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    Mojave Desert: itinerary in the great American desert

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    Il Mojave desert it occupies a vast area of ​​the West Coast and extends between the states of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Inside there are many natural parks from the most famous such as Death Valley to the most unknown, not to mention the many hidden pearls and oddities that only the United States can offer.

    Whatever your west coast itinerary, we are sure that at least one of these parks you have included among your stops and perhaps, at the end of this article, you will have added a few more. So prepare your water supply, the protective cream and let's go to the discovery of Mojave desert.

    Note If you are interested only in the Californian side of the Mojave Desert, I invite you to read our in-depth study on the deserts of California


    • Death Valley
    • Joshua Tree
    • Lake Mead
    • Mojave national preserve
    • Red Rock Canyon
    • Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve
    • Snow Canyon State Park
    • Curiosity

    Death Valley

    Surely the most important park that is located within the Mojave Desert. One of the most inhospitable and fascinating places in the United States at the same time. We are talking about the Death Valley which will give you almost extraterrestrial views.

    Some places in this park, such as the Dante’s Peak were chosen by George Lucas as the location to shoot some Star Wars scenes in California, while others like Racetrack Playa have witnessed scientifically inexplicable events for years.

    Dante's View
    Artist's palette
    Racetrack Playa

    If you want to visit Death Valley, you have to pay particular attention to the climate of the area, so I invite you to read our in-depth study dedicated to the temperatures of the Death Valley.

    Joshua Tree

    The main attraction of this park are the thousands of Yucca trees which, thanks to a group of Mormons, were renamed Joshua Tree because of the presumed similarity of the branches of these plants with the arms of Joshua which indicated the Promised Land.

    It is a park that has its strength in the simplicity of visit it by car, which makes it ideal to insert as a scenic interlude between points on your California tour. If you are interested in discovering all the ways to visit this park you can read our article entirely dedicated to Joshua Tree National Park.

    Lake Mead

    If you decide to visit the Lake Mead know that you will find yourself observing the largest artificial lake in the entire United States, which was created thanks to the construction of the Hoover Dam along the course of the Colorado River. The lake area has many access zones (as many as nine) located both in Arizona and on the Nevada shore. The Visitor Center is located in the town of Boulder city (also very close to the Hoover Dam).

    Given the extension of the area, the activities that can be carried out in this area are innumerable, from camping to fishing, swimming and rowing. You can find all the tours and activities to do by clicking on the link below.

    Discover all the activities of Lake Mead

    Mojave national preserve

    Have you ever thought about visiting sand dunes that sing? By visiting the Kelso Dunes, which are located inside the Mojave National Preserve, you can tell that they managed to do so. These particular dunes are in fact the main attraction of the park which can be a recommended stop if on your west coast itinerary you are moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas (or vice versa).

    Red Rock Canyon

    A few steps from Las Vegas this natural park rises in which, as you can guess from the name, the characteristic red rocks of this part of the United States are the masters. It is possible to visit it by car along the scenic drive, as well as taking one of the many trails that wind through the park. You can discover the best routes and all the natural attractions of this park by reading our article dedicated to Red Rock Canyon.

    Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

    If you come here in spring you will feel like you have come to Holland rather than in the middle of the Mojave desert. This part of California is in fact known for having a real microclimate that favors the growth of poppies.

    Generally the best time to visit is from mid-February until May. There are scenic trails that lead to the top of the hills from which you can dominate the area. They have the advantage of being simple but at the same time very scenic and will allow you to take certainly original photos.

    If you intend to visit this park, know that the trails are completely exposed to the sun, which, even in spring, will make it necessary to have a good supply of water and suitable clothing with you. The park is open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset. To visit it, you need to pay a ticket costing $ 10 per vehicle.

    Snow Canyon State Park

    As we have mentioned, the Mojave Desert extends as far as Utah and the Snow Canyon State Park is just an example of this. To reign supreme in this park are some impressive rock formations of various shades of red. It can also be easily visited with your own rental car along the scenic drive and pausing from time to time along the panoramic pitches. There is a cost of $ 6 per vehicle to access the park. Learn more and advice in our feature dedicated to St. George's natural attractions.


    Within the immense area of ​​the Mojave Desert there are not only parks and natural beauties, but there are some curious attractions that can provide you with some nice anecdotes to tell your friends when you return to Spain. We mention among the many the Two Pines Chapel better known as Kill Bill's Church in Lancaster California, la Musical Road, a street that rings by itself 🙂, the highest thermometer in the world and the Ghost Town of Calico. To better understand what we are talking about, I invite you to read our in-depth study dedicated to the deserts of California.

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