Living at minus 63 ° C: this is the coldest city in the world

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Yakutsk, in Siberia, is the coldest place in the world: -50 ° C

Yakutsk, in Russia, about 450 kilometers away from the Arctic Circle, has a record that makes it less touristy than the rest of the world: this, in fact, is the coldest in the world. Poles apart.

It is located on the Lena River and has a population of over 200.000. During most of the year, the city is covered in a layer of snow and ice, with fluctuating averages between + 20 ° C in July and -40 ° C in January. Here, summer lasts no more than three weeks and is marked by the arrival and departure of swarms of flies and mosquitoes.

During the winter months, the temperature never goes above freezing and can drop as low as temperature record at -63°C, the lowest ever recorded on the planet.

Such temperatures allow motorists to use the river as a real highway - the thick layer of ice allows the passage of trucks loaded with supplies and minerals from the deposits present here. Yet life seems incredibly peaceful.

The natives defend themselves with fox and rabbit furs and wearing reindeer hats. “They should come and live in Siberia for a couple of months, and see if they are still that concerned about the animals. You need to wear furs to survive, ”comments a lady to The Independent.

How to blame them, remembering that a normal freezer reaches 20 degrees below zero. And they declare: "I have never had any health problems". At -10, -20, -30, -40, -50: life goes on, even children go to school until it is below 55 ° C.

The appearance of the city is, of course, not particularly inviting even for a stroll. Not even if there was an intention. In the large square there is only a Christmas tree when it is a feast and a statue of Lenin.

You can decide to reach Yakutsk thanks to the only useful road to get there, called the "road of bones", built by the inmates of the Gulag. Ready for hell made ice?

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