Manarola, at Christmas there is the largest nativity scene in the world

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The magic of the Cinque Terre and the village of Manarola, picturesque and colorful fraction of the municipality of Riomaggiore, is unique in every period of the year but there is a moment in which it becomes even more exciting: it is the evocative Christmas atmosphere with the Largest nativity scene in the world, inaugurated in 2007 and immediately inserted fully into the Guinness World Record.

The luminous nativity scene, a true hymn to Christmas, was designed and built by Mario Andreoli who, since 1976, has dedicated his life to the creation of an incredible unique work of its kind which, with his poetry, illuminates the Hill of the Three Crosses punctually every year starting from 8 December until the first days of February.

In thirty years of passionate work, Andreoli has managed to cover the whole hill of lights and to give an authentic spectacle for the eyes and the heart.

Today, there are about 300 silhouettes of the characters, from one to three meters high, including fishermen and fish alongside the shepherds, sheep, farmers and other symbols of the Nativity in a seaside village on the Ligurian Riviera di Levante. On the top stands the hut with the Child Jesus and the comet.

Approximately 8 kilometers of electrical cables, 17.000 light bulbs and more than 300 life-size figures, made from recycled or unused materials. In addition, since 2008 the Nativity scene has been equipped with a photovoltaic system that powers it, becoming not only wonderful but also ecological.

The glance that can be enjoyed from the village is unique and breathtaking: the Nativity scene is a true work of art, of lights and colors that warm up the most magical period of the year, an "extra touch" to the already great beauty of one of the most fascinating villages in Liguria, Manarola, in the circuit of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

And also this year the Manarola Nativity will not fail to stand out on the "hill of lights" and send a signal of joy and hope. The inauguration, as usual, it will take place on December 8th and it will be, in this particular 2020, broadcast in live streaming to allow everyone to admire it directly from home.


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