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    Los Angeles car rental: low cost tips for airport pickup

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    Los Angeles, with its approximately 1300 square km of extension, it is truly an endless city: visiting it without a car is, for any traveler - whether experienced or novice - a very difficult, if not impossible, challenge. After all, we have already told you clearly in our article on how to get around Los Angeles: it is the first city in the United States by size and the second by population, and it is an infinite, gigantic labyrinth that is difficult to visit by public transport. public or on foot, unlike other destinations such as New York or San Francisco.

    But how do you go about hiring a car in the labyrinthine Los Angeles? What are the aspects to take into consideration most? And how to save money by grabbing a solution low cost?

    Don't worry, it's easier than it seems. In this article we want to provide you with all the useful information about it, so that when you arrive in the city, you will not be overwhelmed, but you can immediately take your car and set off to discover the city or, why not, open the dance for the your West Coast road tour, unless (let's not forget!) you have chosen the San Francisco car rental option. So let's go into the details: what are the steps to take to make a car hire in Los Angeles?


    • Los Angeles car rental from the airport
      • After landing ...
      • Before boarding the plane ...
    • What else is there to know?
    • Low Cost car rental: how to save by booking online?

    Los Angeles car rental from the airport

    Unless the City of Angels is an intermediate stop on your journey (which is not that frequent), it is very likely that this great metropolis is the start point for your West Coast tour or, conversely, thelast stage before returning home (by the way: have you read our tips on Los Angeles Low Cost flights?).

    In both cases, in case of arrival or departure, you will find yourself a bit confused and loaded with luggage at the international airport, and the Los Angeles car rental issue will be summarized in the following question: "Where do I find the offices for collection / delivery of the rental car? ".

    After landing ...

    When you get off your plane, go to the baggage claim area and, at this, exit outside the airport, following the signs for the rental cars area. Los Angeles airport it is served by 40 rental companies, but only 10, the best known and most reliable, are allowed inside the terminals to offer travelers the pick-up and drop-off service through specific shuttles gratuiti, recognizable thanks to the purple writing “Rental Car Shuttles”. The shuttles, in about 15-20 minutes, will take you straight from the terminal to your rental office.

    The main car rental companies in Los Angeles

    What are the 10 company who offer this particular and useful service? Here is a list:

    • Advantage
    • Alamo
    • Reviews
    • Budget
    • Dollar
    • Enterprise
    • Hertz
    • Fox
    • Payless
    • National
    • Thrifty

    As you can see, there is no shortage of the best known and most reliable names, such as Avis, Alamo and Hertz, companies we recommend to rely on.

    Off-airport company

    Off-airport: this is the name of the car rental companies that DON'T have the authorization from the airport authorities to enter the terminal with the shuttles to reach their customers.

    However, do not despair: if the company with which you rented the car in Los Angeles is not on the list of 10 authorized, you will not be left on foot: the airport offers a special LAX Shuttle Bus gratuito, called "Lot C" (located just outside the exit, under the sign "LAX Shuttle"), which will take you to the terminal of theOff-Airport Rental Car, where you will then be picked up by the shuttles of the respective companies.

    Tra le compagnie Off- Airport sono incluse: New Frontier Car Rental, Basic Car Rental, Super Cheap Car, E-Z Rent-a-Car, Global Rent a Car, Ace Rent a Car Midway, AAA Rent a car, RentBestCars, Ritz Car Rental,  Rental, Deluxe Rent-a-Car e molte altre “Rent a Car Los Angeles”, per un totale di 30.

    Before boarding the plane ...

    Opposite problem, but similar, will face whoever is preparing to leave the car near the airport, having concluded their car rental period in Los Angeles. Do not be afraid to make long pilgrimages on foot from the company's site to the airport, loaded with luggage and worried about being late, because, even in this case, shuttles are set up at the offices to which you have just returned the car and the keys. Obviously, the same speech made before applies: only the vehicles of the 10 authorized companies have the right to direct access to the terminals.

    Another frequently asked question for those who have to leave the car may concern the exact location of their office. In this case, we want to reassure you: the main companies are all concentrated a Inglewood, in a single area not at all far from the airport, between Aviation Blvd, Airport Blvd and Century Blvd: in any case, with your shuttle it should not take you more than 15 minutes to reach your terminal.

    For completeness, we report the precise coordinates of the 10 authorized agencies, so that you can put theaddress in the navigator and go straight to the target:

    • Advantage: 1030 W Manchester Blvd
    • Alamo: 9020 Aviation Blvd
    • Reviews: 9217 Airport Blvd
    • Budget: 9775 Airport Blvd
    • Dollar: 5630 Tree of Life St
    • Enterpise: 8734 Bellanca Avenue
    • Fox: 5500 W Century Blvd
    • Hertz: 9000 Airport Blvd
    • Payless: 5500 W Century Bldv
    • National: 9020 Aviation Blvd
    • Thrifty: 5440 W Century Blvd

    What else is there to know?

    What else do you need to know about the car hire for Los Angeles? Here is a series of never trivial tricks to take into account:

    • as for the license, the question is simple: most likely you will not have problems with your Italian driving license, but, for safety, it might be good to have an international driving license. In the reported article you will find all the useful information.
    • in addition to the driving license, the identity document that will be required is a valid passport for the USA. You don't need anything else.
    • do not forget that to get a car rental you need to have one credit card, which must be presented to the office of the chosen company at the time of collection of the machine, for guarantee. Attention! You cannot leave prepaid cards or similar: companies usually only accept credit cards.
    • if you will be renting a car in Los Angeles but will be doing the drop-off (delivery) to another city (or vice versa, of course) a surcharge may apply. Not always though: in California and Nevada you won't have to pay a cent more.
    • pay close attention to insurance in the event of an accident: often, when booking, it is good to check one more detail than one less. To be on the safe side, ask the attendant if basic emergency services are included in the policy, including the tow truck service (not always included).
    • if you bring the car back in advance, you will not be refunded but, of course, if you bring it late, you will have to pay the difference.
    • what are the types of cars available for rental? They range from economic (excellent for short trips) to compact and intermediate (for the comfort of 4-5 passengers), to get to family members (suitable for those who need a very large trunk). Premium (luxury cars) and SUVs are also available, all the most exclusive types of cars, for those who can't be satisfied.
    • If you have to go around the city, that may be enough an economic one, but if Los Angeles is for you the starting point of a long road tour, it is good to choose a car from intermediate range or higher.

    Low Cost car rental: how to save by booking online?

    It is never convenient to rent a car in Los Angeles directly, relying only on instinct or chance. The best way to take advantage of low cost fares, discounts and offers is to do a little research courses via the most trusted price comparison platforms. Any advice on this? And how! Find instructions on how to do this in our article on how rent a car at the lowest price.

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