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If you have been lucky enough to go to Los Angeles, on vacation or for business reasons, you will almost certainly have landed at the International Airport, the main airport in the city.

Los Angeles International Airport - usually referred to by the term LAX, its IATA code - is located in the southwestern part of the city, in the borough of Westchester and is 26 kilometers from the city center.

With its characteristic flying saucer shape landing on 'four legs' and Disney-designed play of colored lights, Los Angeles International Airport is the fourth-largest airport in the world for passenger traffic. Airplanes depart from its runways to 87 national destinations and 69 scattered across five continents.

I Terminal di Lax

Los Angeles International Airport has 8 terminal, from which shuttles leave continuously to reach the other terminals, definitely distant from each other, or in any case located at distances difficult to walk with luggage. The shuttles are free and also take passengers outside the airport.

The largest terminal is number 1 with its 15 gates, where most of the domestic flights pass.

The largest international terminal is the 2 number, has 11 gates and a CBP, that is, the facility in which the security checks on foreign passengers. Terminals 6 and 7 are equipped with jetways to allow the landing of larger aircraft.

Once in Los Angeles International Airport for most travelers the problem arises how to reach the city center. Here are all types of transfers from Lax airport to the center and their cost.

Transfer by rental car

This option it is always advisable, even if you do not know the way, as rental cars are almost always equipped with modern and efficient navigators.

we recommend book the car online and to pick it up calmly at the airport, so as not to be at the moment to choose between different companies and perhaps choose the most expensive one in order to take one, considering the fatigue caused by the flight.

Il cost of course it varies according to the type of car rented. In this case, an economy is more than enough. The airport is a 40-minute drive from the center. On average the cost of a rental car is about $ 70 per day.

To rent a car in Los Angeles you will need an international driving license, that of the country of origin, a passport and a nominative credit card.

Book a rental car

Transfer by bus

Another viable option to get to the city center from the airport is by bus. Outside the airport you have to take it shuttle bus which takes passengers to the LAX Transit Center on Vicksburg Avenue, which is the bus station, so to speak.

Here you can take the MTA bus which will take you to the city center in about 45 minutes. The cost of the ticket is approximately $ 1,50.

The MTA lines that every tourist should note are there Metro Silver Line which connects South Bay and San Gabriel Valley to Downtown and the Metro Orange Line which runs through the entire North Hollywood area.

In addition to the MTA buses, you can use the carriers of some private companies such as Dash covering downtown Los Angeles, LA Big Blue Bus ideal for visiting Santa Monica and the Culver City Bus to the West Los Angeles area.

To find out all the ways to get around Los Angeles visit this page.

Transfer by LAX FlyAway bus

LAX FlyAway is the bus company owned by the Los Angeles airport company. Its buses stand out because they are from blue. They carry out several stops, starting from the airport:

  • Union Station
  • Hollywood
  • Long Beach
  • OrangeLine
  • Westwood
  • from NUys

From the various terminals then you can take the subway to reach the final destination. To take advantage of this service, just wait for the bus to arrive outside the arrival terminal in the dedicated area.

Il cost of the ticket varies from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 10 dollars. The duration of the trip varies according to the final destination.

Transfer by taxi

Tax is definitely a viable alternative once you land at Los Angeles International Airport. Outside the airport you can find taxis ready to take tourists to the city, but the cost is not exactly cheap, since on average about 45 dollars are spent.

This solution is advisable if there are several people sharing the cost or if you first negotiate the price of the trip to avoid nasty surprises. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes, traffic permitting.

Transfer to the Metro

The subway can be a practical and economical solution to reach the city center from the Los Angeles airport, especially since the airport offers a metro service, with a shuttle that takes travelers to the subway station of “Aviation LAX”.

From here you can take the metro to reach the center and other areas of the city.

The Los Angeles subway has five lines that allow you to reach most of the attractions:

  • La Red Line connects Union Station to North Hollywood and is widely used by tourists as it arrives at Universal Studios
  • La Blue Lineinstead, it leads to Long Beach, while the Gold Line goes all the way to Pasadena
  • La Purple Line arriva a Koreatown
  • La Green Linefinally, it is the one that reaches the International airport

Il cost of the ticket is $ 1,75 for a single ride, but you can buy day tickets that cost $ 7. Weekly passes also available

Private transfer

Take the stress out of travel and enjoy the comfort and reliability of a one-way private transfer between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

This non-stop transfer is operated by a professional driver who will provide pickup from your hotel or airport. Travel in a private sedan or SUV, depending on the size of the group.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery on the 4,5-hour journey. The transfer is direct except for a 15 minute stop at the petrol station.

Book now

Go Airport Shuttle

At the airport there is also the for the service offered by Go Airport Shuttle, which makes available to travelers Shared van to reach various downtown districts from the airport. The cost it is about $ 25 per person each way.

What is more convenient?

Los Angeles is a huge city, the largest in the United States and visiting it without having a car is almost impossible, that's why - considering all the variables - if you want to visit it at its best, it is always better to rent a car, so a lot it is worth doing it right from the airport.

But if you are tired and you don't feel like driving, then I recommend the Go Airport Shuttle, perhaps not too comfortable but with an excellent quality / price ratio.

To visit Los Angeles

A rental car not only allows you to move easily to and from Los Angeles International Airport, but also to move freely and without time constraints from one area of ​​the city to another.

Even on the level economic, the cost of car rental on balance it would not be much higher than the cost of taxis and the purchase of bus and subway tickets.

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