Marsa Alam: a very fun week

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Since I was a child, I have dreamed of visiting Egypt. Pyramids, hieroglyphs and camels have always intrigued me.
I made this dream come true thanks to a car accident! One Sunday we had a bad rear-end collision, so since we were the injured party, we received a fair compensation which I decided to use for a trip!

1 day

As soon as I unpacked I ran to the pier, thanks to which you could access the hotel's coral reef. Once I got the courage to dive, I found myself in an aquarium. There are no words to describe the colors and shapes of the little fish. I am a writer, but I think it is difficult to be able to explain in words what the eyes and the heart give you in those moments.
After the first start wandering around the residence what? full of souvenir shops and boutiques.

2 day

The first excursion I decide to do? the jeep trip to discover the desert! It was thrilling! The driver drove Indiana Jones style! The most moment? beautiful ? was when he jumped a small crevasse, making the car fly!
Egyptian jeeps are not like those in Italy with side-by-side seating. Two benches had been set up on the two inner sides of the car and two bars at the top where you had to hold on to not fall.
When I arrived at the meeting point with the guide, I set off on foot towards the second excursion: the ride on the dromedary.

3 day

My dream since I was a child, after seeing the film: "The mummy", was to get on a camel or dromedary and wander in the desert even if not climbing on it? as simple as it sounds. The animal rises from the ground with a waving movement that makes it very difficult not to fall to the ground.
Walking in the Sahara? it was beautiful! After the tour I tasted the real culture of the desert inhabitants. I visited a nearby Bedouin village. I went into the tents, which are their homes. I watched the women cook Arab bread and bought a balsamic and healing cream. I was immersed in their culture and this made me really happy.

4 day

The next day they took me by minibus to Sharm el Luli, better known as "Maldivian beach", due to its incredible beauty and resemblance to a typical Maldivian beach.
The coral reef was reached by swimming starting from the shore together with the instructor. Swimming in Sharm el Luli I had the pleasure of observing, not far from the shore, the clownfish interact with the anemone, with which they have a relationship of true symbiosis.

5 day

Another beautiful place? Port Ghalib: the shopping town! I found it a pleasant trip, why? I love to peek at the markets and buy the products that a new culture can? offer me! I bought a handcrafted sun oil made of only natural elements, which tanned and protected me in an excellent way.

6 day

The following day I was brought back to Port Ghalib for an "into the wild" snorkeling experience. We left with the ship until we reached one of the largest coral reefs? untouched throughout Egypt. It was tiring, swimming for forty minutes without having a place to rest. The instructor really deserved a gold medal: he was very prepared and good at finding the best fish. details and to point them out to us underwater. Fabulous experience.

7 day

On the last day, before leaving, I was supposed to take a boat trip to see the Dogungo but having injured my foot, I avoided why? I had to rest.
Egypt perhaps? was the trip that pi? of all gave me so many emotions. I discovered many sides of myself: courage, resourcefulness and physical endurance.

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