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    Miami Beaches: 6 stops to find your ideal stretch of sand!

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    If you don't like the Miami beaches, then you are really of difficult tastes! The clean white sand, the calm sea with warm and crystalline waters, the expanses of swaying palm trees and the colorful lifeguard towers scattered all over the place have now become true symbols of the city, helping to make it famous all over the world.

    In Miami, the sand stretches for miles and miles, so we have many possible ways to get a tan under the sun. So let's see a selection of 6 recommended beaches, from the most crowded and fashionable to those most suitable for those in search of peace and contemplation of nature.

    PS: if, in addition to visiting the beaches of Miami, you are planning to take a wider tour of Florida, I also recommend our article on the best beaches in Florida: happy reading!


    • Lummus Park Beach: South Beach beach life
    • Crandon Park Beach: between crystal clear waters and services of all kinds
    • Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park: wild and untouched nature
    • Matheson Hammock Park Beach: Ideal for families
    • North Shore Open Space Park: North Beach
    • Virginia Key: the beach where not to be found
    • Miami beaches map

    Lummus Park Beach: South Beach beach life

    Lummus park beach is the white sand beach of the park of the same name (Lummus Park), which extends along Ocean Drive, in the stretch that goes from 5th to 14th St. Frame of many successful films and TV series, this is the main beach of Miami Beach and perhaps the most representative of the whole city: certainly the best place for those looking for entertainment and seaside life.

    Any day of the week, you'll notice half-naked models dressing up for a photo shoot (topless is legal here), tan fanatics, and a never-ending slew of six pack abs training in the open-air gyms of the city. Muscle Beach (9th St). If you want to take a picture of the lifeguard huts, this is the place!

    There are volleyball courts and play areas for children. The bathrooms and changing rooms are available on the beach, at the height of 6th, 10th and 14th St.

    Tips on where to sleep in South Beach

    Crandon Park Beach: between crystal clear waters and services of all kinds

    One of my favorite beaches in Miami is Crandon park beach, the long beach that runs along Crandon Boulevard on the island of Key Biscayne. I'm not the only one who thinks it: we are talking about one of the most interesting and appreciated beaches in Miami for its beauty, both for the shallow and crystalline water, and for the many services and facilities that are found there.

    The beach has very white sand and, unlike South Beach, is dotted with webbed, which gives it a nice tropical look: it stretches for an impressive 5 kilometers in front of the ocean and turns its back on a beautiful wooded park. The low tide allows pleasant walks with the water to the knee, until reaching shoals far from the coast.

    With bathrooms, changing rooms, 493 acres of parkland, 75 BBQ grills, three parking lots, numerous soccer and softball fields, and a large 18-hole golf course, Crandon it is not just a beach, but a real theme park on the sand. As if that weren't enough, the beach also offers activities including kayaking and snorkeling.

    Advice on where to sleep in Key Biscayne

    Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park: wild and untouched nature

    At the south end of Key Biscayne you will find a wonderful natural area with a wild and unspoiled aspect: the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, which has a beach with white sand that evokes the shades of quartz and coral and a beautiful clear water with sweet and inviting waves, with coral reefs and shallow waters.

    In the background there is the Cape Florida lighthouse (dated 1852) which, in addition to providing a picturesque background, allows you to admire the surrounding landscape from a unique perspective: at certain times of the day and in the presence of the ranger it is in fact possible to climb to the top and stay there for about ten minutes, just the time to take some pictures.

    The beach has three direct accesses from the car park and is much less crowded than that of Miami South Beach. Undoubtedly it can be an excellent destination for those seeking peace and tranquility, but not only: along the park there are some naturalistic and historical paths that can satisfy the curiosity of lovers of tropical landscapes. The entrance to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park is paid ($ 8); the beach is not supervised therefore, in case of adverse weather conditions, you can swim at your own risk.

    Advice on where to sleep in the area

    Matheson Hammock Park Beach: Ideal for families

    Located in South Miami (9610 Old Cutler Rd), well away from the fashionable raids of South Beach, the Matheson Hammock Park beach it is the paradigm of tranquility, particularly suitable for families and those seeking solitude or peace.

    This beach - in my opinion one of the most beautiful and particular in Miami - is a artificial atoll: in fact, it has an unusual ring shape, around which the palms stand out. Thanks to this particular shape and the continuous flowing waters of the Bay, the waters of Matheson Hammock Park Beach are extremely calm, and the place is safe and secluded enough to be perfect for children. Close to the beach - which is subject to a fee - there are thick mangrove hammocks and a marina. Clean bathrooms and changing rooms are also available.

    The best area to look for nearby accommodation is Coral Gables. By clicking on the button below you will find the hotels available in the area.

    Advice on where to sleep in the area

    North Shore Open Space Park: North Beach

    This wide beach in North Miami Beach is located on the shoreline along the North Shore Open Space Park on Collins Avenue (between 79th and 87th St) and is far enough away from the tourist climate of South Beach to rank as one of Miami Beach's best places to enjoy some beach life in peace.

    While there are bars and restaurants within walking distance, this is one of the very few stretches of beach without large condos or hotels looming over the shoreline. Lifeguards patrol the area during the day, there are services, although they are not exactly the best of cleanliness. This park is also recommended for those who want to go for walks on a shady waterfront in a beautiful tropical setting.

    Tips for staying overnight in the area

    Virginia Key: the beach where not to be found

    Even more isolated and devoted to silent meditation is the historical Virginia Key Beach Park beach , the classic place where people go to not be found. At one time, this was the most popular beach for African Americans in Miami, who were unwelcome on other city beaches for long periods. After many years of closure, the park reopened to the public in 2008, with many new amenities.

    The beach enjoys a splendid location in the heart of Biscayne Bay, just a few minutes' drive from Key Biscayne and Miami itself: to reach it you have to deviate from the picturesque Rickenbacker Causeway. To enter this park you pay a ticket, the price of which varies depending on the day of the week.

    Accommodations near Virginia Key

    Miami beaches map

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