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    Miami Key West: A South Florida Dream Tour

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    That's right: a Florida tour always turns out to be a rewarding experience for all tastes. Can't resist the call of adventure? Do not worry, in Florida there are the Everglades, between crocodiles and tropical forests. Do you love holidays in trendy and super-crowded cities? For you there is the persuasive Miami: white beaches, nightlife, amazing architecture… do you like the idea of ​​relaxing in a paradise of coral islands, surrounded by the emerald green sea? Here then are the Florida Keys and the flagship Key West, with its incomparable atmosphere of a city on the edge of the world.

    Miami-Key West: we focus on these 2 goals today. Anyone of your friends or acquaintances who has gone to Florida will have told you about the priceless experience of walking down all the Florida Keys, up to touching the extreme point overlooking Cuba and the Bahamas, and it certainly cannot be the (short) kilometer distance to dissuade you from taking an itinerary like this. Yes, because the Miami Key West journey is just (!) 3.30 h, for a total of 166 miles… and the journey as you will see will be anything but boring!

    As always, there are 2 ways to follow this itinerary: the solution "do-it-yourself", for those who love on the road in complete freedom, and the organized travel, for those who prefer comfort or do not want to drive for long distances. In my view, the organized tour can be interesting especially for those who have only 1 day available (I strongly advise against making the journey by car having so little time available). So let's see both possibilities:


    • 1. Miami Key West: DIY itinerary
      • How to get?
      • Do I have to buy the Sunpass for this route?
    • 2. Miami Key West: one day organized tour
      • Day trip from Miami to Key West
      • Day trip from Miami to Key West and mini train
      • Day trip from Miami to Key West by hop-on hop-off bus
      • Day trip from Miami to Key West and snorkeling cruise
      • Day trip from Miami to Key West and glass bottom boat cruise
      • Day trip from Miami to Key West and parasailing

    1. Miami Key West: DIY itinerary

    Many of you will know, south of Miami stretches a strip of land kissed by the Goddess of beauty: these are the Florida Keys, an archipelago of islands that stretches for almost 150 km. In another article we talked about all the attractions that await you along the Overseas Highway, the road that takes you to Key West, passing through the Upper Keys of Islamorada, le Middle Keys di beach hat e Crane Point, up to the Lower Keys, where the beautiful beaches of Bahia Honda State Park and of course ours Key West, a small and precious town where the greatest number of tourists is concentrated.

    Faced with all these natural attractions, time would never seem to be enough, so much so that, although the distance to be covered is not so much, it is not uncommon to decide to travel the whole Overseas in a couple of days or even more, using above all Key West as a strategic base where to find a hotel. On our website, we have published an in-depth study on where to sleep in Key West, but, in case you want to extend your vacation in the Florida Keys, the hotel choice options there is no shortage ... also read our advice on where to sleep between Miami and Key West.

    Since you are going on a nice road trip, I also suggest you read our guide on how to rent a car in Florida, as you will see, for this State, there are some more precautions than usual to take regarding tolls. .

    How to get?

    Da Miami a Key West without traffic or intermediate stages it takes about 3.10 hours (256 km). The quickest route involves using the Ronald Reagan Turnpike (toll highway) to Florida City and then from there the route runs all on the Overseas Highway (US-1 S) to the southern tip of Key West.

    Do I have to buy the Sunpass for this route?

    Use the highway (and therefore purchase the SunPass) is not mandatory. Driving the US-1 S all the way from Miami without ever taking the freeway will take you alone 20-30 more minutes (249 km), but you'll save a dozen dollars between buying the device and toll.

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    2. Miami Key West: one day organized tour

    Here is an organized travel proposal for the route Miami-Key West in 1 day; the main reason of interest of this tour is the flexibility of customizing the route according to personal preferences, which is why we are going to illustrate it option by option.

    Info sul tour

    Day trip from Miami to Key West

    This is the basic option, which includes a pick-up service (at 6:30 am) and return to the hotel, and has a total duration of approximately 12 hours. Path Miami-Key West is by bus, and gives the opportunity to enjoy the Overseas Highway before arriving in Key West, where there is a period of free time, during which you will be able to visit the attractions of the city and indulge in shopping, before the trip to Key West. return that will bring you back to Miami around 21.30pm.

    Price: About 58 euros

    Day trip from Miami to Key West and mini train

    This option has all the benefits of the basic tour, but includes a useful service: as soon as you arrive in Key West, you can take advantage of the Conch Train, a small train that will take you along all the points of interest of the city, accompanied by a guide. Therefore, this option is ideal for those who want to know in detail all the secrets of this charming town.

    Price: About 80 euros

    Day trip from Miami to Key West by hop-on hop-off bus

    This tour is ideal for those who do not want to give up the convenience of traveling on thebus hop-on hop-off. Transportation and guided tours are guaranteed for the whole day, totally flexible just as it usually happens with this type of service.

    Price: About 80 euros

    Day trip from Miami to Key West and snorkeling cruise

    Anyone who travels the Overseas Highway to Key West cannot fail to feel the irrepressible urge to take a dip in the beautiful crystal clear waters of South Florida. This option includes, in addition to the basic tour, one cruise 3 hours on a 20 meter catamaran. Plus, with this package, you will also have the option to do snorkeling (snorkeling equipment and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks included in the price). Don't worry, the waters are warm all year round!

    Price: About 90 euros

    Day trip from Miami to Key West and glass bottom boat cruise

    After being picked up from your hotel in Miami, you will arrive in Key West, but yours will not be just any visit: in addition to the sacred free time to dedicate to the city, you will have the opportunity to venture on the wonderful Florida sea aboard a transparent bottom ship. You got it right: a 2-hour trip with the coral reef in the palm of your nose, indeed, it is appropriate to say "under your feet"!

    Price: About 97 euros

    Day trip from Miami to Key West and parasailing

    And finally, for the more sporty, the tour Miami Key West more adventurous and unexpected: in addition to the city tour, thanks to this package you can have the experience of seeing Key West from above, flying over the blue waters with your parachute, dragged by a boat from parasailing state-of-the-art, capable of carrying up to 12 people. The activity is forbidden to children under the age of 6, and lasts for a total of 15 minutes. The rest of the time you can spend walking around the streets of the city, before making the Key West Miami stretch in the relaxation of your bus.

    Price: About 97 euros

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