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    Meteor Crater: visit to the suggestive Arizona meteorite crater

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    In the midst of Northern Arizona, near Winslow, an hour and a half drive from Grand Canyon Village, is a jaw-dropping natural attraction that is inexplicably little-traveled by visitors.

    It is Meteor crater, meteoritic crater best preserved in the world, the place that, more than any other, documents the consequences of a meteorite impact on earth, also known as Canyon Diablo Crater, Barringer Crater, Coon Mountain and Coon Butte.


    • History and dimensions
    • Information for a visit to the Meteor Crater
      • Prices
      • Admissions and opening
      • How to reach Meteor Crater
    • Photo Gallery
    • Video del Meteor Crater

    History and dimensions

    The crater appears today as an immense circular depression, produced by the collision of a piece of asteroid traveling at 26 miles per hour, 50.000 years ago. The impact produced a crater nearly a mile in diameter, 2,4 miles in circumference, and more than 550 feet deep. In short, we are talking about a unique place in the world.

    The area has been equipped for tourist reception, with observation paths that wind around the outer edges and a well-equipped visitor center, where you can enjoy the vision of Impact: The Mystery of the Meteor Crater, a film that recreates the impact on the maxi-screen. 50000 years ago, simulating the thunderous sound and explosive fury of the meteor across the Earth's atmosphere using sophisticated 3D animation and realization technologies. Here is a taste:

    Also through the visitor center you can access the interactive museum (Meteor Crater Interactive Discovery Center) which, with its 24 exhibitions and numerous exhibits, represents a real boon for space lovers.

    Information for a visit to the Meteor Crater

    Il Meteor Crater Visitor Center it is open from 7:00 in the morning to 07:00 in the evening. Ticket prices include 3 observation points on the crater rim, the visit to the interactive museum, the viewing of the film Impact and a guided tour of approximately 30 minutes on the crater rim.


    • Adults: $ 22
    • Ages 60 and up: $ 20
    • Kids: $ 13 (ages 6 to 17)
    • Family tickets (5 paid admissions or more): $ 2 discount on admission for adults and seniors and $ 1 for teenagers.
    • Up to 6 years: free admission
    • Possibility of cumulative prices for groups

    Admissions and opening

    • Pets are not allowed
    • Thanksgiving Day: 8am to 00pm
    • Closed on Christmas day

    How to reach Meteor Crater

    As noted, Meteor Crater is located in Northern Arizona not far from the Grand Canyon, 35 miles east of Flagstaff and 20km west of Winslow on Route 66. Travel I-40 to Exit 233, Meteor Crater Road, then continue for 6 miles south on the paved road. Check out the map above.

    Photo Gallery

    Here are some shots of this fascinating crater.

    Video del Meteor Crater

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