May 2021st concert in Rome : artists and program

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The boys from all over Italy, the youthful enthusiasm, the busy themes, the wonderful songs: the concert of May st that's all.
It is a timeless myth that spans generations. It is culture, art, tradition; real institution.
A custom entered by law in Italian folklore, to the point of pushing the irreverent band ELST (Elio e le Storie Tese) to dedicate a parody song to him, which makes a caricature of the typical bands that tread the historic stage in Piazza San Giovanni.

If this year you want to participate in the concert in Rome promoted by the trade unions CGIL, CISL and UIL, if you want to mix with the people and sing out loud with a free mind and a heart full of joy, here is an article that is right for you!
Advice for travel arrangements, singers and artists who will tread the stage and exhibition program: here is everything you need to know to experience and keep a precious memory of May st concert in Rome.


  1. How to reach us
  2. Artists and singers in the lineup
  3. Exhibition program
  4. User questions and comments

How to reach us

The concert has been organized every year since 1990 and is held in the famous Piazza San Giovanni in Rome.
For Get to Rome the solutions are certainly not lacking: between cheap flights, train and bus trips.
Just the bus could be a good solution for the youngest, there are in fact several private companies that offer organized trips from all over Italy (for example we point out the website)

Once in the capital, the easiest way to get to Piazza San Giovanni is by metro.
Take the line A and exit at Manzoni station o King of Rome (the Piazza San Giovanni exit is closed for the concert).

Artists and singers in the lineup

Every year the big names of Italian and international music, but also young exponents of national indie music, tread the stage of the concert.
In the last year there have been illustrious guests such as Daniele Silvestri, Subsonica, Noel Gallagher, Ghali, Ghemon, Carl Brave. As for the emerging artists, also this year they will be chosen among the finalists in the 1MNEXT contest

Exhibition program

Many singers and bands from the Italian music scene and beyond will perform at the concert. For the complete lineup, we refer you to the website and to the official Facebook page of the event.

L'beginning of the concert is scheduled for 15:00.

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