Michigan Avenue, Chicago

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It is the quintessential shopping street in the city that stretches from Millennium Park to the north. The Chicagoans also call it The magnificent mile, precisely because of the numerous shops that can be found there (there are more than 460!), almost all of great brands and extremely dressed up shop windows. In addition to shopping, however, Michigan Avenue is also one of the best streets where you can admire some of the most beautiful buildings in the city, among which the Wrigley Building, John Hancock Observatory and Water Tower, dating from before the great Chicago fire. Certainly very nice is the souvenir photo that can be taken at the building of the Chicago Tribune, which is then sent for free via email and which allows you to see your face as if you were on the front page of the newspaper: an excellent souvenir for lovers of newspapers made in the USA.

Official website: www.themagnificentmile.com

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