Most beautiful B & B and Farmhouses in Umbria

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Collecting memories ... certainly one of the main reasons that drives us to travel.
Some believe that a vacation becomes truly memorable only when you meet new people on your path with whom you can share part of it. Others consider travel an intimate moment, to live in the company of a few trusted people, or maybe alone with themselves.
If you belong to the category of people who like to choose particularly crowded destinations, Umbria is probably not exactly your ideal destination, but if on the contrary you want immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere, if you want to appreciate the simplicity of the little things, if you want to get in touch with nature, history and traditions... yes, theUmbria is your dimension!
A fantastic destination, rich in history and natural beauty, but above all among the best regions for presence of fantastic relais and charming residences.
Perfect for a stay as a couple, but also for a weekend with the family or in a group, these lovely farmhouses and old houses will give you moments of pure relaxation, in contact with everything that makes Umbria one of the most beautiful regions of the boot.
Here is a selection of the best B & Bs and Farmhouses in the Region.


  1. Ripa Medici
  2. Ancient Gabella
  3. The Molinetto
  4. Greenhouses of Parrano
  5. The Loggia
  6. Ancient source
  7. Once upon a time
  8. Villa Pascolo
  9. The Quercetta
  10. Umbria Verde Sporting Resort
  11. Borgo Santa Cecilia
  12. Hermit
  13. Villa Clara
  14. Palazzo Farrattini
  15. Sismano Castle
  16. Borgospante
  17. User questions and comments

Ripa Medici

  • Address: Vicolo Ripa Medici, 14,05018 Orvieto TR
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0763 341343

Imagine being gently awakened in the morning by the sunlight coming through the window, imagine a tasty breakfast and it spectacle of the countryside that stretches out in front of you. Thanks to its incredible rooms with a view, Ripa Medici will give you a delicious experience ...

Ancient Gabella

  • Address: Via del Forte, 29,06061 Castiglione del Lago PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 347 688 6369

Attention to detail, attention and respect for guests' needs: Ancient Gabella it is a home of great charm, elegant like few others, but above all capable of making you feel better than at home. Applause to the owners, who with their kindness provide added value to a 10 and praise B&B.

The Molinetto

  • Address: State Road 448 km 18.9,06059 Todi PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 347 126 2847

The Molinetto it is a special place not far from the beautiful Todi. The surrounding greenery is a feast for the eyes, and the atmosphere seems to be that of a novel. This charming Umbrian farmhouse is ideal for a relaxing weekend, and the merit also goes to the gods owners: friendly, helpful and caringEtc.

Greenhouses of Parrano

  • Address: Loc. Serre di Parrano, 06025 Nocera Umbra PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 335 627 0955

Dream location, absolute quiet and great availability of the owners: these are the major qualities of the structure Greenhouses of Parrano, which offers tourist accommodation in pension and holiday home formula. If you like countryside away from urban centers, this place is perfect for you.

The Loggia

  • Address: Via per Collazzone, 14,06050 Collazzone PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 348 684 9986

The Loggia combines the quiet of the countryside to the convenience of being not far from important cities of art. The view of the Umbrian countryside and a rich breakfast based on house specialties are everything you could wish for to start the day in the best way.

Ancient source

  • Address: via livana, fraz. Campi, 7, 06046 Norcia, PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0743 828523

Ancient source it is a timeless structure that will guarantee you pure relaxation. The place is nothing short of beautiful genuine and tasty cuisine, are the right ingredients for the perfect holiday. By staying here you will get the impression of stay in heaven... seeing is believing!

Once upon a time

  • Address: Strada Comunale San Marino, 6,06125 Perugia
  • Email:
  • Phone: 393 987 1968

Immersed in the countryside between olive trees and flowers, but at the same time a stone's throw from the spectacular town of Perugia.
Staying at the C'era una Volta B&B you will feel as in a fairy tale, of those that are read to children before sleeping. This rural farmhouse offers spotless accommodation and a unique family atmosphere.

Villa Pascolo

  • Indizizzo: Costacciaro PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 075 917 0770

Villa Pascolo is located in a area surrounded by greenery, and obviously the natural context is the first spectacular thing that immediately catches the eye. However, there are so many qualities of this structure: welcome, atmosphere, courtesy, but above all the quality of foodEtc. a real treat.

The Quercetta

  • Address: Via Carpello, 45,06034 Foligno PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 366 200 6570

The Quercetta it's a heaven for the soul. Everything perfect, from the rooms equipped with every comfort to the exquisite owners. The chirping of birds in the morning, the view at sunset, the starry sky in the evening ... This place is capable of enhancing the disarming beauty of nature.

Umbria Verde Sporting Resort

  • Address: Vocabolo Scoppio, 80,06056 Massa Martana PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 075 997 5424

If you Shooting enthusiasts, you will have a hard time leaving this place after staying there.
Umbria Verde is a wonderful resort surrounded by nature able to kidnap guests with its Wellness Spa and its well-kept environments.
If you look for tranquility and well-being, treat yourself to "your weekend" here.

Borgo Santa Cecilia

  • Address: Provincial Road 206 km 14,500,06024 Gubbio PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 075 925 2157

Tranquility, nature and good food, beautiful landscapes and great hospitality. Borgo Santa Cecilia is one of those places that remain in your heart forever. A stay here is an amazing experience that you will want to repeat again and again and again ...


  • Address: Località Tarina 2,05010 Parrano
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0763 891010

An austere and very isolated place. Different. Eremito is an island of quiet which takes you to a parallel reality where there is no noise, no stress.
No television, no swimming pool, no gym. There is you and your mind ... and that's all it takes for a memorable experience of discovering yourself.

Villa Clara

  • Address: Via Beviglie, 41, 06081 Assisi PG
  • Email:
  • Phone: 075 801 9633

Villa Clara is a magical place with a view that takes your breath away, but also availability and infinite kindness on the part of the owners. Guests define it as a "b & b that tastes of 5 stars", "a surprise of 10 and praise".

Palazzo Farrattini

  • Address: Via Farrattini, 52, 05022 Amelia TR
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0744 983399

Palazzo Farrattini will be able to give you a dream stay in an enchanting location. You will feel like you are surrounded by history, and the owners, with their great availability and kindness, will give you everything, even what you don't know you want!

Sismano Castle

  • Address: Borgo Corsini, 12, Sismano, 05020 Sismano TR
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0744 933416

Welcoming and elegant suites, suggestive common areas and aatmosphere that seems that of a medieval tale. The Sismano Castle it is an enchantment capable of making you go back in time.


  • Address: 05010 Ospedaletto TR
  • Email:
  • Phone: 075 870 9134

Borgospante it is a structure fantastic from all points of view. Staying on a farm is not a simple tourist option, but rather an unforgettable experience for every nature lover. Atmosphere and relaxation: everything you need for one family vacationEtc.

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