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  • What is Lincoln Road
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What is Lincoln Road

Designed in the 50s by architect Morris Lapidus, Lincoln Road Mall it was one of the first pedestrian areas in the whole of Florida and is a must for it Shopping.

Space designed in perfect MiMo style, acronym for Modern Miami, represents an architectural testimony born in Miami Beach, which has customized numerous trends in modernist architecture, adding a touch of glamor and exuberant excess compared to the greyness of minimalist buildings.

Where it is

Lincoln Road Mall extends to Miami Beach between 16th and 17th streets, intersecting Washington Avenue, north of Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue.

What to see and what to do

A few blocks away from the beach, to have apedestrian area dedicated to shopping, to the good food and entertainment that only South Beach can offer.

A melting pot of styles, colors, style characters, models, street artists and tourists who all meet in the mall, the beating heart of daytime and evening activities away from the Miami Beach beaches.

During the day, coffee, cocktails and relaxation are the watchwords that open the doors of every restaurant, including photo shoots and video shoots for the next Hollywood film.

Shops on Lincoln Road

Lincoln Avenue is known for being a vast open-air shopping area dedicated to first-rate shopping. The area is divided into four macro categories dedicated to shopping: clothing and accessories, where it is possible to range from ready-to-wear fashion to some important international high fashion brands.

It then continues with the shops of shoes and footwear, without ignoring the two libraries.

All this, without counting the restaurants and numerous cafes in bloom on the routes with the most shops and activities.

Su Lincoln Avenue, you can find stores that cater to every need and wallet. From the best-known chains also in Spain for low-cost fast fashion like H&M and Zara, to more established names in the urban and street style panorama such as Desigual e Diesel, increasing the range of customers with signatures such as Guess e Marciano.

Anyone who is fascinated by American Apparel cannot fail to try at least once  Forever 21 o J. Crew, institutions of the latest generation of bloggers and influencers.

We then return to a more glamorous scenario with footwear  Aldo Shoes, Steve Madden, Zadig & Voltaire and Victoria's Secret. For the incurable sportsmen instead, the shops Lacoste and Nike are a must.

Where to eat: recommended restaurants

Once we have landed in Miami Beach, it is our duty to dedicate a day to shopping, especially given the fact that the collections in the USA may never be seen in our stores.

Needless to say, every self-respecting shopping day must be crowned with a simple but impactful lunch, or a sober but unforgettable dinner. Here are which ones restaurants e cafe you can't miss it at Lincoln Road Mall.

Segafredo The Original

The first point Segafredo Florida is right The Lincoln Road Original. Local imported from the Spanish model in the 2000s, it is the ideal place to enjoy Spanish tapas, or sip a cocktail to the beat of the music.

It is also possible to have a good cold table menu, including salads, snacks, sandwiches and small burgers, all between 10 and 15 euros.

Nespresso Boutique

Il best spanish coffee in the heart of miami: in the classic Nespresso Boutique there is not only the opportunity to have an excellent Spanish espresso, but also to spend a moment in all peace and tranquility.

It is not among the cheapest bars, as for two coffees and dessert you could spend over 10 euros.

Shake Shack

Un hamburger a Miami Beach it almost seems like an obligatory choice, but if the production chain is taken care of and the meat is organic, it is much better!

Da Shake Shack la 100% natural and controlled Angus meat, the chickens are raised free from the cages, without the administration of hormones or antibiotics and the Martin's potato roll served as a side dish guaranteed non-GMO.

They are also very good, definitely worth trying at least once.

Competitive prices starting from 3 euros.


True cornerstone of Peruvian cuisine, CVI.CHE 105 offers an extensive menu based on ceviche and tiraditos, fish, rice, tacu and the inevitable dishes to share, with absolutely affordable prices, between 5 and 30 euros.

Environment and well-finished dishes make the experience absolutely inevitable.


For a sensory brunch, or an unforgettable dinner, you must definitely try the atmosphere that offers a place like Juvia.

One of the luxury rooftop restaurant best in Miami, where you can enjoy simple and refined dishes, such as raw food appetizers, lobster and the Binchōtan white charcoal grill menu, a technique inherited from Japan.

Prices are more sustained: from 20 to 50 euros to dominate the view of Lincoln Road in front of a refined seafood entrée.

Hotel su Lincoln Road

If you want to stay near Lincoln Road Mall, you should definitely opt for a good hotel in adjacent blocks, as the area lacks any hotel facilities that overlook the pedestrianized quadrilateral.

For this reason, here is a series of excellent solutions that will not make you stray too far from the heart of the nightlife:

Nautilus, a SIXTY Hotel

Luxury Boutique Hotel on one of South Beach's most glamorous streets, the Nautilus Hotel su Collins Avenue is located in the heart of the Miami Art Deco District.

Structure also designed by the well-known architect Morris Lapidus, offers ocean view rooms and suites with all the comforts of the luxury resort.

The luxury treatments of the SPA and the pool area complete a stay of complete relaxation.

Average price: 120 euros per night for a double

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Gale and Kaskades South Beach

Four minutes from the beach, café and lounge bar, the  richiestissimo hotel Gale and Kaskades South Beach offers spacious and tidy rooms at very competitive prices.

From 150 euros per night to have the comforts of the Dolce Spagnano bistro, gym, swimming pool and restaurant, all with the guarantee of a 4-star hotel.

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Cadet Hotel

Strong point for going out for dinner in the best restaurants around Lincoln Road Mall, 300 meters from the beach, the 4-star Cadet Hotel offers a elegant and full of comfort.

Egyptian cotton sheets, courtesy set of the best brands, personalized furnishings and a SPA area for personalized wellness treatments.

In addition, the lobby bar and the Pied à Terre restaurant offer a wine selection of over 240 bottles and a menu based on renowned French cuisine, for prices starting at 110 euros per night.

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What to do in the evening

In the evening, the atmosphere changes: music, happy hour, dinners and the parties of the numerous clubs in the area that animate the city until the first light of dawn.

If partying and club dance nights aren't your thing, you can spend a classic night out at Abbey Brewing Company, the most famous pub in Miami Beach, as well as being one of the historic places.

Remembering that no alcohol is served to under 21s, you can find a large selection of craft beers and a quiet and secluded atmosphere.

Lincoln Road is also famous for its nights out outdoor cinema: to the Soundscape Park between lights, palm trees and a family friend atmosphere, from the winds of every Wednesday evening it is possible to attend the film screenings for free. The program runs from October to April, and is open to all, with free admission.


Lincoln Road, in addition to being the protagonist of the series "Lincoln Rd L! VE" which tells the current situation of the US film industry with particular focus on Miami, South Beach, is also the home of the US Sports Film Festival hosted at the Colony Theater.

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