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Before going to Lisbon we went to Salamanca with friends, I really recommend visiting this pearl, all UNESCO heritage.
Remember? this Iberian trip with a lot of joy in the heart, forever respecting the Portuguese people who welcomed us with honesty? and pleasure.

1 day

13 August
We arrive in Lisbon in the late morning, from Salamanca with a night bus Flix. We stay at the Flamingo hotel near the Praca Marques de Pombal and after leaving our luggage we decide to look for something nearby.
Morning: very hungry, we eat at Fago de Chao (if you are in marques de pombal at this time go there!) Typical Brazilian spending less than 20? each. Do we opt for the all you can eat at 16? and more? let's have a beer. In addition to the dishes on the balcony, the waiters occasionally pass between the tables and offer picanha and other special features. such as fried banana etc.)
Evening: we decide to go out and enter the famous Alfama district. Symbol of Lisbon and its dated trams that still run along the lines of the metropolis why? not cumbersome to cross the steep streets from here. We take the famous tram 28 at the Miradouro de Santa Luzia. I recommend to the various Miradouri to go there during the morning because? with the brightness? the views are more? clear. Let's go there an? abundant half hour why? the place ? suitable for taking some pictures because of the typical Lisbon tiles and decorations, the azulejos. The view opens towards the Tagus River, the protagonist of many Lisbon landscapes. Often the guys from the area play Portuguese music and it creates a nice atmosphere. Among the streets of Alfama you will find old women on the street selling Ginjinha at 1?, A typical local sour cherry liqueur and in my opinion? pi? good homemade one compared to that in bars.

2 day

14 August
Morning and Evening: we decide to go to Praia do Tamariz, estroil. To reach the sea from Lisbon, do you have to take a bus or a metro to Cais do Sodr? from here the Linha de Cascais (train) passes through all the beaches of the coast. Will the machine be enough for you? select the sea (for example: Carcavelos? zone 1 because it is closer, Tamariz 4 and so on), for example the ticket for Tamariz a / r costs if I am not mistaken around 4?. The water more? I felt cold right here in Tamariz, taking a bath means risking at least a cold. In the afternoon we opt for the Vasco de Gama shopping center in the new district to the East. Pi? that new I would call it futuristic. The mall facility is opposite the metro and opposite the airport. Its architecture? inspired by the prow of a ship, probably that of Vasco de Gama, discoverer of the Indies. Overlooking one of the terraces of the structure, we see a cableway ?? telecabinas ?? crossing the landscape and overlooking a giant sculpture of a colorful cat. This modern area? was inaugurated for Expo? 98 and many pavilions are still active, such as that of science ?? cienca viva ??. Unfortunately for reasons of time and forgetfulness we did not take the cable car.

Telecambina prices: Ticket office

One way round trip
Adults 4,00? 6,00?
Adults over 65 2,60? 4,00?
Children from 5 to 12 years 2,60? 4,00?
Children up to 4 years Free

3 day

15 August
Morning: on foot we walk towards the Marques de Pombal square, it seemed right to see something nearby too. After having (like every day of the holiday) breakfast with the fantastic pastel de nata, we set off towards Rossio since? not ? too far from here. Towards Rua Das portas de Santo Antao we notice many tourist restaurants with often men? and also from 10 to 20? ? possible to have lunch with fish and meat, but we decide to continue since? on vacation eating after hours? routine, we head towards Praca dom pedro (rossio). The cal? Ada portuguesa peeks out in this immense square, this unique mosaic of its kind enchants the gazes of passersby as if it were hypnotic. Taking the crossbar that runs alongside Tezenis c ?? the very famous Elevador de Santa Justa, (With the Lisboa Card? free). We have not visited it why? at any time c ?? a huge and daunting line, but surely the view will have to? repay their patience. We continue our walk and we notice a beautiful and important avenue, one of the most? wealthy and touristy of Lisona, the avenue that passes under an equally important arch? Arco della Rua Augusta ?. Once in Praca do Com? Rcio we enjoy the sun beating on this huge flat expanse overlooking the Tagus (many tourists mistakenly believe it is already the Atlantic Ocean). On the Tagus ?? possible to see the Ponte 25 de Abril, which enjoys a beautiful story with a happy ending that I will write? pi? forward, ? It is also possible to see the Cristo Rei in the distance.
Shall we have lunch at the famous Ribeira Market, here? It is possible to eat 0 km products, lots of fish and good wine without spending too much. We had a fish-based lunch for about 37? in two.
Evening: we go back to Baixa Chiado, we pass casually by the famous bar of Pessoa, we proceed our walk heading towards the Barrio Alto, an area known as Alfama for Fado. Fado? protected by Unesco and? a genre of typically Portuguese popular music. Did we have dinner at Ja Disse's, during dinner? good? custom to turn off the lights to listen to the singer on duty accompanied by some instruments similar to guitars, and then turn the lights back on and continue the dinner, I suggest you order the octopus with potatoes, they make it delicious !!. The owners of these? Fado? they usually perform why? these restaurants are almost always family-run. Leaving the restaurant we stop to drink in the narrow and neighboring streets, mostly frequented? by Erasmus students.

4 day

16 August
Morning: Today we decide to buy tickets for the Yellow bus on getyourguide. It costs about 15? each and is valid for 48h, the mode? ? of a hop hon hop off. By buying this ticket you have two tours available, you can get on and off whenever you want, the buses run about every 15 ?, you have free access to the trams (the typical funiculars), the elevators (eg: elevador de santa justa) and the direct aerobus to the airport. After buying the tickets, remember to go to one of the yellow kiosks (we went to the one in Pra? A do Com? Rcio) to redeem them to make them usable.
We had a great time on both tours, we started with the
?? Bel? M Lisbon ?:
? Pra? A da Figueira
? Restauradores
? Marques de Pombal
? Av. Jos? Malhoa
? Jardim Zool? Gico
? Pra? A de Espanha
? El Corte Ingles
? Parque Eduardo VII
? Amoreiras shopping
? Basilica de Estrela
? Pilar 7
? Museus dos Coches
? M. Jeronimos
? Torre de Bel? M
? Padrao dos Descobrimentos
? Docas
? Cais do Sodr?
? Rua do Com? Rcio
? Pra? A da Figueira
We were headed to the famous Torre de Bel? M where did we start? Vasco de Gama discovering the Indies, but Lx Factory caught our attention. The stop does not? mentioned but reading the LX Factory sign and seeing this village that does not go unnoticed, we decided to stop here. I had read about Lx Factory on the web and we would probably have gone on the 17th, but better that way. We got an ice cream and took some pictures, for? the real magic is not? here. If you come across this entrance, ask for directions or use the maps, you have to walk for about ten minutes, pass under the 25 de Abril bridge and walk along a hotel keeping to the right. The rest will not spoil you but I assure you that once you enter the time you want? too fast.
Evening: around 20.30 are we already? at home, but first we eat a pseudo telepizza piadina on the fly, don't we? to throw away but go there only if you don't have time and you are too hungry, our hotel was very close we chose it only for this. We go out a little before 00.00 and head towards the former red light district, look on the maps ?? Rua Nova do Carvalho ??. Isn't there vulgar? nothing here now? a lively place also called? Pink street? where you go for a cocktail or dance in a lunge bar. We move and since? we are in Cais do sodr ?, we walk along the market but c ?? something that distracts our strolling: an electric scooter. We download the app and continue, at random and without having a destination in mind, and we see that two people on the scooter are really comfortable. We go towards the main road and stop near the first? Docas ?, in fact we read the names of these discos? Bolero? is ? Kristal? but they don't inspire us too much. From here ? impossible to continue with our scooter why? you have to cross and the road? fast scrolling, but not? a problem why? on the app you can lock the scooter and leave it where you want. A little confused, we search the web for some night area nearby and we discover that fortunately we were in the vicinity of these? Docas ?. The Docas de Alcantara are places full of Lisbon nightlife, we find the hawaii bar which enjoys an excellent reputation on google and tripadvisor. We continue on foot, the road is not? far away but we pass the tracks (obviously there are no night train lines after 01.30 from cais do sodr?) for? on foot there are no alternatives. The Hawaii bar stands out,? that pi? lively in the surroundings, with people dancing even outside these large houses used as discos. The entrance cost 10? for men and 5? for women with drink included, by drink we mean water, beer or apple cider, otherwise there are cocktails from 6 to 10 ?. I recommend going there, beyond commercial music c ?? RNB, reggae, hip hop. In the club we were the only whites besides a couple of dancers, this creates an exotic atmosphere and it will seem to you? to stay in South America.

5 day

17 August
Mattinata: After lunch we decide to continue our tour? Bel? M Lisbon ?, this time we really go down to the fixed destination! We head to our yellowbus stop at Eduardo VII Park near Marques de Pombal. From the point pi? top of Lisbon you can admire a breathtaking view, from here you can see the town washed by the Tagus river, behind us c ?? the ocean. We leave with the yellowbus that passes every 15? and we move towards Bel? m, La torre? spectacular, the imposing monastery, c ?? also the monument of the discoveries? Padrao dos descobrimientos? which deserves a lot. Up to 25 years the ticket? reduced, we paid 3? each for a breathtaking view of the whole pi? western Lisbon. In fact, from here you can see the Estadio do Restrelo, the bridge, the monastery, the tower. In this area c ?? the original pasteleria of pastel de nata (we hate huge lines so we skipped it but I went there 4 years ago and I recommend getting the package both for convenience and to pay off that whole line!).
Going down to the terminus of the tour we have lunch in Pra? A de figueira da ?? Casa das bifanas ??. Fair prices and friendly waiters, you only pay in cash. Must try the cod? grilled, unfortunately I got the fried one and it wasn't tasty but I tasted the grilled one from my boyfriend and it was delicious. We go home to rest a little, but not too much why? tonight another evening awaits us in Cascais.
Evening: we choose Cascais why? c ?? a national festival ?? Festa do mar ??, a festival deeply felt by the Portuguese why? dedicated to the patron saint of the sea. There was a huge stage surrounded by a crowd of enthusiastic people singing local songs, around Argentine, Spanish and local street food. The premises were open until 3 pi? or not, in cascais we saw Praia da Rainha and Praia dos Pescadores, the first owes its name to the queen, in fact it was her private beach, really a characteristic bay that makes it more? live that from the photos, only being isolated you have to be careful. That of the fishermen? adjacent to the kiosks but I do not think it is suitable for swimming.

6 day

18 August
Mattinata: Even today we use our yellowbus ticket and proceed with the tour with ?? Modern Lisbon ??:
? Pra? A da Figueira
? Restauradores
? Rua do Com? Rcio
? Largo Jos? Saramago
? Lisbon Cruise Terminal
? Santa Apol? Nia
? Museu do Azulejo
? Ocean? Rio
? Pavilhao de Portugal
? Vasco Gama Shopping / FIL
? Vasco da Gama Tower
? Campo Pequeno
? Restauradores
? Pra? A da Figueira
Evening: the day before we buy tickets for a 45-minute express cruise with Nosso Tejo on getyourguide for about 15 euros per person. Joao knows English, Portuguese and Spanish well, so if you only speak Italian, don't you? ideal. The boat that took us between the banks of the Tagus? one of the 7 survivors among the most? ancient of Portugal, I must say that Lisbon has another effect seen from the Tagus. We approach the Cristo Rei, 110 meters high. Joao tells us that the Christ? depicted with a human-like face precisely to leave a universal humanitarian message. Cristo Rei also symbolically depicts peace, thanking the lord for keeping Portugal out of World War II. The 25 de Abril bridge is the background, Joao tells us that this bridge was built and commissioned by a dictator of the ?? Portuguese fascism ?? in 1960, however, following a coup d'etat in? 74 which occurred precisely on April 25, it was possible to to overthrow this dictatorship and the bridge took its name from the popular revolution. We conclude our tour with a nice glass of white wine and go back to our Pra? A de com? Rcio.
Until September every Sunday from 17.00 in Ribeira das Naus (to the left of the square, proceeding towards the Ribeira market) c ?? an engaging free event, music and DJ sets, is called ?? Somersbry Out Jazz ??, jazz, soul, funk and hip-hop, pop kids dancing, i? beerman? who pass by to fill your glass with beer. The 33 cl reusable glass costs 1? , 2 beer refills? pour from the men of beer that pass among the people with stocks on their backs loaded in rucksacks, a beer that goes down very well, the commercial bock that you will often find. We end our holiday in a great way.

7 day

19 August
Morning: check-out at the hotel. Our hotel (hotel flamingo) allows us to leave our luggage and return to pick them up more? late at any time so we decide to go to Praia de Carcavelos, one of the first beaches taken by Cais do Sodr? with the Linha de Cascais. Huge beaches visited by surfers also? possible to try it with private lessons. We entertain ourselves at a beach paying only 5? each, so with 10? we had two sunbeds and an umbrella.
In the afternoon we go to the East to the Vasco de Gama shopping center, in the evening we take the bus to Madrid, why? on the 20th we took the plane from Barajas airport.

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