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    Los Angeles, climate and temperatures: when to go? Info on the best time

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    Los Angeles is the largest and most extensive of the three main cities on the Californian coast: for this reason, to be precise, it is necessary to specify climate and temperatures of each individual district, town or city of the county.

    I will try to do it as succinctly as possible with regard to the most touristic areas, but clearly I will also give some general indications on los angeles weather, in order to understand what is the best time to visit the city and its surroundings: the good news is that the weather Los Angeles is generally favorable throughout most of the year (with seasonal exceptions). But let's see some data in detail!


    • The climate of Los Angeles
      • Summer
      • Winter
      • Autumn
      • Spring
    • Can you take a bath?
    • Surroundings of Los Angeles
    • When to go to Los Angeles?

    The climate of Los Angeles

    In Los Angeles he climate è tempered, in some ways it is similar to the climate of San Francisco, but even less "capricious". Although in a different climatic zone, we can also define it climate mediterranean, as it is characterized by very mild winters and hot summers; however, compared to the characteristics of classical Mediterranean climates, winters are milder and rains less frequent. To get a little clearer idea on the subject, read our article on the climate in California.


    The months from July to the end of September can be hot or very hot, and there is no shortage of hot days. Precipitation practically never occurs and the temperature medie they go from the 18 (min) ai over 32 ° (max). The maximums can even exceed 30 ° C when the warm dry winds blow over Los Angeles brought by the currents coming from the nearby deserts of California (Santa Ana Winds): the historical record took place in 2010, when in September they reached 45 °.

    In the airport area and in coastal cities such as Santa Monica and Venice, temperatures are mitigated by ocean currents; Long Beach is not included among these coastal cities, penalized by its geographical position. The cities of the interior (Culver City, Pasadena, Burbank) and the central areas of Los Angeles are much warmer in the summer, not to mention San Fernando, which is closed all around by hills and mountains which prevent the cool currents from ventilating the air.


    Le winter days of Los Angeles (between December and March) are rarely very cold: between December and January it can happen that night temperatures approach zero as a result of cold winds, but daytime temperatures they hardly go below 7-8 °. The average of the maximum goes from 17 ° a Santa Monica e Los Angeles (airport) ai 19-20 ° di Burbank, Pasadena, Culver e San Fernando, while heavy snowfall can occur in the nearby mountains.

    In this season the rains are concentrated, which can fall 7 days a month from December to March. THE Santa Ana Winds they do not stop blowing even in winter, bringing days of unusual dry heat: temperatures exceed 25 ° and can occasionally reach 30 °.


    It boils down to the period between October and November the Los Angeles autumn season: the days remain sunny and pleasantly warm or warm. The minime they lower below 15 ° only in late November, while the maximum remain between 26 and 31 ° until October, but there can be days with much higher and drier temperatures when the desert winds blow from the east, a phenomenon that in this season is quite intense. In November, the rains.


    Just like fall, spring in Los Angeles confirms that mid-seasons are short-lived here: from April to mid-June the climate gradually passes from winter temperatures to even milder ones in the first months of summer.

    The minimums range from 7 to 15 °, the maximums are already between 20 and 24 °: in May there are also days with a warm climate and temperatures of 27-28 ° that anticipate the summer ready to explode in June. In the spring season, the first warms meet the moist ocean currents and give rise to mists and light passing rains. The rains more insistent are concentrated instead in April.

    Can you take a bath?

    Unlike San Francisco - whose beaches are difficult to see many bathers even in the summer - the beaches of Los Angeles in the summer months are populated with people sunbathing, surfing and playing beach volleyball. Swimming in the sea can be done between August and September, when average water temperatures approach 20 °, but not all tourists feel like imitating the Los Angeles people now accustomed to the cool waters of the ocean.

    Surroundings of Los Angeles

    The towns of the Orange County they have roughly the same weather conditions as downtown Los Angeles, while in nearby Palm Springs (located beyond the mountains, at the gateway to the desert), summer temperatures can be even warmer.

    When to go to Los Angeles?

    The seasons with the ideal climate for visiting the city are the early autumn period (October) and the late spring (May June). Of course you can go too in summer, but if you suffer from the heat it is advisable to go to the coastal areas and avoid those closer to the desert.

    Average annual temperatures
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