Michelin stars Sardinia 2021: the starred restaurants in Sardinia

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Traveling also means get closer to a place through its typical cuisine and traditional dishes.
Rich in Mediterranean influences and characterized by strong flavors, the Sardinian culinary tradition is very varied and is able to satisfy all tastes thanks to the excellent raw materials (both from land and sea).
In particular, to make you fully appreciate the wonders of the Sardinian territory, we present two real gems: we are referring to no less than the two restaurants that earned a Michelin star in Sardinia in 2021.


  1. Dal Corsaro (1 star)
  2. ConFusion (1 star)
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Dal Corsaro (1 star)

  • Address: V.le Regina Margherita, 28 - 09125 Cagliari (Get directions)
  • Contacts: tel 070-664318 / Website
  • Tasting menu: 7 Products (€ 95,00), 9 Products (€ 115,00), 11 Products (€ 125,00)
  • Chef: Stefano Deidda

ConFusion (1 star)

  • Address: Promenade du Port Via Aga Khan, 1 - 07021 Porto Cervo (Get directions)
  • Contacts: cel +39 3401209574 / Website
  • Tasting menu: "Large" with 5 courses (€ 110,00)
  • Chef: Italo Bassi

The criteria for awarding stars

This is the highest award for restaurants. But how are they evaluated?
The dreaded "inspector" is required to evaluate his own gastronomic experience according to i following criteria:

  1. quality of ingredients
  2. mastery in controlling flavors and cooking techniques
  3. personality of the chef in his kitchen
  4. value and consistency between the various table tests carried out

This is an inspection and evaluation that has nothing to do with many of the service standards evaluated in many television programs and formats, for example. In fact, for example, items such as furniture, service or table equipment are not included, which instead are evaluated and rewarded with the fork and knife symbol.

In particular, the meaning of the stars is as follows:

  • 3 Stars: A unique cuisine. Worth the trip
  • 2 Stars: An excellent cuisine. Worth the detour
  • 1 Star: A cuisine of great quality. Worth the stop

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