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What is the Miami Seaquarium

Il Miami Seaquarium is a huge 15-hectare area on Virginia Key Island, located in Biscayne Bay and belonging to Miami County - Dade, Florida. It is not a simple aquarium, but a real one oceanarium created in 1955 and therefore one of the longest-lived in the history of the United States.

To see

Close encounters with the sea ​​lions, sea turtles belonging to endangered species e manatees they find a safe haven and a place to live in peace and quiet.

Children can therefore visit an amusement park entirely made up of marine animals. Live shows, guided presentations, and plenty of educational moments to learn the habits of penguins, seals and all the other inhabitants of the sea.

There are many things to do at the Seaquarium, starting with the real strength of the oceanarium: the experiences to live together with animals. The structure is in fact equipped for the rental of everything necessary for diving and swimming with marine guests, from wetsuits to masks.

The latest novelty introduced in the Seaquarium is the Touch Pools, small equipped tubs where it is possible to touch the spotted bamboo sharks and other tropical fish such as cleaner fish and small invertebrates. A swarm of fish ready to cover the hands of visitors with small kisses, guarantees the staff of the Seaquarium.

For those who are new to the experience of an oceanarium, even the classic experiences represent an unmissable novelty. For those who love dolphins, an unforgettable moment is surely there Dolphin Odyssey, or a total sharing experience with dolphins lasting 30 minutes.

During this time, it is possible to learn all the behaviors of these extraordinary mammals face to face, pinch their fins, feed them, and swim with them attached to the dorsal fin. It's still, shows together with dolphins and sealsbirthday parties themed dinners to enjoy with all our friends, and even one location for a dream wedding: at the Seaquarium they really thought of everything!

Seaquarium tickets

tickets to the Seaquarium they can be purchased directly online, saving on the actual purchase amount. For a standard ticket with park access and to watch the shows as a spectator, the cost is around 40 euros.

It is different if you want to live a unique experience together with the marine guests of the oceanarium: approximately EUR 200 to live half an hour in close contact with the dolphins during the Dolphin Odyssey, or around 145 euros for a close encounter with dolphins and swimming with seals.

 to know the penguins the cost is about 100 euros. It can also become instructor for a day: in this case, the cost is around 470 euros.

If you don't want to buy a special package, a great way to visit 3 to 5 attractions, including the Seaquarium, is to buy the Miami & The Keys Explorer Pass. Starting from 85 euros up to 120 euros, it allows entry to three, four, or five affiliated structures. It can be collected directly online and activated at the entrance to the first structure.

If you plan to stay in Miami for several days, a good alternative is the Miami All Inclusive Pass: it lasts from one to five days, so the price varies according to the days you choose to use it, from 70 euros to 180 euros.

Purchase of tickets online

Buy tickets for the Seaquarium

By purchasing your ticket from the link above, you'll have access to over 35 attractions and tours in and around Miami, including outdoor beach activities, downtown trips, and wildlife experiences. Among the attractions included in the ticket we naturally find access to Seaquarium but also to the Everglades Park, with a seaplane ride. The pass includes bus tours and boat cruises, walking tours accompanied by local guides and itineraries on two wheels. Also included are discounts at restaurants and shops.

Seaquarium hours

Although the calendar may be subject to variations in the scheduled times for shows and events, the Seaquarium opens at 10 am and consider having at least 4 hours for a complete visit that includes the most prominent events. The ticket office closes at 16:30 in the afternoon.

Where is it and how to get there

As the Seaquarium is located in the Miami County - Dade, it is possible to inquire about the routes of the autobus Miami – Dade transit provided by public transport.

Getting to the Seaquarium from Miami Beach is very simple: you start from Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road with the 120 line, Max to Downtown.

Get off at Nw 1 [email protected] 1 Av, to take the connection with line 207, Sw 7 St To Sw 1 St. Once you arrive at Brickell Station (East Side) proceed on foot towards the other end of Brickell Station (West Side) and take Line 102, B - Key Biscayne Via Crandon. Travel time by public transport from Miami Beach is approximately 85 minutes.

For those who were thinking of renting a car, the Seaquarium has a particular agreement with Sixt, for unmissable offers. If, on the other hand, you already have scooters or cars, the cost of parking is around 8 euros per day, the same amount for minibuses, vans, campers or limousines.

History, curiosities and information

The park was created by Fred D. Coppock and Captain WB Gray in 1955. In a short time, it became known as not only the largest marine aquarium in the United States, but as the largest ocean life attraction in the United States. Worldwide.

Marine mammals, sharks, sea turtles, waterfowl and reptiles, as well as penguins and numerous manatees, make the park an attraction visited by over 500.000 people a year. Between 1963 and 1967, they were shot at the Seaquarium 88 episodes of the TV series "Flipper", starring the famous dolphin, as well as being the set of two films based on the adventures of Flipper.

One of the main attractions of the park is definitely Lolita, the oldest orca kept in captivity of the entire planet. Arriving at the Seaquarium in 1970, she joined Hugo, another killer whale in the park.

In 1980 Hugo injured himself on the walls of the tank where they were both kept, an accident that was fatal to the animal and that unleashed activists and animal rights activists from all over the world. One of the reasons why at the moment,  Lolita remained the only orca specimen living in captivity at the Seaquarium.

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