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More and more often we hear stories of relatives and friends, young and old, who decide to leave their land looking for luck elsewhere.
There are those who are forced to make such decisions for lack of work alternatives, due to the crisis that has hit most of the European states, and those who decide to leave for personal choice, motivated by the desire to know new cultures and distant worlds.

Whatever your intentions, today we want to provide you with some useful information on the cheapest countries, and specifically its places where you pay the cheapest rents in the world.
These are developing nations, some of which have recently become popular tourist destinations, in which you will experience a the life of a nabob spending very little. But be aware that the cost of living is proportionate to the salaries of the place, so before leaving, make sure you have set aside some savings!
here are the 6 cheapest places in the world to live!


  1. Marinaleda, Anadalucia, Spain - € 15 per month
  2. Thailand - € 100 per month
  3. Cambodia - € 150 per month
  4. Philippines - € 150 per month
  5. Costa Rica - € 150 per month
  6. Vietnam - € 150 per month
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Marinaleda, Anadalucia, Spain - € 15 per month

Well yes. There is no doubt that it is a white fly in Europe, which certainly does not shine for low cost rentals. Yet the municipality of Andalucia, Spain, managed by a revived Carl Marx, in the century Juan Manuel Sànchez Gordillo, he managed to set up a political and social system based on the most fundamentalist socialism.

Yes, just thatcommunist utopia which sanctioned the collapse of the Soviet empires, in Marinaleda there is indeed: 2.700 souls united with the sole purpose of making their village proliferate, dividing themselves into social, commercial, political and administrative tasks. IS renting a house costs only 15 euros per month, as long as ... you give a hand in building it!

Thailand - € 100 per month

If ever one day you will get a chance to visit the Thailand, you will immediately realize how evident are the reasons that have allowed it to carve out an excellent slice of the tourist market in recent years. Her wonderful beaches, in fact, they have very little to envy to those of the Caribbean or Bermuda, with the only difference that in Thailand the cost of living is enormously lower.

Here, renting an apartment costs on average € 100- € 120 per month. And if you are satisfied with a modest place, away from the crowded areas of tourists, the price drops significantly to a minimum of € 30.

Cambodia - € 150 per month

La Cambodia it is a country that has a complex and troubled history, but at the same time deep cultural roots that make it fascinating like few others. It is not a popular tourist destination despite offering its inhabitants some natural wonders shocking beauty.
In the capital Phnom Penh a large air-conditioned apartment costs around € 150.
In addition, the costs of food and drinks are even cheaper than in Thailand: with just 2 euros you can eat everything and more in one of the typical traditional restaurants.

Philippines - € 150 per month

Also 'archipelago of the Philippines has seen its popularity grow enormously from a tourist point of view.
The landscape is truly stunning as few, and the very low cost of living it provides an important added value that drives more and more travelers to visit this wonderful land. The rents are around 140 euros for the best structures close to the big city centers. Prices drop dramatically depending on the location up to a minimum of 30 / € 35 for smaller homes.

Costa Rica - € 150 per month

Il Costa Rica it is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. It is also an ideal tourist destination for lovers of the sea and of relax on the beach, appears to be the happiest country in the world! Suffice it to say that since 1948 the army has been abolished and the funds allocated to it have been reinvested in culture and health. Yes, just like Italy ...
It is true that the prices of the capital San Jose they are enormously higher than in the other countries analyzed so far, but it is equally true that moving away from the capital the cost of living is significantly lower, allowing us to find a home for only € 150 per month.
Not far from the coast there are some small towns that all have exotic characteristics typical of the nation, where you can live like a king with little more than € 350 per month.

Vietnam - € 150 per month

Finally the Vietnam, one of the most particular destinations of all. country surrounded by nature, whose beauty deserves much more notoriety.
What makes this nation unique in the world is the mix of landscapes, delicious food and the hospitality of its people.
Here the rent of an apartment costs a maximum of € 140 per month, a truly incredible figure in the face of the splendor of this land.

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