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After visiting more? times the multifaceted Spain, we decided to discover the capital of neighboring Portugal, Lisbon.
Before leaving, we researched to find out which were the places to visit, the most? characteristic, the museums, in short, as we usually do a few days before departure.
I was immediately fascinated by the fact that the city? ? composed of many cultures, since they have had African and Brazilian influences, the languages ​​ne? a demonstration. It is made up of seven districts, one different from the other, this intrigued me a lot, so much so that I don't stay anymore? in the skin!

1 day

When we arrived, we immediately went to visit the Belem district, since c '? a tower right on the sea, a war memorial and then the pastry shop pi? ancient city that ? famous for the production of pastel de nata, shortcrust pastry cakes filled with cream, a real delight!

2 day

From Belem we went to the old industrial area, Alcantara, a place with few attractions except a street where the abandoned factories have been transformed into places where you can eat, drink and listen to music, even outdoors, an excellent idea to redevelop the Neighborhood.

3 day

Returning to the center of Lisbon we came across the Baixa, the shopping center and the most beautiful part of the city. vital of the city, where tourists are numerous and so on. the clubs, the shops that overlook the main square overlooking the river. It struck me a lot to see numerous closed funds with broken glass, it made me sad why? ? It is clear that this country is experiencing a deep crisis, there are many homeless people who ask for help and even in the main squares there is a bit of degradation.
A tip, put on very comfortable shoes why? the flooring? similar to our cobblestones and therefore you need shoes with high para and very soft, otherwise you go not far.

4 day

The upper part? Alfama, a very characteristic neighborhood, the most? ancient city, where the church of Sant'Antonio is located, if you happen to be in Lisbon on June 13, you can't miss the feast of the saint pi? revered, full of colors, stalls and joy! The weather in June? cool in the morning, 13/14 degrees and then during the day it also reaches peaks of 25 degrees but always very windy. Sometimes we have been hit by sudden rain that lasts 10 minutes and then the sun returns, a climate typical of countries bordering the ocean.

5 day

Finally c '? the pi? elegant of the city, the Barrio alto, the Rossio and the Chiado which represent the most? exclusive of the city, with luxury shops and hotels, banks and all the financial offices of Lisbon, but there is no shortage of tree-lined avenues and parks.

6 day

Then, if you want to visit the Sanctuary of Fatima, you can rent a car but, please, do the insurance because? we risked having our car stolen ... Fatima? a very mystical place, where you can breathe the spirituality? and the faith of the pilgrims? really deep, see the tomb of the three little shepherds? exciting, I also think for those who do not? Catholic.
It is a place where you can? reflect, visit a small museum, attend Holy Mass and burn candles asking for a grace.
The country ? very nice and welcoming, there are numerous stalls selling religious articles and also objects for tourists. Just travel 100 km on a beautiful highway and we are there!

7 day

City multiethnic and very lively despite the crisis, I advise you to possibly carry 20.00 euro bills in your pocket, why? on the tram but also in some shops they don't change 50 euros and it becomes a problem to explain that you don't have any other money, they don't change it.
See you next trip!

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