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    Mormon Row Historic District: the bucolic village nestled in the Grand Teton

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    In the late 800s, a community of Mormons arrived in Wyoming from the neighboring state of Idaho to settle in the southeastern region of what is now Grand Teton National Park. Farms, houses, irrigation systems and everything necessary to make this rural area habitable were built. The settlement, which contained 27 properties, was called Grovont, but today it is famous with another name: Mormon Row Historic District.

    The perfectly preserved granaries and the Teton Range that stands out in the background make this bucolic village one of the most evocative views of Grand Teton park; it is no coincidence that many amateur and professional photographers from all over converge here intent on capturing one of the most representative corners of the American West. In this article we will see how to get to Mormon Row and what to see on a visit.


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    How to reach us

    Here are the directions for both those coming from the South (Jackson) and those passing through Mormon Row after visiting Yellowstone:

    • Coming from Jackson: Follow 191 past Moose Junction and turn right onto Antelope Flats Road. Follow the road for just over 2 km, until you find a small dirt parking lot and a cluster of houses on your left.
    • Coming from Yellowstone: Always travel 191, go through Moran Entrance and turn left onto Antelope Flats Road after passing the lookout point Glacier View Turnout (just over 3 km away).

    As mentioned, Mormon Row is located inside the Grand Teton, however, if you don't have enough time to see the rest of the park you can also visit this attraction without paying the entrance fee (just follow the directions we have given here ). If, on the other hand, you have a parks card, obviously the problem does not arise.

    When to go

    Usually from November to May theAntelope Flats Road closes to traffic, however Mormon Row should also be accessible from Gros Ventre Road, which you can take to Big Belly Junction (turning right for those coming from Jackson and left for those coming from Yellowstone), however I have never traveled it in person.

    The site is splendid all year round, however I think it offers its best in the spring period, between the end of May and the beginning of June, basically for 2 reasons:

    1. there is usually still snow on the Teton Range, which helps to make the setting of this place even more magnificent
    2. the grass in the fields is still a bright green, creating a more effective contrast of colors

    To see

    The settlement is quite small and it does not take long to visit it, it is more the time you spend looking for the right angle to take home a photographic memory than the one dedicated to exploration, however, to be sure not to miss the 2 interesting areas to see, follow these simple directions:

    1. As soon as you arrive at the site, do not stop immediately at the car park on the left, turn rather right until you reach 1 of the 2 farms that have made this historic settlement famous. Mormon Barn (TA Moulton Barn). In the surroundings, in addition to a chemical bath, you will notice several other historic buildings.
    2. Having taken the necessary photographs, go back to the parking lot reached previously, stop and explore the small village on foot, where the other barn is located, particularly targeted by photographers and tourists.

    Best time to photograph Mormon Row

    The best time to take memorable photos of Mormon Row home is shortly after sunrise, when the mountains in the background glow red for a few minutes and the Mormon Barn consequently acquires a glow that makes the view all the more fascinating.

    Photo of Mormon Row


    To visit Mormon Row, the same indications we have given for the park that hosts it apply, so I refer you to our advice on where to sleep at the Grand Teton.

    Map Mormon Row

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