
  • Year of the first edition: 1976

The Toronto International Film Festival is considered the more important of North America. The event lasts 11 days and has one of the highest audience participation in the sector.

5 - Siff

  • Where: Seattle, USA
  • Year of the first edition: 1976

The Seattle International Film Festival has a duration of 3 weeks and hosts a significant number of independent and foreign films, as well as documentaries.

6 - Sundance film festival

  • Where: Utah
  • Year of the first edition: 1978

It welcomes American and international films as well as documentaries. It has a non-competitive section. The current name was chosen in 1984: it was initially called the Utah / US Film Festival and was for insiders only.

7 - TIFF Tokyo

  • Where: Tokyo, Japan
  • Year of the first edition: 1985

The Tokyo International Film Festival ran every two years until 1991, when it was decided to make it an annual event. It looks like one of the two most important Asian events related to cinema and is related to the Tokyo Sakura Grand Prix.

8 - VIFF

  • Where: Vancouver, Canada
  • Year of the first edition: 1982

The Vancouver International Film Festival stages films from 80 different countries, selecting them among those who have participated in other festivals and among unpublished gems.

9 - Edinburgh International Film Festival

  • Where: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Year of the first edition: 1947

The Edinburgh International Film Festival lasts two weeks and awards Best New British Film and Director. In addition to films, documentaries, animated films, shorts and music videos also participate.

10 - Shanghai International Film Festival

  • Where: Shanghai
  • Year of the first edition: 1993

It took off every two years until 2001 but the 2003 edition was skipped due to the SARS epidemic. It has an entire section dedicated to cinematography students and rewards young Asian promises.

11 - Tribeca Film Festival

  • Where: New York, USA
  • Year of the first edition: 2001

The Tribeca film festival was born from the will of a group of actors, with the aim of helping the reconstruction of Manhattan after 11/. It has a free section called "Tribeca Drive-in Experience".

12 - Sydney Film Festival

  • Where: Sydney, Australia
  • Year of the first edition: 1955

The Sydney Film Festival is the perfect opportunity to discover many new talents. The final prize for the winner of the competition is A $ 60.

13 - Nantucket Film Festival

  • Where: Nantucket, USA
  • Year of the first edition: 1996

The festival takes place on the small island of Nantucket in Massachusetts and mainly focuses on screenplays. Given the small size of the island it is easy to meet the VIPs who preside over the event, in particular Ben Stiller who seems to have a holiday home here.

14 - Locarno Film Festival

  • Where: Locarno, Switzerland
  • Year of the first edition: 1946

The Locarno Film Festival takes place outdoors and has a duration of eleven days, during which it hosts important films and new discoveries.

15 - Telluride Film Festival

  • Where: Colorado, USA
  • Year of the first edition: 1974

The festival takes place in the mountain town of the same name in Colorado, takes place after Cannes and before Toronto, and is proposed as a big surprise event: viewers do not know which films, actors and directors will participate in the competition.

16 - Zurich Film Festival

  • Where: Zurich, Switzerland
  • Year of the first edition: 2004

Young new entry As part of the film festivals, the Zurich Film Festival mainly hosts German-language films and major American films.

17 - BFI London Film Festival

  • Where: London, England
  • Year of the first edition: 1957

Supervised by the British Film Institute, the London Film Festival presents a very busy program with over 300 films from around the world. To involve an ever-increasing audience, the festival also includes forums and debates on cinematographic and related techniques.

18 - Dubai Film Festival

  • Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Year of the first edition: 2004

The Dubai Film Festival welcomes top-level international guests, with a multitude of American actors present at the various editions, but the main focus remains on Arab cinema.

19 - San Francisco International Film Festival

  • Where: San Francisco, USA
  • Year of the first edition: 1957

The event takes place every year during the spring and has a duration of two weeks. Films from 50 countries take part in the festival.

20 - Raindance

  • Where: itinerant
  • Year of the first edition: 1992

Il independent film festival Raindance has the distinction of being based in various cities, including London, Brussels, Los Angeles, Berlin, Vancouver, Barcelona, ​​Toronto, Montreal, New York, Paris, Beijing. Raindance supports independent cinema all year round with events and seminars.

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