Los Angeles d'estate: thing fare?

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Between beaches in the morning, parties in the evening, interesting tours and a lot of jet set, in the summer in Los Angeles you certainly won't get bored: the metropolis offers a thousand possibilities, all captivating, to spend your free time in a memorable and always unique way. .
Let's find out together which are the events not to be missed during the summer of 2015 in Los Angeles.

The first stop for those who choose Los Angeles in the summer is undoubtedly the sea: the Californian coast offers long equipped beaches bathed by the ocean, where you can enjoy a dip in the blue and a pleasant walk on the water's edge. For those who have little time, but want to discover the top beaches of Los Angeles, the ideal is to rely on this organized tour that runs through the destinations of the bay not to be missed.

We start from the wonderful beaches ofHuntington Beach, where the myth of surfing, beach volleyball, and the phenomenon of the beach boys was born, and then continue to the most beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean and enjoy a well-deserved sunbath.

Among the seaside resorts, the tour also touches the mythical Long Beach and includes a visit to the famous Queen Mary, the historic boat that since 1967 has been permanently docked at the port: getting on board this luxurious giant of the sea, getting lost in restaurants, attractions, exhibitions and lots of entertainment, is a breathtaking experience.

The visit continues along the nightlife of Los Angeles, walking along the folkloristic promenade of Venice Beach, with a bohemian and artistic spirit.

The tour ends at Santa Monica, where it will be a pleasure to visit the large amusement park and let yourself be conquered by the charm of the historic pier.

But Los Angeles is also the birthplace of Hollywood, the place of cinema and celebrities par excellence: the tour to discover the symbolic places of international cinema is absolutely not to be missed.

In a few hours you can visit the famous Walk Of Fame and the popular hotel Chateau Marmont, a Hollywood icon, known for hosting numerous VIPs such as Jim Morrison, or how John Belushi, who met his death in the rooms of this hotel. The tour also extends to the residential districts of Beverly Hills e Bel Air and touches some of the residences of the greatest international stars of the caliber of Elvis Presley o Frank Sinatra.

Between one tour and another, it's time for a taste break. The top destination in LA for those looking for an extraordinary location to have an all-round culinary experience, is undoubtedly the Grand central market: this large exhibition and retail space has been collecting the culinary excellences of Los Angeles since 1917, but not only.

Mexico, Japan, Germany, China and of course Spain, are some of the gastronomic cultures exhibited at the large emporium, which offers a wide variety of food and drinks, ideal to satisfy every palate.

And the evening? Los Angeles offers numerous glamorous and lively locations, where you can have a good drink, relax and enjoy your vacation.

For those who want the best, the best choice are the legendary ones roof top bar of the city: a cocktail on the top floor of a building, overlooking the city or towards the ocean, undoubtedly offers unforgettable emotions.

Some idea? Do not miss the suggestive Upstairs Bar at the Ace hotel, on the top floor you can sip an excellent drink by the pool and admire the view over the city, or the Moonshadows, which overlooks the ocean and offers exciting sightings of dolphins, to be commented strictly with a mojito in hand.

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