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    Miami Weather and Temperature: when will you walk?

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    There are many questions that come to us about Miami, but one of those that rages the most concerns the meteorological aspects: when to go? As the weather to miami in a certain season? Will I find a lot of rains? And what temperatures should I expect?

    After having dedicated a generic article to the climate of Florida, we decided to publish an in-depth study on the most important city in the state, trying to provide a series of answers as comprehensive as possible to the many questions on the subject. So let's find out in detail the climate of Miami and what it is best time to go.


    • Miami Climate and Seasons
      • Miami Temperature
      • Rainfall in Miami
      • The unknown Hurricanes in Miami
    • Miami when to go?
      • From June to August
      • From September to November
      • From December to February
      • From March to May
    • The next steps to take for a vacation in Miami ...

    Miami Climate and Seasons

    Among the many American cities, Miami is distinguished by a tropical climate, this means that you will find pleasantly warm winters and rather sultry summers. The weather is sunny practically all year round, although to a lesser extent (obviously) during the winter period. One of the most interesting things is that any season is good for a swim in the sea.

    Il best time for a stay in the city it is spring, from March to May, with temperatures similar to the summer ones but without the sultry heat typical of the following months. In fact, summer is very long (from June to August but sometimes extends), characterized by humidity and often hit by sudden rains and showers, which nevertheless act as an interlude to a predominantly sunny climate. Winter is instead a pleasant surprise, with a pleasantly warm climate and with the possibility of rather rare rainfall.

    Have no idea how much time to spend in the city? Read our article on how many days it takes to visit Miami!

    Miami Temperature

    Here is a table with the temperature a Miami month by month:

    Month Minimum (°) Maximum (°)
    January 16 22
    February 17 23
    March 19 24
    April 20 25
    May 22 28
    June 25 31
    July 27 31
    August 26 31
    September 25 30
    October 23 28
    November 18 26
    December 17 25

    Rainfall in Miami

    The total annual amount of precipitation is about 1.300 mm. The period with the most rains is the summer, although it is good to point out that it tends to be showers or thunderstorms that discharge rather quickly, soon leaving room for the return of a sunny climate. The season with less rain is the winter one. Here is a graph with the rainfall in Miami month by month:

    Month Precipitation (mm.) Days with Rain
    January 50 5
    February 60 5
    March 70 5
    April 80 6
    May 120 8
    June 210 11
    July 110 14
    August 160 13
    September 170 15
    October 120 12
    November 70 7
    December 50 6

    The unknown Hurricanes in Miami

    Here we are in front of the real unknown to be faced in the preparation of a holiday: the hurricanes in Miami. The concrete possibility exists and concerns the summer period. This does not mean that you will necessarily meet them, however you must know that the possibility exists and that there are various types (of at least 5 categories, from least to most dangerous).

    If you go to Miami in the summer and have some flexibility in planning, consider that the period in which hurricanes are most frequent is usually from mid-August to the end of September. Also keep an eye on the National Hurricane Center site so you can check the path of tropical cyclones.

    Miami when to go?

    For those planning to visit Miami, the choice of season can be very important. Now let's see in detail what to expect in the individual periods of the year, such as climate, expenditure and events.

    From June to August

    Summer temperatures in Miami usually settle around 30 degrees, with a lot of humidity, moreover, the dreaded hurricane season begins, and it is also the wettest period. The positive side is that the rates of hotels and tourist services in general are lowered, allowing considerable savings.

    From September to November

    In autumn, temperatures drop and so does rainfall, however the risk of hurricanes still exists, even if they are much less frequent from the end of September onwards. In this period you can take the opportunity to enjoy some important events held in the city, such as the Miami Festival (in October), an important musical event, and the Miami Book Fair (in November).

    From December to February

    It is one of the most popular times to enjoy the city. Very little rainfall, a pleasant and sunny climate that does not know the typical cold winter currents; winter is a really great time to visit Miami.

    Of course, prices go up and you'll have to book early if you want to save money (also check out our tips on where to sleep in Miami). There are some must-see events this season as well, such as King Mango Strut (December), Coconut Grove Satirical Parade, Orange Bowl (December), University Teams Super Bowl, and Coconut Grove Arts Festival ( February).

    From March to May

    The sunny but not muggy climate makes this the best time for a vacation. Spring break will lead to the crowds of Miami Beach, but the city is also enjoyable. Not only do visitors increase, but also events and festivals: Carnaval on Calle Ocho and ULTRA Music Festival in March, SunFest and Miami Fashion Week in May, Great Taste of the Grove in April, and Miami-Dade County Fair & Exposition in March / April.

    The next steps to take for a vacation in Miami ...

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