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    Los Angeles Pass: here are the best cards to visit the city

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    Rumor has it that, due to its size, Los Angeles is a difficult city to visit, and which has little to offer tourists, compared to other American cities much richer in attractions and places to visit.

    But it is clearly wrong information, because Los Angeles, in addition to offering a truly impressive and varied city and natural landscape, presents itself as a monumental capital of entertainment: from Hollywood to Legoland, from whale sightings to Madame Tussauds waxes, they are attractions for all tastes. Well, also as regards city pass, Los Angeles it is no less than the other cities. So let's find out which are the best passes to save!

    Please note:Pass characteristics may vary over time (e.g. number and type of attractions, as well as percentage savings). We therefore invite you to check on the official website, indicated in the article, for any changes.


    • Go Los Angeles Card – All Inclusive
      • … And Universal Studios?
      • Prices
      • How much you save
      • Where to buy the Los Angeles Card?
    • Sightseeing Flex Pass Los Angeles
      • Prices
      • How much do you save?
      • Where to buy the Sightseeing Flex Pass?
    • Southern California CityPASS
      • Attractions included
      • Where to buy it
    • Hollywood Explorer Pass
    • Build Your Own Los Angeles Pass

    Go Los Angeles Card – All Inclusive

    This is the "Los Angeles Card – All Inclusive”, Designed especially for those who, when visiting a city, cannot help but have a huge range of choices. Go Los Angeles Card is a pass of varying duration, which will allow you access to well 35 attractions (with a very important bonus attraction, which we will explain shortly) in Los Angeles, with a choice of museums, amusement parks, mini-cruises and much more, plus skipping the annoying queues at the entrance. Choose according to your needs, calculating the length of your stay in the city: you can buy the card valid for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 7 days.

    For example: if you buy the Go Los Angeles Card valid for 1 day, and you will be able to perfectly manage the movements and times during the visits, you can choose how many attractions you want, as long as you have energy, or until you have equalized the expenses. But be careful! Don't forget that the pass is valid from the 9 17.30!

    But it doesn't stop there: this pass has an added convenience. Yes, because whatever the duration of your pass, you can use it for two weeks from the day of activation. In other words, the days of use are not necessarily consecutive: if you have bought the Go Los Angeles Card valid for 3 days, and activate it on Sunday (the activation coincides with the first use), it will be valid for another 2 days in the 'span of two weeks.

    Attractions included
    • Aquarium of the pacific
    • Autry Museum of the American West
    • Battleship IOWA Museum
    • Big Bus Celebrity Homes & Lifestyle Tour
    • Bike & Skate Rentals
    • Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
    • Catalina Flyer
    • Celebrity Bike Tour (self-guided)
    • Celebrity Bike Tour (guided)
    • California Science Center IMAX
    • Dolby Theater Guided Tour
    • Downtown LA Food and Culture Tour
    • GRAMMY Museum
    • Harbor Cruise in Long Beach
    • Harbor Cruise in San Pedro
    • Heal the Bay Aquarium
    • Hollywood Museum
    • Hollywood Hills Hike by Bikes
    • Hop-on Hop-off Big Bus 1 day
    • Huntington Library and Gardens
    • K1 Speed Indoor Karting
    • Knott's Berry Farm
    • L.A. Zoo
    • LA Galaxy Game Ticket
    • LEGOLAND California
    • Madame Tussauds Hollywood
    • Museum of Latin American Art
    • San Diego Zoo
    • Shanti Hot Yoga
    • Six Flags
    • South Coast Plaza Shop & Dine
    • TLC Chinese Theater
    • Whale Watch in Long Beach
    • Whale Watch & Dolphin Tour
    • Whale Watch in San Pedro

    … And Universal Studios?

    One moment, you will say: and the Universal Studios of Hollywood? Is one of the most fascinating and fun attractions in Los Angeles not included in the card? Do not worry ... of course it is included! But on one condition, which is that the pass you buy is valid for 3, 5 or 7 days, in this way you will be able to enter for once inside the legendary Studios.

    To summarize, for clarity: if you intend to buy a card valid for 1 or 2 days, the visit to the Hollywood Studios will not be included in the price!


     Here is the detail of the standard prices, however subject to seasonal variations and offers from operators:

    • 1 day: adults $ 99; children (3-12 years) $ 76
    • 2 days: adults $ 149; children (3-12 years) $ 112
    • 3 days: adults $ 229; children (3-12 years) $ 194
    • 5 days: adults $ 310; children (3-12 years) $ 279
    • 7 days: adults $ 359; children (3-12 years) $ 314

    The price includes a set of discounts for restaurants and shops. You will also have a color guide to Los Angeles at your disposal: digital if, during the on-line payment operations, you choose to receive the digital and printable ticket; paper if you decide to have your pass sent to your home or if you will collect the card a Los Angeles.

    How much you save

    The savings are very high: up to 47% in relation to the total admission price. It all depends on your strategic ability! Usually the most popular pass is the one for 3 days, which will allow you to better organize your stay in the endless Los Angeles, and to enjoy the maximum discounts.

    Where to buy the Los Angeles Card?

    The solutions are varied. Check first on the official website and then check the prices on other sites to find the most convenient offer:

    • Official site

    Sightseeing Flex Pass Los Angeles

    Thanks to this hugely popular pass, in a maximum period of 60 days you can visit 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 attractions choosing from a list of over 25 attractions. In addition, some special discounts are available for shopping and for restaurants in various selected venues included in the price.

    The strength of Sightseeing Flex Pass Los Angeles it is clearly in his flexibility and it differs from the GoCard for its philosophy: the first is based on the number of attractions, the second is based on the number of days of stay. It's up to you to decide which one is best suited to your needs!

    Attractions included
    • 2 Hour Hollywood Bus Tour by Day
    • 2 Hour Hollywood Bus Tour by Night
    • 24 Hour HopOn, HopOff Tour
    • Celebrity Homes and Rodeo Drive Shopping Bus Tour
    • Disneyland Transportation
    • Dolby Theater Tour
    • Downtown LA – Arts & Culture Tour
    • Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes Walking Tour
    • Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour
    • Hollywood Highlights Walking Tour
    • Hollywood Sign and Griffith Park Walking Tour
    • Hornblower Cruises – Winter Whale and Dolphin Watching
    • Knott’s Berry Farm Transportation
    • LA Maritime Museum
    • Madame Tussauds Hollywood
    • Malibu Celebrity Homes Tour
    • One Hour Harbor Cruise
    • paparazzi-safari
    • Rock the Yacht
    • San Diego Sightseeing City Tour
    • Scavenger Hunts
    • Summer Cocktail Cruise – Marina del Rey
    • Summer Cocktail Cruise – Newport Beach
    • Summer Whale Watching Adventure
    • The Fantastic Race
    • The TCL Chinese Theatre
    • Two Bit Circus
    • Universal Studios Transportation
    • Virtual Reality Experiences
    • Virtual Room Los Angeles


    I Flex prices they range from a low of $ 103 to a high of $ 149, and there are discounts for children from the 3 12 years. You will receive the pass immediately after purchase and to activate it, simply show it at the first attraction you decide to visit.

    How much do you save?

    The savings percentage declared on the official website is up to 50% on the total price of the attractions included in the pass. Here is an example of how much you can save.

    Where to buy the Sightseeing Flex Pass?

    You can buy the pass on the official website at a discounted price, or in Spanish on Viator (3, 4 or 5 attractions only).

    Southern California CityPASS

    We also recommend this pass which, for many of you, could turn out to be a… winning card! There Southern California CityPASS it is not closely related to Los Angeles, but it will come in handy if your stay in California is long enough. With this card - a real "California pass"Fun - you can spend an unforgettable holiday in the 3 most important and famous theme parks in Southern California: 2 of these parks are located in Los Angeles, so the pass is not at all incompatible with the Go Los Angeles Card, indeed it includes attractions different and no less famous.

    Attractions included

    The duration of the card is two weeks from activation, during which you can enjoy:

    • Entrance for 2 - 5 days to Disneyland Park with the possibility of the Hopper option
    • Entrance to Universal Studios Hollywood
    • 1 or 2 day admission to the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park
    • One day admission to SeaWorld San Diego
    • One day admission to Legoland with Hopper option for Sea Life.

    The price depends on the number and type of ticket for the individual parks you want to buy and obviously the more choices you make, the greater the savings.

    Where to buy it

    This type of pass is currently unavailable, but it may be soon. Check Expedia by clicking directly on the link below:

    Buy the pass

    Well, what are you waiting for to buy your Los Angeles Pass? Have fun, visiting Los Angeles has never been cheaper!

    Hollywood Explorer Pass

    Attention: this pass is not available at the moment

    We left this pass for last because, in our opinion, it is only suitable for a narrow niche of tourists: those who will practically only visit the Hollywood neighborhood, leaving out all the other Los Angeles attractions.

    By purchasing this pass you will be able to access the Madame Tussauds Hollywood and Guinness World Records Museum, and add two attractions of your choice on these four:

    • one of the guided tours of TCL Chinese Theater e Hollywood Behind-the-Scenes of Red Line Tours;
    • one between Starline Movie Stars’ Home Tours and CitySightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off City Tour.

    You can buy this pass on the Official site.

    Build Your Own Los Angeles Pass

    Please note: this pass is no longer available at the moment

    An additional pass has recently been added to the Go Card family: the Build Your Own Los Angeles Pass which will allow you to build a custom pass choosing only the attractions that you really intend to visit.

    There are 42 attractions to choose from including Universal Studios, Warner Bros. Studio, Legoland California, OUE Skyspace (you can find the complete list on the official website).

    The pass is valid for 30 days from the date of first use and will grant you one if you choose at least two attractions 20% savings (but be careful if you choose Universal Studios the savings will be reduced to only 10%). Could it therefore be a recommended choice? In my opinion, only if you have a few days available and have a clear idea of ​​what you want to do.

    You can buy the pass on Official site.

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