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    Morro Bay: the Californian city in the shadow of Morro Rock

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    Morro bay by many it is defined as the coastal city with the most characteristic landscape in San Luis Obispo County. The iconic Morro Rock that stands out over the whole city and its small and human-sized dimensions make it the ideal place for those looking for a little relaxation, especially after visiting the chaotic cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    Whether you want to stay overnight in Morro Bay, taking advantage of its strategic location on the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, or you want to find a place to stretch your legs after a few hours by car, you will not be disappointed by the surprises that this corner of California has in store.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • What to see in Morro Bay
      • Rock Hill
      • Morro Bay Maritime Museum
      • Morro Bay Aquarium
      • Morro Bay Skateboard Museum
      • Morro Bay State Park
      • Hearst Castle
    • Where sleeping in Morro Bay

    Where is it and how to get there

    As mentioned Morro Bay is located on the Californian coast along the route of Highway 1 less than 20 minutes by car from San Luis Obispo and about an hour and twenty minutes from the peculiar city of Solvang.

    What to see in Morro Bay

    Morro Bay is primarily one tourist town of sea with all that goes with it. The central point of the life of the city revolves around the area of ​​the pier where you will find numerous shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. But to identify Morro Bay only with this would be an understatement, in fact there is also a lot of space for art and natural attractions.

    Rock Hill

    This promontory, which is nothing more than a volcanic cone, is certainly the Morro Bay symbol, given that thanks to its almost 200 meters high it manages to stand out over the whole surrounding area.

    If you want to get closer it is possible to do so via a comfortable causeway above sea level, but keep in mind that it is only possible to visit the base of the geological formation and it is forbidden to climb to the top. This is to preserve the delicate natural habitat that has formed there over the years.

    Morro Bay Maritime Museum

    Walking through the streets of Morro Bay it is practically impossible not to notice two ships and a kind of submarine make a good show of yourself. If you are wondering what they are the answer is that they are part of the Morro Bay Maritime Museum. The museum building itself is still under construction, so today you can only see the specimens in the collection and learn more thanks to the explanatory panels.

    The most interesting and curious piece is certainly the DSRV Avalon. The acronym stands for Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle, in other words it is a machine designed to bring technical assistance to submarines that need it and rescue their crew.

    Morro Bay Aquarium

    Visiting the cities along the Californian coast it is not uncommon to come across aquariums that, in a more or less detailed and successful way, try to educate and entertain people about the life of the Ocean. Surely you have heard of the Monterey Aquarium, one of the most famous in the United States, but unfortunately for Morro Bay the comparison is merciless.

    We understand that it is not always easy for a small town to have the necessary resources to create something impressive, but for this reason one might expect a somewhat more professional management. In fact, the Morro Bay aquarium, in addition to being very small, seems to a large extent trasandato. One almost has the impression that some fish tanks are left to themselves with rust and dirt characterizing the environment.

    Maybe I didn't come at the right time but, given that the structure will close its doors in September 2018, obviously it wasn't just my impression.

    Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

    It certainly doesn't happen every day to be able to visit a skateboard museum so if you are a lover of the discipline or just curious, don't miss the opportunity to see more than 300 different types of skateboards.

    Once inside you will also have the opportunity to take a souvenir photo with what was for a long time the largest skateboard in the world.

    Unfortunately, this business has also recently closed.

    Morro Bay State Park

    If you want to eat outdoors, this park has numerous picnic tables that will suit you. In the Marina area you will also have the opportunity to rent a canoe and take a ride along the coast. Part of the park is occupied by an 18-hole golf course open to the public, if the swing is your forte you can test your skills.

    There are obviously also many paths and, if you want to enjoy the view from above, you can take the Black Hill Trail which will take you to the top of Black Hill, from which you will dominate the area of Morro Estuary Natural Preserve and the town of Morro Bay, you will see Morro Rock in the distance. If you do not want to make too much effort you can walk the Upper State Park Rd up to a small parking area, from this point you will only have to walk 5 minutes.

    Throughout the park there is the Museum of Natural History an interesting natural history museum that is worth a visit if only for the splendid panorama that can be enjoyed from the inside on the coast and on Morro Rock.

    Hearst Castle

    Not exactly a Morro Bay attraction, as it takes at least 30 minutes by car to get there, but it was impossible not to mention perhaps the most famous attraction in the area and one of the most unusual constructions in the world. You can find out more by reading our article entirely dedicated to Hearst Castle.

    Where sleeping in Morro Bay

    Sleeping in Morro Bay can be a recommended solution, as well as for the beauty of the area, also because thanks to its strategic position (halfway between Los Angeles, Monterey and the wonders of Big Sur) it can be considered an excellent base for break your road trip along the Californian coast.

    A first solution to consider may be the Marina Street Inn Bed and Breakfast (305 Marina Street): located a few steps from the beach, it offers a familiar atmosphere typical of B & Bs combined with a particular taste for furnishings as well as having rooms with balconies that offer a view of Morro Rock.

    If for you looking out in the morning near the sea is an essential factor in choosing your hotel, you cannot fail to consider theEstero Inn (501 Embarcadero) which stands on the historic Morro Bay pier.

    Obviously in Morro Bay there are many other accommodations, for the complete list of dates you can click on the button below:

    Search all hotels in Morro Bay

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