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Before booking a holiday, each of us does research on the internet. Of all the goals set, I never thought it would become one of my favorites. I fell in love with this place while I was flying.
The plane was about to land and looking out the window, I saw that the city? was surrounded by an? infinity? of palm trees embellished by the sunset light.

1 day

As soon as I arrived, I walked to the center of Kuala Lumpur. I love to discover the city? walking around, together with my faithful backpack why? I want to capture the importance of each corner. One of the cities? pi? beautiful that I have ever seen. Modern and very organized. The "Ampang Line" monorail? the least expensive and more? used to get around the city center. The two main buildings are: the Petronas Twin Tower and the Menara Tower. Can you? admire, from both, the splendid skyline of Kuala Lumpur. The engineering and futuristic wisdom of the city? ? indescribable, on both towers have been built transparent platforms from which you can? admire the city with a little heartbeat.

2 day

The following day I booked a taxi to get to the elephants. Malaysia is very hilly. There are really very steep roads to get to the jungle. Close to the Malaysian capital is Kuala Gandah's elephant sanctuary, a center where abused and orphaned elephants are welcomed and cared for. In Asia? considered a sacred animal. As soon as I entered the park, my feelings became certainties; in Kauala Gandah, elephants are respected, cared for, educated, well fed and there are no canopies. Only the breeders get on the animal, since every day they drive them to the river pi? close to wash them and let them play. Every day they are taken to an area where the instructors ask them for simple commands such as: lift a paw, walk backwards, etc., etc. At the end of this very short lesson, they receive fresh fruit as a reward. It was great to feed him. I was placing pieces of watermelon directly on their warm, hard and hairy trunk and in no time they had already? aspirated everything with extreme greed? and speed. After the educational program, an elephant is chosen to take back to the river to allow visitors to take a bath together. The tears that have fallen have been many. The excitement took over the whole time I was in the river with the young elephant. I was explained both the behavior to be assumed as I approached and some tricks to make me take a liking to. The semi-stony soil of the water, when spread over the elephants' backs, produces a beneficial effect, which they like very much.

3 day

The last day I wandered around the capital. I visited the curtain factory in Kampong Changkat.
The small company was very reminiscent of the typical eighties workplace: essential and vintage. The staff, made up of women only, immediately made me feel at ease, despite having known them for a few minutes. After all this? the magic of Malaysia: its inhabitants know how to make you feel part of them even if you are a foreigner. What did I adore about these people? who have tried more? times to speak my language, to feel more? close to me and to make me feel more? at ease. They always give you bottles of fresh water. It's incredible. A hospitality and an immense kindness. I bought some gorgeous colored pants.

I admit that when they unloaded me in front of the factory, he was not very enthusiastic, even if my irrepressible curiosity? did not make me regret it. Even an unusual excursion can? give you strong emotions, give you some curiosity? which adds to your cultural background and finally introduce you to wonderful people. My last excursion? been to Batu Cave, a huge temple belongs to Indian culture. They consist of limestone caves located on the edge of Kuala Lumpur and are famous both for the long stairway to go along and for their temples located inside and at the base of the caves. Obviously, to respect their people and their culture, the dress I wore covered my breasts, knees and shoulders. Do all those steps? been tiring, given the steepness? and the stifling heat. Malaysia has undoubtedly left me with unforgettable memories.

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