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    Luxury hotels in Las Vegas: the best hotels on the Strip!

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    Already in itself stay on the Las Vegas Strip it is a unique experience of its kind, but it will be even more so if you choose a hotel of the highest quality for your stay. Even before you land in Las Vegas, if you've seen any movies set in the American entertainment capital you'll imagine luxury and glitz everywhere. In fact, the five star hotels there is no shortage and they compete every day for the palm of the best hotel on the Strip.

    The good thing here is that there is so much hotel choice that it's not unusual to find a room in these establishments without spoiling yourself! Here then is our selection of luxury hotel in Las Vegas. Have a nice stay!


    • Bellagio in Las Vegas: inspiration from Italy
    • Wynn Las Vegas Hotel: the new Bellagio
    • The Venetian Hotel: the Serenissima in Las Vegas
    • Aria: refinement, technology and modernity
    • Waldorf Astoria: in search of peace of mind
    • Cosmopolitan: the view its Las Vegas

    Bellagio in Las Vegas: inspiration from Italy

    The hotel Bellagio is an ambitious project, inaugurated in 1998 with the desire to create the best hotel in the world. To inspire such a project was the famous town on Lake Como and the desire to revive its fascinating appearance on the Las Vegas Strip.

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    Right along the main artery of the city, stands the Bellagio, with its imposing classical and aristocratic structure. In front of the hotel, there is an artificial lake of 3 hectares in which, at regular intervals of half an hour, they emerge hundreds of fountains with water games, music and lights. A real water show!

    Inside you will also find the Conservatory, botanical gardens of great effect where you can admire fascinating floral displays. In summary, the Bellagio is among the most important Las Vegas hotels, especially appreciated by those who love the retro atmosphere of European-style luxury.

    Availability and prices of the Bellagio

    Wynn Las Vegas Hotel: the new Bellagio

    This hotel is the brainchild of Steve Wynn, a billionaire builder who is responsible for other impressive Las Vegas properties. For the realization of this luxury hotel, the tycoon sold the Bellagio and the Mirage (which he had also designed) and bought the historic Desert Inn. He demolished it and rebuilt the ambitious on it Wynn, a sort of Bellagio reinvented for a more fashionable clientele, replacing European elegance with a less retro vibe and an Asian twist.

    Unlike many others luxury strip hotel, the Wynn does not impress with its external structure, but with what is inside. Each room is in fact decorated in a colorful way, with large drawings and sophisticated mosaics, but also carpets, trees and flowers of all kinds that give color to the interiors.

    One thing in common with the Bellagio is water: if the latter is famous for its fountains, in fact, the Wynn is distinguished by a waterfall which, starting from an artificial mountain, ends its course in a lake (also it artificial) of 12000 square meters, where statues, colors, images and plays of light emerge. If you want to see it ask for Lake of Dreams (lake of dreams).

    Prices and availability of the Wynn Hotel

    The Venetian Hotel: the Serenissima in Las Vegas

    The name of this hotel is self explanatory. It is in fact a reconstruction that evokes the ancient splendor of Venice, with the scale reproduction of city symbols such as the Rialto bridge, the bridge of sighs and the bell tower of San Marco. Self the fake Rialto bridge surmounts a street instead of the Grand Canal, in front of the American reproduction of the Doge's Palace a large swimming pool simulates the Venetian canals, complete with mooring poles and gondolas. Obviously the gondoliers, dressed in perfect Venetian style, carry tourists from side to side while singing Italian songs.

    Il Venetian, in addition to the suggestion of the reconstruction of the environment, it also offers numerous services, including a luxurious shopping center and the famous Madame Tussaud's wax museum. The hotel was opened in 1999 and contains more than 4000 rooms.

    Check availability and prices of the Venetian

    Aria: refinement, technology and modernity

    The Aria is located in the middle of the Las Vegas strip and is part of the City Center, a charming hotel complex built in grand style. Inside the Aria you will find modern rooms, a spacious casino and various nightlife options. In addition, this hotel is said to have the best buffet in town and generally what many believe to be the best restaurants on the Strip.

    The rooms are furnished in a contemporary style, and aim to satisfy customers by providing the best technologies and the most excellent services. All this is combined with a striking structure, surprising contemporary sculptures and a magnificent swimming pool. Without doubt this is one of the best hotels to stay in Las Vegas.

    Check the rates and availability of the Aria hotel

    Waldorf Astoria: in search of peace of mind

    In 2018 the famous Mandarin Oriental was acquired and refurbished by the Hilton group, making the Waldorf Astoria. This 47-story hotel, also part of the complex City Center, is interesting for its design and famous for its large and well-equipped spa, particularly popular with customers. The rooms are furnished with great class and the windows offer fascinating views of the Strip, for example the front of the Eiffel Tower of the Paris hotel. Modern style, impeccable service and all the latest technologies reign here.

    The aesthetic motifs give the hotel a relaxing atmosphere and the absence of an in-house casino - a rarity in Las Vegas - makes it almost feel like you're in another world. If at least during the hours of your stay in the hotel you want to disconnect from the chaotic climate of the city, enjoying the luxury services that you can find here, this is the hotel for you.

    Prices and availability of the Waldorf Astoria

    Cosmopolitan: the view its Las Vegas

    Il Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was inaugurated on December 15, 2010, since that day the 2 towers that compose it stand out south of the Bellagio, on the west side of Las Vegas Boulevard and this structure has rightfully become part of the most important luxury hotels in Las Vegas . In 2013 it received the Best Hotel of the Year award from Gogobot.

    This gigantic hotel has 2.995 rooms, many with private terraces, with a huge space dedicated to retail, catering, wellness and fitness centers, a theater and conference rooms. From the hotel you can enjoy magnificent views of downtown Las Vegas, but one of its main features are the three different types of pools: a relaxing, a day club pool and a nightclub pool.

    Available rooms and prices at the Cosmopolitan

    Also consider that these hotels house a remarkable selection of restaurants that can meet the most diverse tastes and be an excellent resource for eating in Las Vegas.

    And you? Which Las Vegas luxury hotel would you like to stay in?

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