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Lisbon is a beautiful city to be discovered, one of the most beautiful capitals in which to live, study and work.
E' famous for its architecture, but it is also culturally rich at the level of modern art, design, fashion, therefore, it offers numerous opportunities for deepening and openness. Even for those who go there for work or study it is easy to feel on vacation, which is why a Portuguese stay is recommended for all ages!
The generally mild climate from April to October favors tourism, and allows you to enjoy the remarkable artistic and natural wealth, excellent and genuine food, museums, and festivals of all kinds, from cinema to electronic music. It is one of the most romantic cities in Europe, perfect for those who love photography and social life.

A trip to the Lusitanian land is an experience to live absolutely: with fantastic cities and locations such as Porto, the Algarve, the Alentejo and precisely the capital Lisbon; anyone will feel absolutely inspired and happy by choosing Portuguese places.
Precisely because of its characteristic charm, more and more Italians are stimulated by the idea of moving to Lisbon, perhaps with the intent of studying or looking for a job.
But what are the reasons why this choice can be successful?
Let's try to find an answer to this question ...


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Why Work in Lisbon?

From a practical point of view, compared to Italy, in Portugal you don't need too many financial sacrifices to live and enjoy life, although here too the uncertainties and taxes have their weight.
The capital itself is certainly very affordable compared to the European holiday areas.
Although Portugal has strong economic and social status contrasts and suffers from global economic unrest, it still resists as a destination for emigration and in giving work to the many Italians who find space in call centers for technical assistance in the IT and technological fields.

However, the alternatives are many, and in any case, success also and above all depends on the person's research skills.
Certainly the lean bureaucracy and sheinteresting forms of protection towards workers they constitute a considerable added value.

Why study in Lisbon?

Studying in Lisbon it is a great way to take part in a rich and lively intercultural exchange.
The meeting of local and international traditions gives life to favorable intellectual, linguistic and human exchanges, absolutely encouraged by the perennial wave of tourists, "Erasmus" and "Leonardini" students.
The "Leonardo" transnational mobility project provided a particular input, allowing young children to be employed in local companies for 3 months, as well as numerous advantages such as homes, subscriptions to vehicles and free language courses.
The city is famous for its architecture, and for this reason it could be an excellent solution for those who intend to carry out this type of study. Are present several universities and faculties public and private. As for the language, Portuguese is all in all quite intuitive, moreover the residents are also trained in English and Italian, so you won't have many problems from this point of view.
However, if you decide to study in Lisbon you will feel full of stimuli, this is guaranteed!

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