Maui, Hawaii: where it is, when to go and what to see

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Maui is the second largest island in thearchipelago of Hawaii, in the Central Pacific. Here you will find two volcanoes, waterfalls, varied landscapes and most of the swimming beaches.
Not only can you relax, but the depths of the coasts allow you to do interesting diving, snorkeling and other activities, all accompanied by a mild and pleasant climate all year round! What more do you want? For this reason, it is in fact one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.
If you too are planning an unforgettable one vacation in Maui, let's discover all the information that concern you.


  1. Travel informed: useful information
  2. Where it is
  3. When to go? Info on climate and best time
  4. 10 things to see: beaches and places of interest
  5. What to do in Maui: excursions and tours
  6. How much does a Maui vacation cost? Prices, offers and advice
  7. User questions and comments

Travel informed: useful information

  • Inhabitants: 144.444
  • Capital: Kahlui
  • Languages: Hawaiian, Anglo-American language
  • Local currency: US dollar (€ 1,00 = 1,15 USD)
  • Weather: tropical climate / minimum average temperature 25 ° C, max 28 ° C
  • vaccinations: no compulsory vaccination. Health insurance is recommended.
  • Entry requirements: passport, return ticket, ESTA (electronic system for travel authorization). Visa not required for Italian citizens for stays of less than 180 days
  • Travel / health insurance: recommended.

    Where it is

    Maui is home to the Maui county and is part of the United States of America. It consists of two volcanoes and is the second largest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, located in the Pacific Ocean.

    How to reach us

    • From Milan or Rome: both from Milan and Rome you must make at least one stopover, generally in Los Angeles (flight duration about 12 hours). From Los Angeles, you will arrive at Kahlui Airport (Maui) in about 6 hours.
      Flights from Rome from € 778,00 - Flights from Milan from € 820,00
    • From the main European capitals: from Paris you have to stop in Los Angeles with American, Air France, Delta, as well as from London (with Virgin Atlantic, Delta, Air Canada, United). From Berlin the airports are instead two, generally you fly to Amsterdam or Paris, then from there as above.

    When to go? Info on climate and best time

    • Weather: the climate is tropical, with a hot season from June to October and a relatively cool season from December to March. The climate is influenced, depending on the exposure, by the trade winds (constant winds from the north-east). Temperatures fluctuate little throughout the year (2-3 ° C), ranging from average minimums of 24-25 ° C to maximums of 28 °, with peaks of 31/32 degrees. The rains vary according to winds and areas: the north side has strong winds and moderate rains, while the leeward area is drier and rainfall is occasional. In the winter period (from December to March) the rains are more frequent and can sometimes last several days.
      Sea water is warm all year round, averaging 26-27 ° C, and drops to 24 ° C only in February and March.
    • Best time: from May to June. The temperatures are high, but the heat is bearable thanks to the trade winds.
    • Period to avoid: The theoretical line of cyclone season runs from June to November, but in reality this island and in general Hawaii are not affected by this kind of atmospheric phenomena (it is thought that the presence of the imposing volcanoes acts as a protection in this sense ). Therefore you can go to Maui all year round.
    • Advice: as regards clothing, in winter (from December to March) bring light clothes, a scarf for the breeze, a sweatshirt or jacket for the evening; raincoat or umbrella. In summer (from June to October), light and breathable clothing, a sun hat, a scarf, a light sweatshirt for the evening, a raincoat or umbrella for the exposed slopes. Don't forget snorkel gear, swimsuit, aquatic or rubber-soled reef shoes all year round. A backpack is useful, especially if you are planning to go hiking.

    10 things to see: beaches and places of interest

    1. Lahaina, a pretty town with a 19th century atmosphere, with its Hawaiian charm combined with the ancient tradition of whalers. You can stroll through the streets, admire beautiful views of the ocean, visit the Plantation Museum.
    2. Kaanapali beach, with white sand and crystal clear waters, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on Maui. To the north is Black Rock, a rocky area perfect for snorkeling and diving, as well as the small community of Kapalua, known for its five bays and three beaches.
    3. Wailuku, the third largest city in Hawaii. Lovers of the sea will love the Maui Ocean Center, which features stunning Pacific live corals. Additionally, there is the Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens, a public park that honors the cultures that have contributed to modern Maui.
    4. Kahului, Maui's most populous city. Here you can admire the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens with Hawaiian and Polynesian plants. The Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to lovers of ornithology, with numerous aquatic birds, finally between Kahului Bay and Spreckelsville Beach there is Kahana Beach Park, from which you can enjoy an excellent view of the West Maui Mountains.
    5. Haleakala Volcano, is the symbol of Maui. It is such a huge dormant volcano that its territory extends to the coast. It can be reached via a well maintained winding road and you can enjoy bike tours or horseback riding around the crater.
    6. Napili Bay, one of the most visited beaches on the Island of Maui. The golden sand overlooks a turquoise sea and there is a large coral reef which makes this place ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
    7. Kahekili Beach it is the natural extension of Ka'anapali beach, located to the north. It is made up of fine white sand, the coral reef is just a few steps from the shore and allows you to dive while observing a wide range of fish and green sea turtles.
    8. Black Sand Beach it is a wonderful black sand beach and is part of the Waianapanapa State Park, a beautiful natural park. On sunny days the contrast of the illuminated waters with the black volcanic rocks is extraordinary. The reef is located just beyond the water entrance so you can snorkel.
    9. Iao Valley State Park, park where the symbol of Maui is located, the famous Iao Needle (rock formation), which stands 365 meters high. You can take more or less strenuous trails and make interesting excursions through the rainforest.
    10. Molokini crater, a crescent-shaped crater formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. Thousands of often rare tropical fish can be found here, making it a favorite destination for divers and snorkelers. If you want to visit Molokini in the best way, join one of the tours that depart from the Port of Maalaea.

    What to do in Maui: excursions and tours

    How much does a Maui vacation cost? Prices, offers and advice

    The best time to visit Maui in terms of cost is between April and May. Usually, a drop in prices occurs, as tourists have finished their holidays. Also remember that the quietest Maui is on the east coast, where prices are also slightly lower.

    • As for the costs of flights, it must be specified that there are no direct flights from Italy and at least one stopover must be made. Making 2 stopovers will save you money, but the journey could even become 40 hours! In the high season (June-early September / December-February), a return flight can cost around € 1.000,00 while in the low season (February-June / late September-November) around € 800,00 / 840,00 . Internal flights to reach the various islands cost an average of € 120,00 / 200,00 in the high season.
    • Rooms they cost about € 100,00-150,00 per night, if you look well and well in advance you could take some offers at a slightly lower cost. By staying in apartments and holiday homes you will save a lot of money!
    • Compared to food, for a breakfast you will spend from 6 to 10 $ (€ 5,00-9,00), for lunch 15-20 $ (€ 13,00-18,00) and 30-35 $ (€ 26,00-30,00 , ) up for dinner.
    • If you want to rent a car for a week, in low season, prices range from almost € 300,00 to 450,00, in high season they can double.
    • For organized activities and tours, costs range from € 60,00 for a boat ride up to € 250,00 for a helicopter flight.

    Shopping Flight + Hotel together you can save: we are two for 7 days about € 2.000,00, more or less.
    Overall, a one week trip for two, inclusive of everything, costs sui € 5.000,00.

    • Hotel and b & b starting from € 80,00 per room -
    • starting from € 778,00 -

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