Malta alone

For the first time I was leaving for abroad alone.
First solo trip.
I never thought that on my return I would no longer be? it was the same person who left.

1 day

Departure. After two plane changes from Sardinia I arrive at Malta airport. already? dark, it's about 19pm.
I am going to look for the shuttle to reach my hostel in Tas-Sliema.
After a 40-minute journey I arrive, looking around me in various and unknown faces and languages, on the horizon so many lights that are reflected on the water.
I arrive at the hostel and settle down.
Star? in the room with a 65 year old American :-). I didn't understand a word of.
Before concluding the day, I ask for a shop recommendation and do the shopping.
To my amazement, I discover that vegetables and fruit are the best things in Malta. care ... here is why? of many fruit trucks on street corners :-)

2 day

The next day I wake up a little late, my roommate? already? I go out, go down and make myself breakfast. I get ready and go out to take a look at the neighborhood, without straying too far.
Sun, heat and active people on the waterfront, a sea breeze and breathtaking views of Portomaso Tower. There is a British air :-)

3 day

Monday, I start the English language school in Paceville.
To my amazement I am registered as Spanish and not Italian!
All this after arriving late for being lost.
Around me night clubs and pubs. Yes, I was in Paceville, a sort of English Rimini, mixed with language schools and 4-star hotels.

4 day

I continue to attend school in the morning and in the afternoon, I take walks discovering a sunny and fantastic Malta, all by myself ...
I found a park, dedicated to cats, where I decide to spend many afternoons, facing the sea. Many Maltese who smile at me and ask me how they can help me seeing me bewildered looking for WiFi everywhere :-)
During my walks I come across a really big scorpion, and I am fascinated by it, as it walked quietly on the sidewalk :-)
Late November, but it's very hot in Malta! 27 degrees

5 day

The problems begin in the hostel.
The bedbugs arrive, and so? I find myself changing three rooms, pinched and pinched and with many rashes on the skin.
The sleepless nights begin, I resist until day 12, when I start looking around and discover a nice hotel facing the sea in saint Julien for 19 euros a night.
Is this where it will pass? my last days of travel.

6 day

After a week I start already? to feel at home, to understand English and the desire to return home becomes more and more? far away :-)
Do I start counting the days left to return to Italy already? with nostalgia.

7 day

After a week I change class to my English course, and? here I know a girl from Kazakhstan, with whom I make friends.
We both speak little English but we can also understand each other by helping each other with gestures.

8 day

In the hostel in the meantime? arrived a group of Italians, from Puglia, well what about being at home.
I am the only traveler alone, they welcome me as if we had always been friends ... Dinners every evening and chat until late ...

9 day

On the ninth day, I begin to realize that my decision, despite the unexpected, the bedbugs and the dirt of the hostel, could only be the right one.
He had allowed me to meet some wonderful people.

10 day

The days are ending, I am going to enjoy the most? possible of this island, deciding to buy a ticket and move to Valletta for a strictly solo tour.
I spend the afternoon here, and? even better than that? that I had read in the guides.
The sun kissing the columns and the parliament at the entrance to Valletta? of a color that I had never seen, so warm and welcoming. People ? carefree, take pictures and buy souvenirs.
When it's time to go back before dark, I get lost again at the bus terminal, where I stay for a good half hour before I can find the right bus to return to my hostel. I have to prepare my bags why? I'm about to move to the hotel, all this at six in the morning.

11 day

Day at school and last night in this terrible hostel :-) I spend the night on the sofa in the common room of the hostel.
Only problem: I was the only woman, I slept about half an hour poor.

12 day

Six o'clock in the morning, everyone is asleep, I take my small luggage and close the door of the hostel behind me.
It's getting light outside.
And the colors are fantastic despite it's raining and a strong wind blows.
All ? already? awake in Malta.
As always, I risk getting hit as in Malta driving on the left, the cars travel in the opposite lanes :-)
I arrive at school with a lot of luggage in tow

13 day

I settle in a three-star hotel. Economy room facing the wall :-) but for me a luxury !!
Will it spend? here my last days of travel spending the afternoons on the seafront of Sliema and Saint Julien.
Benefit? of the afternoon free to go to the Paceville mall where you will buy? a sweater, which will reveal itself? be my salvation on the return trip to Italy.

14 day

Today we leave! 12 am with flight Malta Rome - Rome Alghero.
I arrive in Rome, freezing weather, all in jackets and me with summer shoes and a sweater, my beloved sweater bought casually the day before!
I think I got pneumonia as well as the bewildered looks of the other passengers ... to whom I repeated ... he knows I'm coming from Malta ... it was 27 degrees ...

15 day

Arrival in Alghero ... with a nostalgia that already? takes my breath away ...
It's late. Passer? the night here and then leave for home the following day.
Sar? a sleepless night.
I'm home now.

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