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Piedmont is a land full of charm where the splendor of the big cities blends with the unspoiled nature of the Alps and the Langhe. With a enviable food and wine culture, the Piedmont area is also rich in small villages that have nothing to envy to the most prestigious urban centers.

Let's discover the most beautiful together.

NB: The following list is the result of a survey that actively involved Community members. Over 10.000 users were asked to express 20 preferences, choosing from the proposals of the editorial staff.


  1. Garessio (Cuneo)
  2. Garbagna (Alessandria)
  3. Neive (Cuneo)
  4. Barolo (Cuneo)
  5. Orta San Giulio (Novara)
  6. Ricetto di Candelo (Biella)
  7. Vogogna (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)
  8. Chianale (Cuneo)
  9. Monforte d'Alba (Cuneo)
  10. Volpedo (Alessandria)
  11. Usseaux (Turin)
  12. Ostana (Cuneo)
  13. Mombaldone (Asti)
  14. Cella Monte (Alessandria)
  15. Alba
  16. Exilles (Turin)
  17. Craveggia (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)
  18. Acqui Terme (Alessandria)
  19. Ivrea (Turin)
  20. Saluzzo (Cuneo)
  21. User questions and comments

1 - Garessio (Cuneo)

The village takes on the warmth of the shades of red and brown that distinguish its typical architecture, an intertwining of houses and churches oriented in order to break the sea, the wind that comes from the sea.
The medieval village presents several medieval monuments, such as Porta Rose, an ancient tower, Casa Odda with gothic windows, Casa Giugiaro with its trompe l'oeil paintings, and Piazzetta San Giovanni with the homonymous church.

  • Ideal time for a visit: the first weekend of August for the Carrera Saracina, the traditional challenge between carts that invades the streets of the village
  • Specialty of the village: Saracen polenta with leek sauce; panissa (chickpea polenta); hazelnut and cocoa sweets
  • Trattoria Pizzeria Castello - via Giuseppe Garibaldi 32 - Get directions
  • it is 74,3 km from Cuneo (1 hour by car) and 122 km from Turin (1 hour and a half by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 60,00 per room -

2 - Garbagna (Alessandria)

In a hidden and little known corner of Piedmont, in Val Grue, on the border with Liguria, this little one is located village of medieval origin and from forte Ligurian footprint.
The heart of the town is the Renaissance Piazza Doria, in the center of which there are four large horse chestnuts planted in 1853 which give it a French air.
To see theOratory of San Rocco of 1580 and the Church of San Giovanni Battista Decollato, patron saint of the town.
The village gathers around the Contrada, where you can admire the typical structure of ancient shops.
Il castle, located above the current town, is perfect for a walk and as a panoramic point.

  • Ideal time for a visit: the third Friday of May for the celebrations of the Madonna Del Lago; last Sunday of August, patronal feast with internationally renowned organists
  • Specialty of the village: the savory rice cake with strictly homemade pastry; The anchovies; the castagnaccio, a typical chestnut cake; the beautiful cherry of Garbagna, a variety of Slow Food Presidium cherries
  • Al Caminetto Restaurant - VIa XIV March, 25 - Get directions
  • it is 42,5 km from Alessandria (47 minutes by car) and 135 km from Turin (1 hour and 42 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -

3 - Neive (Cuneo)

Un eighteenth-century village whose colors recall the vineyards in autumn. To see the home of the Counts of Castelborgo which houses a winery and has a walled garden; Casa Cotto, the oldest residence in the village with period ceilings and fireplaces; the neighbor Clock tower; and the Tower of the Monastery square plan with arch decorations.
Among the sacred buildings, the two sixteenth-century chapels dedicated to San Rocco and San Sebastiano.

  • Ideal time for a visit: the first week of September for the harvest festival
  • Specialty of the village: bagna cauda; tajarin with truffles; Moscato zabaglione
  • La Torre del Monastero - Via Santa Maria del Piano, 14 - Get directions
  • it is 85,7 km from Cuneo (1 hour and 11 minutes by car) and 83,4 km from Turin (1 hour and 11 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 68,00 per room -
  • Langhe: full-day tour of the region with wine tasting

4 - Barolo (Cuneo)

In the historic region of the Langhe, the village fascinates tourists for the majestic castle which dominates the entire inhabited area and within which theRegional Enoteca of Barolo, a place where the finest production of local wines is selected, of which the homonymous Barolo DOCG is certainly the protagonist.

Lying on a small spur-shaped plateau, is protected by the surrounding reliefs, arranged as an amphitheater. What is striking about its conformation is the different positioning of its urban nucleus compared to the adjacent towns, located around the top of a hill or along a ridge.
This is the wine country in the strictest sense of the term; its presence can be felt everywhere.

  • Ideal time for a visit: the first half of July, on the occasion of the Collisioni Festival
  • Specialty of the village: cisrà, tripe and chickpea soup; raw meat from Alba; hazelnut cake
  • Osteria La Cantinella - Piazza Giulia Colbert - Get directions
  • it is 64,4 km from Cuneo (52 minutes by car) and 80,5 km from Turin (1 hour and 4 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 70,00 per room -
  • Tasting of Barolo and typical products

5 - Orta San Giulio (Novara)

located on Lake Orta, it is an enchanted place: visiting it you will feel like you are in a painting, where the houses have slate roofs, the streets are stone wrinkles that descend to the water and the Sacro Monte frames it.
There is to see Motta square, a true Piedmontese salon; Community Palace of the Riviera of the 1582; Casa Olina 1602 and Monti Caldara House from the th century.
400 meters from the shore is located the Island of San Giulio which houses a seminary from 1844 and a basilica with gardens and a high bell tower.

  • Ideal time for a visit: from 25 April to 1 May on the occasion of the infiorata on the Motta climb
  • Specialty of the village: risotto with perch; Piedmontese mixed fried food; lost full, stuffed peaches
  • San Giulio Restaurant - Via Basilica, 4 - Get directions
  • it is 42,4 km from Novara (56 minutes by car) and 139 km from Turin (1 hour and 39 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -

6 - Ricetto di Candelo (Biella)

It's a fortified town where once the farmers and winemakers of the area found refuge and where still today you can breathe the calm of country life. The village has a mostly medieval architecture and is surrounded on 3 sides by the original walls. The walls are built with herringbone pebbles and the patrol path is passable.
Of incredible charm not only the view from the walls but also a walk through the "rue", the small alleys inside the village paved with sloping pebbles.
Also worth seeing Prince's Palace of 1496.

  • Ideal time for a visit: February-March, historical Carnival with re-enactment of the controversy between the Candelesi and Sebastiano Ferrero; beginning of May (every 2 years), "Candelo in fiore" which alternates with "Sapor di medioevo", medieval re-enactment with exhibitions and themed events; Maggio Musicale with classical music concerts in the streets of the village; first weekend of October, "Vinincontro", tasting of wines, meats and cheeses accompanied by popular music
  • Specialty of the village: Paletta Candelese, pork shoulder salami defatted and trimmed and massaged by hand; agnolot; Piedmontese cannoli
  • Locanda La Greppia - first Rua Ricetto - Get directions
  • it is 4,4 km from Biella (12 minutes by car) and 84 km from Turin (1 hour and 12 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 55,00 per room -

7 - Vogogna (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)

It retains the splendor of its medieval village surrounded by a military fortification, with a fortress that looks like carved out of bare rock, set in the view of the hills.
The visit can start fromOratory of San Pietro, the first parish church, of probable Lombard origin, then crosses the San Carlo district with its seventeenth-eighteenth-century buildings and take the old Via De Regibus to reach the clearing where the second parish church once stood, which collapsed with its bell tower in 1975; only the Renaissance portal now set in the new one Bell tower.
Once you enter the heart of the village, once entirely walled up, the keep of the castle and, on the other side, we arrive at the Praetorium, a Gothic palace supported by pointed arches, built in 1348 and the seat until 1819 of the government of the Lower Ossola. Around the Praetorium there are the most elegant residences: Villa Biraghi Lossetti and the back of Marchesa House, the oldest noble residence in the village.

  • Ideal time for a visit: in April for the food and wine festival "Il Borgo between Art and Flavors"; in November for "Montagna e Dintorni", 10 days dedicated to the rediscovery of the mountains of Verbano Cusio Ossola
  • Specialty of the village: gnocchi all'ossolana, made with chestnut flour, pumpkin and boiled potatoes, seasoned with butter and local cheeses; mixed boiled; bonet, pudding with cocoa, liqueur and amaretti.
  • Ristorante Del Vecchio Borgo - Piazza Chiesa, 7 - Get directions
  • it is 25,6 km from Verbania (27 minutes by car) and 169 km from Turin (1 hour and 53 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 70,00 per room -

8 - Chianale (Cuneo)

At 1.800 meters above sea level, on the border with France, at the bottom of the Val Varaita of Occitan culture, this village is located since heart of slate, with its slate roofs, its stones, its woods, the old beams.
The location is magnificent, sheltered from avalanches. Here yes breathe the scent of the Alps.

The Varaita stream divides the village into two nuclei connected to each other by a characteristic stone bridge.
To see the Church of Sant'Antonio from the th century with its double-arched bell gable and the triple-ring Romanesque portal; Martinet house, what remains of the Calvinist temple; and the Church of San Lorenzo from the th century.
Overall, Chianale offers an overall view of "peasant architecture" one of the main features of which are the beautiful roofs of the houses.

  • Ideal time for a visit: during the carnival period to attend the traditional rite of the return of the wolves and, above all, the night parties in the square with folk songs and dances. On 10 August for the Feast of San Lorenzo: the procession with the statue of the saint is an opportunity for the entire town to wear traditional costumes. In winter it is possible to practice ice climbing and Nordic skiing; in summer, fishing in the Varaita stream, canoeing and windsurfing on the Pontechianale lake, hiking and climbing in the Monviso group, trekking and nature walks, mountain biking and horseback riding
  • Specialty of the village: Les ravioles, potato and cheese gnocchi seasoned with butter; polenta concia cruzetin, made with sour rye flour dumplings; Lady's Kisses
  • Le Montagnard - Frazione Chianale, 39 - Get directions
  • it is 71,8 km from Cuneo (1 hour and 19 minutes by car) and 132 km from Turin (2 hours and 4 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 70,00 per room -

9 - Monforte d'Alba (Cuneo)

UNESCO heritage, surrounded by vineyards, this village retains the classic medieval layout, although the settlement was probably created in the Neolithic. The raised position of the village has given it the characteristiccrafts a fan. To see in Monforte D'Alba certainly the th century Palazzo Scarampi which rises in the territory of the ancient th century castle; the oratory of Sant'Agostino and San Bonifacio in Baroque style with bronze portal; and the Campanaria tower, once a watchtower for the lords of Monforte.
Do not miss the two sundials still standing, one in via Del Carretto and the other in via Vallada.

  • Ideal time for a visit: on the fourth Sunday of November to participate in the beru fair, on Easter Monday for the Merendina in Saracca and in July for the Monfortinjazz music festival
  • Specialty of the village: veal with tuna sauce, raw meat from Alba, omelettes, Piedmontese mixed fry, fondue, "bagna cauda", tajarin, potato gnocchi, rare lasagna, braised meat in Barolo, mixed boiled meat accompanied by "bagnet verd", Langhe-style rabbit with peppers. And finally, the "tume", the "bonet", the hazelnut cake and the dried cornmeal pastas with zabajone
  • Le Case della Saracca - Via Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour, 3 - Get directions
  • 88, 6 km from Cuneo (51 minutes by car) and 75,4 km from Turin (1 hour and 6 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 70,00 per room -

10 - Volpedo (Alessandria)

The town that gave birth to the famous painter Pellizza da Volpedo.
The village has a clearly visible medieval structure and the nineteenth-century physiognomy has partly taken over and is well recognizable and allows the visitor to follow a itinerary between art and landscape on Pellizzian places.

We start from the Studio built by Pellizza which presents itself as a precious container of Pellizza's memories. The painter's places come to life through large-format reproductions of ten works scattered in the village and placed in selected points, in direct comparison with the views of the landscape that inspired them. A sort of open-air museum where the constant comparison between today and yesterday urges the use of the power of art.

  • Ideal time for a visit: in May for the Volpedo Strawberry Festival
  • Specialty of the village: quarantine potato gnocchi with truffle; hare in terrine; Bavarian cream with peaches on strawberry sauce
  • Malaspina Bistrot Restaurant - Via Pellizza, 34 - Get directions
  • 33,6 km from Alessandria (38 minutes by car) and 116 km from Turin (1 hour and 33 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -

11 - Usseaux (Turin)

The small town, in Alta Val Chisone, is still today an example of high mountain agricultural and peasant reality.
È distributed over five villages, among the oldest in the valley, in an enchanting alpine setting: Usseaux, the capital, Balboutet, Laux, Pourrières and Fraisse.

Usseaux is the land of bread and murals, in fact you can admire about forty wall paintings, whose theme ranges from peasant life, to the world of nature, animals and fairy tales. Also worth seeing community oven, which on some occasions is still used for bread making, the large wash house, the renovated water mill, the parish church of San Pietro and, above all, the compact structure of the town.
The two natural parks, the Orsiera-Rocciavrè and the Gran Bosco di Salbertrand, make this area one of the richest in flora and fauna of the Piedmontese Alpine valleys.

  • Ideal time for a visit: third Sunday in July for the Piemont Festival in Assietta, first Saturday in August Catholic Convention - Valdesi, 23 August Balboutet Fair, the most important zootechnical event in the valley; first half of September Forest and Territory
  • Specialty of the village: Waldensian calhiette, made with potatoes, sausage, onion, butter and cheese
  • Trattoria La Placette, Via della Chiesa, 5 - Get directions
  • it is 89,4 km from Turin (1 hour and 16 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 49,00 per room -

12 - Ostana (Cuneo)

It is a small town of scattered towns, in a panoramic position on the sunny side of the Po Valley, with splendid view of the Monviso group.

The easiest way to get to know this alpine corner of Occitania is to go around the villages completely: it takes at least four hours of walking and in winter it is better to bring snowshoes.
The route can start from the capital La Villo, seat of the Town Hall, then continue to the village Champanho, among maple and ash trees and high dry stone walls. You pass other small uninhabited areas, until you reach the two hamlets of La Ruà e Miribrart, the latter, perhaps, the most characteristic, with the houses leaning against each other and the seasonal settlements at high altitude, the pastures suspended between cliffs and valleys.

  • Ideal time for a visit: August Bread Festival in La Ruà; at the end of December Caccia alla Masca, preceded by the ritual I will do
  • Specialty of the village: potato and buckwheat polenta, served hot and is excellent with cheese, aioli, banho dë cousso (pumpkin sauce) and with banho dal jòous, the "Thursday sauce" made with the residual dairy product of the butter preparation
  • Galabèrna Refuge, Capoluogo Villa, 18 / A - Get directions
  • it is 93,1 km from Turin (1 hour and 33 minutes by car), 68,1 km from Cuneo (1 hour and 16 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 70,00 per room -

13 - Mombaldone (Asti)

Immersed in the gullies, like an oasis in a desert of tuff colored by brooms, Mombaldone is thethe only village in the Langa Astigiana still surrounded by the original walls. Walking along its only central street, from which alleys and passages, archivolts and courtyards branch off, means making a journey through memory, a journey back in time.
The urban layout is simple: a linear layout served by a single main road, paved with cobblestones and a sternia. The town, strengthened towards the valley from strong defensive walls, winds in two sectors separated from the castle, now in ruins. The building units, characterized by medieval structures, offer construction details in sandstone, from the sills to the windows, from the portals (some with the Carretto coat of arms) to the vaults. There are many facades in pietra serena and Langa stone.

  • Ideal time for a visit: last Sunday of May Frittelle Festival; last weekend of August Historia Montis Baudonis; 8 September Feast of the Madonna del Tovetto and Feria Española, 2 October Fair of the Fat Montone
  • Specialty of the village: local salami (bichiré), tajarìn, ravioli al plìn, kid from Langa, roasted fat mutton, tripe, boiled in green sauce (the traditional bagnét)
  • Cascina Ca 'Bianca, Strada Comunale dell'Ovrano - Get directions
  • it is 113,3 km from Turin (1 hour and 38 minutes by car), it is 51,8 km from Asti (56 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 59,00 per room -

14 - Cella Monte (Alessandria)

It is located between the gentle hills of Monferrato Casalese, land of vineyards and production of renowned wines.
In every corner of the village they can be admired houses built in sandstone, walls on which you can guess the signs of the waves, while underground the Infernot, a unique structure in the area, an underground cell, entirely excavated in the sandstone and usually adjacent to the cellar, in which the constant temperature and humidity, the absence of light, drafts of air and noise offer the optimal conditions for the conservation of the finest wine bottles. Small architectural masterpieces made by local builders, evidence of the peasant knowledge of the past.

Signs of history are also visible in the noble palaces, as the home of Pietro Secondo Radicati, Volta Palace, which today houses theEcomuseum of the Pietra da Cantoni.

  • Ideal time for a visit: first weekend of November "Regional White Truffle Festival in the Ghenza Valley"; in May "The hills are in bloom"
  • Specialty of the village: Agnolotti, Piedmontese mixed fried fish, bagna cauda
  • Agriturismo la Fontanella, Reg. Fontanella, 2 - Get directions
  • 35,3 km from Alessandria (33 minutes by car), 34,9 km from Asti (39 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 50,00 per room -

15 - Dawn

In the heart of the Landes and renowned for its white truffle.
The city is considered the capital of the Langhe and is surrounded by harmonious vineyards from which some of the best known and most precious wines of Italy: Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto and Moscato d'Asti.
The city center develops around the Via Maestra, surrounded by shops selling typical and prestigious products, a true reference point for the people of Alba. Strolling through its medieval historic center, admire the beautiful Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the city's main religious site (free admission, always accessible).

Do not miss the tasting of dishes enriched, in autumn, by the famous flakes of white truffle from Alba, the well-known Tuber Magnatum Pico, to which a fair has been dedicated since 1928 that celebrates this product every year.

In the Alba area there is also the most famous sweets industry in the world: Ferrero.

  • Ideal time for a visit: between October and December International Alba White Truffle Fair
  • Specialty of the village: bagna caùda, fondue with Alba White Truffle, Tajarin, braised in Barolo, hazelnut cake
  • La Piola, Piazza Risorgimento, 4 - Get directions
  • it is 41,9 km from Asti (29 min by car); it is 65,9 km from Turin (1 hour 7 min by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 70,00 per room -

16 - Exilles (Turin)

It is a small village of 300 inhabitants in the heart of the upper Susa Valley.
Offers to the visitor two permanent museum areas, an exhibition on the Turin 2006 Olympics and two tour itineraries characterized by Richi Ferrero's scenography.
But the real pearl of the village is his High, around which many legends were born over the centuries. Situated in a crucial position within a strategically important area due to its proximity to the Montgenèvre Alpine pass, it was already mentioned in Roman times.

At the outlet of the Galamabra Valley, the setting in which Exilles is immersed is made up of imposing rocky peaks, deep gorges and natural sculptures, worthy of the best settings of the cult series Game of Thrones.
The village itself has a medieval flavor, and is still the place of historical re-enactments and traditional entertainment.

  • Ideal time for a visit: in the summer "Theater & Literature Festival", a review of various artistic events set up inside the Fort. In winter for winter sports activities.
  • Specialty of the village: aiolì (garlic sauce), mixed boiled meat, veal with tuna sauce, spinach gnocchi, baci di dama, chocolate mousse, cornmeal pastes, ugly but good with hazelnuts
  • La corte dei Mangioni, Via degli Alpini, 1 - Get directions
  • it is 78 km from Turin (1 hour and 25 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 55,00 per room -

17 - Craveggia (Verbano-Cusio-Ossola)

It is one of most characteristic villages of the entire Val d'Ossola and the visit among its alleys And its intimate squares can only fascinate.
The name derives from Cravetia: "place intended for grazing goats" and tells the story of one of the oldest towns in Val Vigezzo.

To the definition of the origins of the inhabited area, necropolis attributable to the Roman era brought to light by some archaeological excavations.
Il historical center preserves truly exemplary monuments: oratories embellished with paintings and frescoes, the Piazza dei Miracoli with the church, the wonderful baptistery, stairways and suggestive views.
Walking through the streets of the village it is impossible not to notice the hundreds of large fireplaces that stand out on the characteristics stone roofs, stately buildings and houses with exquisitely frescoed external walls, decorated windows and curious coats of arms, a wealth of architectural and artistic testimonies truly unique in the entire Ossola Valley.

  • Ideal time for a visit: in September "A walk among the witches"
  • Specialty of the village: polenta with cheese, game or mushrooms; rustic pasta with potatoes, cheese, onions and bacon; risotto with porcini mushrooms; onion, nettle or wild spinach soup; lamb chops and kid
  • La Stalla, Via Melezzo - Santa Maria Maggiore, 37 - Get directions
  • it is 194,5 km from Turin (2 hours and 12 minutes by car), 210 km from Asti (2 hours and 18 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 77,00 per room -

18 - Acqui Terme (Alessandria)

Nicknamed "the city of water and wellness", it is a fascinating one spa town already renowned in Roman times for its steaming waters.
Set like a rare jewel between vineyards and landscapes which in 2014 obtained the recognition of UNESCO World Heritage, for their breathtaking beauty.

It offers its visitors an enviable combination of wellness, art, culture, history, gastronomic excellence, charm and Italian hospitality which make it a unique and captivating destination.
Along the course of the Bormida river, the imposing remains ofRoman aqueduct they testify to how water has always been the vital element of this city.
To see the Church of San Francesco, the Church of San Pietro and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. As for civil architecture, it is worth noting in Piazza Bollente theoctagonal marble shrine, built in 1879 by the architect Giovanni Ceruti, il Town Hall and Civic tower.

  • Ideal time for a visit: for purely thermal stays any time of the year
  • Specialty of the village: small cheese, a soft, more or less aged goat's milk cheese; fillet kissed, salami obtained by stuffing minced pork around a pork fillet previously preserved in brine; mushrooms and truffles; Amaretti biscuits; farinata; acquese with rum and dolcetto d'Acqui
  • Osteria 46 - Via Vallerana, 11 - Get directions
  • it is 104,8 km from Turin (1 hour and 30 minutes by car), it is 44,2 km from Asti (46 minutes by car), it is 86,4 km from Vercelli (1 hour and 4 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 45,00 per room -

19 - Ivrea (Turin)

More than a village, it is one real town, whose history is closely linked to that ofOlivetti.
A history that has always been at the forefront, which has changed both its urban and social layout and has led it to obtain the recognition of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Piazza Castello you are faced with a powerful square-plan building with cylindrical crenellated towers. In this quadrant there are also the places of religious power: the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, of early Christian origins, the Vescovado and the capitular cloister.
Off-center from the center, theanfiteatro of Ivrea, which could accommodate up to fifteen thousand spectators and is about 65 meters long. Only the foundations of the elliptical perimeter wall and the underground tunnels remain.
The Roman era of Ivrea is well told in Garda Civic Museum while technology enthusiasts cannot miss a stop at Tecnologic @ mente Laboratory-Museum.

  • Ideal time for a visit: on the occasion of the famous Carnival
  • Specialty of the village: bagnet verd, mixed boiled meat, bugie, Vercelli caponet, country omelette with taleggio, spinach gnocchi, malfatti, meringues and chestnut mousse.
  • Trattoria Monferrato, Via Gariglietti, 1 - Get directions
  • it is 54,1 km from Turin (52 minutes by car), it is 120,7 km from Asti (1 hour and 22 minutes by car), it is 52,3 km from Vercelli (40 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 40,00 per room -

20 - Saluzzo (Cuneo)

It is located in the Monviso Natural Park e Capital of the Marquisate.
It looks like a hilltop village: small cobbled streets, churches and elegant noble palaces with their gardens.

Of great interest, the vast Old Town entirely built according to the fourteenth-century urban architecture, with numerous poles of museum and artistic attraction.
It is nicknamed the City of Music. L'ancient Monastery of the Annunziata, in the heart of the historic center, hosts the School of Higher Music Improvement Foundation: an Italian college of excellence where you can study, deepen and nurture passions.
A very suggestive corner is Villa Bricherasio which houses an immense Botanical Garden.

  • Ideal time for a visit: in July for the "Marchesato Opera Festival" concert review; between July and August "Occit'Amo, Festival of the Terre del Monviso and the Occitane Valleys"
  • Specialty of the village: great cheese culture: Castelmagno Dop, the "toumin del Mel", the Nostrale, the Toma d'Elva. Among the traditional desserts, the most popular are: "Saluzzesi al Rhum", "Dolcezze alla nocciola" and "Castellane"
  • Trattoria I Quat Taulin, Via Piave, 5 - Get directions
  • 17,1 km from Cuneo (18 minutes by car), 77,3 km from Asti (1 hour and 10 minutes by car), 63,5 km from Turin (1 hour and 4 minutes by car) - Get directions
  • Hotel and b & b starting from € 49,00 per room -

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