Mirador del Rio - Panoramas in Lanzarote

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Located in the most? north of Lanzarote, the Mirador del Rio, with its almost 500 meters above the sea,? probably the most panoramic point? beautiful and famous of the whole island.

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The building, inaugurated in 1973, is located between the majestic Risco de Famara cliff and the Monte de la Corona volcano, and blends perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Cesar Manrique, author of the work,? in fact he managed to use materials that respect nature and blend with it, making the building an extension of the mountain, rather than a man-made construction.

As soon as I enter the building, I find myself inside a bar from which you can? already? enjoy the wonderful view thanks to the gigantic windows overlooking the cliff. I quickly look around and decide to go out immediately to see the view from the terrace.

I find out what? two things: that the terraces are two and that I still suffer from vertigo ... will I discolor? the mane by dint of challenging heights!

As I said, there are two viewpoints, one at the same level as the bar, and the other at an even higher level that will allow you? to enjoy the best view of La Graciosa. The islet, which is part of the Chinijo archipelago,? large just under 30 square km and? the "P? small inhabited island of the whole Canary archipelago.

The wind on the terrace? really strong and, if possible, makes it even more? powerful the great sense of freedom? which you can try by pausing for a moment on one of the benches or leaning on the handrail.

In short, this viewpoint? an unmissable destination, will leave you? literally out of breath. The cost of the ticket for the visit to the Mirador del Rio? of 4,70? (adult), unless you have decided to buy the combined ticket for more? attractions that will make you? save something.
In any case, you can't miss it!

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