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It is no mystery that Los Angeles is an immense city and not exactly immediate to approach. Despite a good transport network, the distances are such as to transform the intent of any good self-respecting tourist into a real undertaking: that of being able to see all the attractions that this great West Coast metropolis has to offer in one visit, especially if limited to a stay of 1, 2 days.

Disneyland, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Beverly Hills, the great beaches ... we have already talked about the things to see in Los Angeles and in this article we certainly do not want to repeat ourselves, but rather indicate a different and more comfortable way to try the enterprise: that of to truly and thoroughly know the city of angels, from the most representative attractions to the most remote corners.

What are we talking about? Of the organized tours, tourist proposals modeled on various needs that aim to accompany you to discover one of the most important American cities in the world.

The offer, as you will see, is incredibly vast (take a look at the list below) and includes not only city tours but also excursions outside the city; tour da Los Angeles of 1 or more days to extra-city destinations, particularly convenient if you want to avoid hiring a car for travel.


  • Los Angeles tour: pros and cons of an organized visit
  • Where to look for a Los Angeles tour?
    • City tour
    • Tour from Los Angeles: Extra-City Excursions

Los Angeles tour: pros and cons of an organized visit

If you are that type of tourist you are faced with a organized visit turns up his nose a bit because he loves doing everything by himself and feels his rush of freedom in some way disfigured I understand you, however it is good to take into account that many types of tours have considerable flexibility and that often they will know how to lead you where not even your plans more attentive and willing they will be able.

For Los Angeles you can choose to be accompanied to the most characteristic and representative destinations, but also to explore with thematic tours more secret meanders, lesser-known attractions and local specialties, gems that are very difficult to find, unless you know some experienced Los Angeles people.

Other than that, of course, the main advantages of one guided tour in Los Angeles or an excursion outside the city are the convenience and greater ease of movement, which will greatly help you to fill up on attractions.

Where to look for a Los Angeles tour?

As mentioned, there are many tours available in Los Angeles, but where to find them? Just do a simple google search to see all kinds of them pop out, however the most reliable resources are these:

  • Viator tours in Los Angeles
  • Activities in the city of Expedia
  • Get Your Guide Tour of Los Angeles

But if you don't want to spend hours on the internet desperately looking for a guided tour, we have developed a fairly substantial list of Los Angeles tour more interesting to book.

City tour

Here is a selection of tours to fully explore the City of Angels. Click on the title for more information.

Hollywood star homes tour

This type of tour will introduce you to the discovery of the homes of Hollywood celebrities, including the homes of Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra and many others. You can also visit some symbolic places, such as the Walk of Fame and Chateau Marmont, as well as the exclusive neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Bel-Air.

  • Celebrity Homes Tour on GetYourGuide
  • Celebrity Homes Tour by Open Top Bus on Viator
  • Beverly Hills and Bel-Air celebrity guided bike tour on Viator

Los Angeles Hop-On Hop-Off Tour

The hop-on hop-off bus tour has now become a must-see in every major tourist city. You will have the opportunity to visit the main stages of the city comfortably and at the same time to customize your route by stopping in the stages that interest you most.

  • Tour Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off su GetYourGuide
  • Tour Starline Hop-On Hop-Of su Viator

Helicopter flight in Hollywood and Los Angeles

These tours will allow you to explore Hollywood and the Los Angeles skyline from another perspective to admire the main attractions this metropolis has to offer from above

  • Beverly Hills and Hollywood: Helicopter Tour on GetYourGuide
  • Los Angeles helicopter tour with romantic mountaintop landing on Viator
  • 30-minute helicopter night tour on GetYourGuide

Universal Studios VIP Tour

If visiting Universal Studios isn't enough for you, this guided tour of one of America's most atmospheric theme parks can truly be an interesting surplus. You will access areas and attractions that are not accessible to the public with a regular ticket, you will be accompanied and introduced throughout the entire visit, you will have a front row seat to all the attractions and you will be able to access areas normally closed to the public. It is necessary to book well in advance.

  • Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Tour on GetYourGuide
  • Universal Studios Hollywood VIP Experience on Viator

To find out more about this theme park and all the ticket options available, I invite you to read our dedicated article by clicking on the link below.

All the info on Universal Studios

Tour Warner Bros. Studios

Ideal for film lovers: you will visit the "behind the scenes" of movies and TV shows, famous film studios, more than 40 Hollywood celebrity homes and at the same time learn secrets and anecdotes about the construction of sets, sets and costumes .

  • Warner Bros. Hollywood Studios Tour on GetYourGuide
  • Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood on Viator

Paul Getty Museum

Do you love art but do not disdain Hollywood worldliness as well? This tour is proposed as a unique blend of culture and entertainment, allowing you to admire the wonderful collection of contemporary art of the Paul Getty Museum, with its beautiful architecture and enchanting gardens.

  • One hour museum tour
  • Two hour museum tour

Los Angeles Pass

These are not real tours but passes, a card that acts as a pass, and which will allow you to enter an impressive number of city attractions at a discounted price. Given the convenience, we thought it would be appropriate to include them in the list anyway.

If you want to know more take a look at our article on city passes by clicking on the link below.

All the info on Los Angeles passes

Los Angeles Segway Tour

A relaxing and effortless Segway tour along the most famous streets of Los Angeles and its most characteristic neighborhoods. You will then be able to enjoy some of the most iconic views of the city without the stress of traffic and parking.

  • Tour in Segway di Beverly Hills su GetYourGuide
  • Segway tour in Santa Monica and Venice Beach on GetYourGuide

Los Angeles walking tour

For those who want to enjoy the main attractions of the city calmly and without haste, opting for a walking tour could be a recommended choice.

  • Walking Tour of Downtown Los Angeles on Viator
  • Griffith Observatory Private Walking Tour on GetYourGuide
  • Hollywood walking tour accompanied by a director on Viator

Los Angeles bike tour

If you do not want to walk or use motor vehicles you can consider opting for the use of a standard or electric bicycle. Here are some of the best solutions:

  • Hollywood bike tour on Viator
  • Electric bike excursion to the Hollywood sign on Viator
  • 5-hour Los Angeles tour on Viator

Los Angeles food and wine tours

Among the many activities that can be undertaken, a gastronomic tour of the city is perfect for those who want to go beyond the classic menu that one would expect from a vacation in the United States.

  • Downtown Food Tour di Los Angeles su Viator
  • West Hollywood Food Tour on Viator
  • Catalina Island Food and Walking
  • Safari and wine tasting in Malibu on Viator

Tour of the film locations

The city of Los Angeles, in the countless films it has produced, has not only played the role of itself, but also of other famous cities such as New York, Miami, Tokyo and many other locations. These tours will take you to the best film locations in the area.

  • Los Angeles Film Locations Bus Tour on Viator
  • The Hollywood movie experience in Los Angeles on Viator

If you want to organize a self tour, you can take a look at our section dedicated to the best film locations that you can visit in the USA, many of which are in California and Los Angeles.

Cinematic itineraries

Tour di Los Angeles in Limousine

If you've always thought that cruising through Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills in a limo cost an arm and a leg, think again! At an affordable price you can enjoy the luxury of a private tour in the world's most luxurious car. A driver will take you to visit Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, TCL Chinese Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame and more.

  • 5-hour private limousine tour on Viator

Tour from Los Angeles: Extra-City Excursions

Here is a selection of excursions of 1 day or more for visits outside the city.

Santa Barbara, Solvang and Hearst Castle: day trip from Los Angeles

A full-day tour from Los Angeles along California's scenic coastline, one of the world's most beautiful coastal roads. You can visit Santa Barbara with its characteristic marina, beautiful beaches and the historic Spanish mission; explore the picturesque Danish village of Solvang and enjoy the sumptuous Hearst Castle.

More info on the Tour

Independent trip to Tijuana from Los Angeles

Tour from Los Angeles for a day visit of Tijuana in Mexico, dedicated to shopping, typical restaurants and local culture.

More info on the Tour

Tour from Los Angeles to San Diego and La Jolla

A day trip that will allow you to explore the best of San Diego, the old city and some must-see gems.

More info on the Tour

Day trip to Santa Catalina Island

Thanks to this tour you can visit the beautiful and peaceful island of Santa Catalina which is located off the coast of Los Angeles. After about an hour by ferry you can choose whether to visit the island independently or take part in one of the many excursions to make your holiday even more unique and original.

More info on the Tour

Palm Springs and Shopping in 1 Day

The Palm Springs Desert Oasis is certainly one of California's most charming towns. This is a great way to explore it on a tour from Los Angeles.

More info on the Tour

3 day tour of Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

Three-day tour to visit one of the iconic cities of the West Coast and the most famous natural park in the world: the Grand Canyon. What more do you want?

More info on the Tour

8 day tour Los Angeles, San Francisco and the best of the West Coast

Eight days from Los Angeles to San Francisco passing through the main attractions of the west coast of the States: Joshua Tree National Park, Las Vegas, Sedona, Monument Valley and Yosemite park.

More info on the Tour

3 Days: San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Yosemite tour

Yosemite Falls

In 3 days, with this package, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the coast and at the same time one of the natural wonders of California, Yosemite National Park.

More info on the Tour

3 Days: Grand Canyon South Rim and Las Vegas tour

The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas are quite distant and uncomfortable destinations to drive from Los Angeles. With this 3-day tour you can visit them effortlessly.

More info on the Tour

2 Days: Las Vegas and flight over the Grand Canyon West Rim

Similar to the previous tour but with one substantial difference: instead of visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon you will fly over the West Rim, famous all over the world for its platform called the skywalk.

More info on the Tour

8 Days: Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore, Bryce Canyon and Grand Teton from Los Angeles

Who said that if you are on the West Coast you must necessarily give up on far out-of-reach wonders like Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore? There is another interesting variant of this tour, which also includes Arches National Park.

More info on the Tour

Have you ever tried one of these tours? Leave a comment below!

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