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Don't change for this year, same beach, same lake? But who told you that changing is bad for you? If then the change? low cost, then even better! And so I, this summer, I decided to swim against the tide and show my pale buttocks to the lakes of the Trentino Alto Adige region.
If you also have in mind to spend a summer weekend in Trentino (in any area), I recommend booking in ADVANCE! I didn't think it was a difficult task to book a pitch for a tent, even a week in advance, but instead I was wrong! Was it so? that after calling almost all the campsites in Trentino (with the time it took, I could go and come back from New York;)), I found availability? for a campsite in Drena. I admit that I did not have the pi? faint idea where this location? was found and it was a real surprise: a simply perfect location for relaxation, nature, activities? and the lakes.

1 day

1? day: discovering the villages and Lake Tenno
Located between the Valle dei Laghi and Lake Garda, Drena is about half an hour by car from Trento. The first impact with the Camping Resort Drena,? to scream: at the foot of a medieval castle and surrounded by mountains overlooking the lake, this innovative structure is truly welcoming. The manager Ivan immediately puts us at ease by making us pay a visit to the campsite; needless to say that attention immediately falls on the services provided: clean bathrooms, numerous barbecue areas, bright bar with panoramic views, relaxation area with swimming pool and finally the spa. I take advantage of the camping shuttle to reach the pitch and set up my temporary home. Price for a night in a tent for two people? Ladies and gentlemen, only 30 euros!

Thanks to the strategic position of Drena, there are many activities? what you can do in this locality: visit the Castle of Drena, which houses a museum and numerous artistic events; tackle a via ferrata by hiring the via ferrata kit at the kiosk at the Castle; visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima; take a walk or go on a horse or mountain bike excursion (the rental for the latter is available at the campsite). In short, relaxation, sport and adventure are within the reach of all ages.

After a morning spent getting lost in the views of Drena, I spend the afternoon at Lake Tenno: one of the most beautiful lakes. clean of Italy and located less than 30 km from Drena. The lake although very popular,? really characteristic and to reach it you cross a path, which allows you to admire it from above in all its beauty. Here? can you rent canoes, pedals? and relax in the poufs of the bar.

During the journey that takes me from the village of Drena to Lake Tenno, I have the pleasure of visiting the medieval village Canale di Tenno. Elected among the most? belli of Trentino and Italy, this town overlooking Lake Garda, owes its name to the presence of water. There are various things to do in this medieval village of 50 inhabitants: the Giacomo Vittone House of Artists is definitely worth a visit, where you can take part in the art exhibitions. To learn about the hard work behind the agriculture of this region, opt instead for the Museum of Agricultural Tools.

In the evening, instead, I immerse myself in what for three years? the tradition of the town of Drena: the Castagneto in musica, a festival that combines music, nature and traditions, immersed in the suggestive chestnut wood of Drena. So what better place to taste the specialties? locals! Among the gastronomic products I recommend tasting goat and bovine cheeses and apple juice.

2 day

2? day: visit to the lakes of Cavedine and Garda, in Trentino
The following day I go to Lake Cavedine, located in the Valle dei Laghi in Trentino and a 10-minute drive from Drena. The cycle path allows you to go around the lake, but if you opt for the activity? aquatic, Windsurfing is the host:? possible to rent the equipment at the school in the vicinity? of the lake. An oasis of peace to relax and take advantage of the comfort. of the bar to enjoy a good coffee.

Then I continue to Riva del Garda, a town overlooking the Pi? great Italian lake: Garda, with an area of ​​370 sq km and 346 m deep. IS? in this location full of shops and restaurants that my stomach draws my attention:? lunch time and for this reason I decide to rely on the Tripadvisor portal to choose a good diner. L? OsteRiva? a cozy place in the center, which has a menu? full of delicious typical dishes. The trout fillet with vegetables and polenta, accompanied by the house wine,? a must to try! Even the bill confirms it: with about 15 euros I eat and drink in a beautiful town.

I just have to take a walk along the splendid Lake Garda and finally tan my light buttocks, before returning home.

Price overview for a low cost weekend to discover the Trentino lakes:

Price in a tent per night for two people at the Camping Resort Drena: 30 euros
Dinner at the village festival of Drena: 10 euros
Admission to the castle of Drena: 4 euros
Lunch in Riva del Garda: 15 euros

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