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The thing that fascinates me the most? and what do I look for strongly when I travel? the nature.
Green regenerates me, makes me feel lost and found, makes me love life, gives me warmth and makes me feel at the exact center of the universe.
One day, looking on the internet, I realized that in 50 minutes by plane c '? one of the most? beautiful that we have in Europe ... and that I have never been there!
Yes, you got it right, the Black Forest Lady, what more? black you can not ?.
I decide that I absolutely have to fix it and book a flight, like this, on the spot.
Departure on 27 December 2015, return on 3 January 2016.
I am leaving alone, as it happens to me very often lately. They ask me why? do it and I say: why? no? Alone you live everything more? intensely, free from useless patterns and fears. Above all mentally open to others.
Gi? that I am going to visit friends who have moved to that area for a few years and ask for hospitality? (Actually it was kindly offered to me without request).
I pack and board, the adventure begins!

1 day

I arrived in this German village, a little more? of 9 thousand inhabitants, beautiful, made up of all ups and downs, brown and red houses, lights everywhere.
A country on a human scale where you can? stroll through the narrow streets, full of characteristic shops. The houses are next to each other in perfect harmony, all very low.
It's cold, but the atmosphere? very welcoming. Here we all know each other, people are friendly and smiling. The street ? winding, framed by trees and vintage street lamps.
There? a nice positive energy. I feel very good.
I went to a local restaurant / bar right after dinner to have a coffee: it was mountain house style, completely made of wood.
On the walls were painted windows with shutters and balconies with flowers of all kinds. Warm and soft lights, small but very cute.
To get there I passed by a road practically in the middle of nowhere, behind me I had the woods and in front of me a breathtaking view: I was on the roof of the town.
L? I know Alessio and his family, who have been moving to Schonaich for several years.
They are Sicilian, sociable and kind. Even without knowing me they tell me their story: arrived in Germany about 50 years ago, they made a fortune in catering.
Grandpa ? managed to feed his wife, children and grandchildren (Alessio? one of them) all his life and now, with the tiredness of a 70-year-old man and the full crisis in which Europe finds himself, he would like to take the long-dreamed long break to which we all aspire.
I chat with them for a while, then I set off on the way back, thanking them warmly for their welcome.
Returning to "home" I discovered that a few minutes from where I am now c '? a pond immersed in a small wood, tomorrow I think it will go? there, before going to visit Stuttgart, the city? pi? close.
Now I drink a nice tea? hot as I look out the window: the full moon and the mountains.

2 day

I got up early this morning, it was exaggeratedly cold.
I went out for a walk anyway, I entered a small road in the middle of the fields. Fog and ice hid the sun and on the sides only very green and dense trees.
I meet a lady with a border collie and with a smile she greets me: "Guten Morgen!", I reciprocate.
Pi? come on, I see a big and dark squirrel, I stay a few minutes to observe it.
I get lost for I don't know how long to observe the trees, here they have a different green. Is it a green pi? green of normal green, clear no?
Really, I don't know how long I've been there, I don't have watches with me and I don't like being a slave to time when I travel. I like to savor everything, not to miss even a small detail.
In the distance, on the right side of the road, c ?? a vast land where small gardens are well defined. And of course, despite the low 2 degrees, there are these beautiful old German men in T-shirts plowing and cultivating. They chat with each other.
My German is not? pi? as good as in school, but I can understand that they are talking about harvest: one of the two? worried about the cold that seems to block the growth of I don't know what kind of plant.
The other instead reminds me of Heidi's grandfather: about 1,60 tall, red cheeks, thick white hair and a smile like that? sweet to melt all the surrounding ice.
I stay looking at them amused for a few minutes.
Then I continue between rustic houses and come out in front of an artisan bakery. I go in, take a cappuccino, a bretzel stuffed with butter (yes, cheers the diet! Girls here? Impossible to do it, put your heart in peace) and have breakfast sitting at the window while I watch people go by.
As I write this I realize that I am an extremely observer of everything: the leaves on the ground, the colors of the sky, the trees, the people. People's gazes are a magnet.
Do you ever, while walking, look at people and try to imagine what kind of life they lead? What do they think? Where are they going? To me practically always.
After breakfast, I go back to the street, I start walking again, I go around the small town and go "home".
In the afternoon I decide to go to Stuttgart, the city? pi? nearby: I am literally overwhelmed by the shops and the LEDs in K? nigstrasse, an infinitely long tree-lined avenue full of people.
At the end of the street the universe opens up to me: an area of ​​museums and concept spaces in perfect Baroque style, completely immersed in a quadrilateral of green.
Tall trees, an English-cut emerald lawn, perfectly aligned flowers, fountains, statues. A real show.
I take photos one after the other, entranced like a child in a video game store. In my day there were candies for ?. Or the jump rope. THE SUPERTELE.
Ok, nostalgia moment over.
And what do you think a woman does in a huge street full of shops? GOOD. And shopping be it!
Do I do this? get carried away by everything that I return with total darkness, shrouded in cold and Christmas lights.
Meine Damen und Herren, Willkommen!

3 day

This morning I decided to sleep a little more, the freezing cold is starting to be felt.
I got up at 10:00; breakfast, shower and out just before noon.
I leave for the north-eastern part of the Schwarzwald (Black Forest), I am 70km away.
After about 30km of highway the vegetation undergoes a shocking change: the forest is coming. Are trees like this? full and dense that not even the sunlight penetrates,? a natural spectacle never seen before.
Mountains and hills entirely covered with beech, fir and century-old pines are "broken" only by streams and waterfalls.
Wild rocks and paths with trails make it even more? exciting to visit it.
Inside, in fact, c '? a whole series of varied routes suitable for anyone: from the very easy path with small bridges for families or elderly people, to the dirt road for lovers of medium difficulty walks. or for cyclists more? or less professionals, to the classic mountain trekking much more? complex only for those who do it regularly.
As I walk this little street to its perfect center, I understand why? of its name: vegetation? cos? close and thick to give you the idea of ​​being perpetually in the dark.
Black forest: black how? black is the darkness, what? just what you will find inside. Even at noon, with the sun at its maximum, it always feels like midnight.
All this makes me immensely happy and free; and I find myself smiling by myself, with my nose stuck to the car window.
While observing this marvel I arrive at the first town: Karlsruhe.
Extremely modern, city? university, young and cosmopolitan.
I walk aimlessly and I realize that? divided into areas: step in the Indian, Arab, Greek and Asian area. I seem to be everywhere,? suggestive.
I'm going to visit the Castle which? the attraction pi? famous here. A gigantic building in the midst of parks and statues and even here I get lost in the vegetation.
Greek lunch with only 4 euros, a very good Pita Gyros and a drink, after which? do I head to the other side of town? to see a cathedral that alas? ? undergoing renovation.
I get back in the car and leave for the second town.
? when the sun goes down, I'm not even going to tell you what colors the sunset has in the middle of this forest.
The dark blue of the clouds alternates with the blue of the sky and the red of the sun. When it drops completely, the sky becomes totally purple, a spectacle for the soul. As well as for the eyes.
After about half an hour I arrive in Baden-Liebenzell: guys, this place? a favor!
Streams, houses in pure Bavarian style, bridges, meadows, cobbled streets ... and who more? has more? put some.
Imagine something typical German and here you will find it!
? dark, the whole village is reflected in the stream and everything seems double.
It seems to be in a miniature country, all concentrated, all perfectly harmonious and romantic. Who said that Germany? a rigid and severe country?
Now I'm home, tired but happy. Tonight I'm going to sleep early why? tomorrow at 5 the alarm goes off: 300 km to reach a "fairytale" place!

4 day

What a day!!
This morning I left at 6 for Schwangau, on the border with Austria, to visit the two castles more? renowned.
A road 300 km long in the midst of a thousand different types of vegetation: the landscape changed completely at every bend. It was surreal.
I saw the sunrise as I crossed the countryside, an immense palette of colors.
Distant views of mountains of all kinds, small typical villages, snow on the highest peaks. tall right in front of us. Like a wall.
I follow the road, a tunnel and then a big curve. At the end of the curve I am speechless.
It looked like a postcard: in front of me a gigantic mountain range, on the right the nearest countryside. arid with some small houses and trees on the left. Trees everywhere, I was surrounded by trees.
All this happened with the sunrise, the rays penetrated through the peaks of the mountains and completely illuminated the area below and us too. A heat bath in the middle of the ice.
I arrive in Schwangau and go up to the Hoenschwangau Schl? Ss with the carriage. Two horses pulling me and 7 other people up very steep climbs in the woods.
Poor things, I am always against this type of violence on animals but I cannot be hypocritical:? it was a very nice and fun "walk".
We pass a wonderful lake at the foot of two mountains. Even here as a postcard, what do I tell you to do?
We arrive at the top and enter the castle after about 1 hour of waiting: tapestries, colors, precious furniture, crowns, gold everywhere.
After 40 minutes of very interesting audio guide I go out to take my usual thousand photos and not happy with it I take a thousand more, just to be safe.
A company of Italian guys next to me maybe mistake me for a photographer and ask me to take their pictures: what an honor!
I move on to the second castle, famous for having inspired the one of Disney, Neuschwanstein Schl? Ss.
What can I say, a pure wonder.
Out ? spectacular, the external forest and the paths allow you to have incomparable views.
Inside ? even better: four-poster beds, spiral staircases, desks, shields and spears, thrones and a billion paintings. Obviously all in a neo-baroque style.
I felt very much like Princess Sissi in a Round Table atmosphere. Sounds cool!
A cold that I do not tell you, we have reached -6 degrees.
In the late afternoon, tour around the village and then a typical German dinner in a super cozy gasthaus: a classic soup and a mixture of Bavarian meat.
After dinner I reach my hostel and after having settled down I go to the living area to make myself a tea. hot.
L? I know Peter, a German man who lives in Mexico but travels the world 2-3 times a year alone.
He is planning Nepal and several treks, we talk about travels and dreams.
He has been training every morning at 6 o'clock for 20 years (or perhaps more?) Doing at least 8 km of walking, anywhere in the world, in any climate.
He tells me in English: "I like the happy ending in everything, I am a dreamer and I never stopped looking for my happiness".
I smile, I tell him that I find myself very much in what he said. That I too am in constant and exhausting search for my happiness, which sometimes for? I let myself be overwhelmed by emotions and I think I never find it but that fortunately I know people like him who still give me the hope of making it.
I greet him shaking his hand, thanking him for the chat and with that last sentence of his I go to my room, happy with every single thing and with a strange charge on me.
Goodnight dreamers.

5 day

I write from the car, I'm going "home", to Sch? Naich to be precise.
With music in my ears I lose myself looking out the window, again the same masterpiece of yesterday: I pass from desolate expanses of countryside with the colors of the sun, to dark and dense green woods, to lakes in the middle of snow-capped mountains.
There? a lot of poetry in all of this and I realize that when I travel I appreciate a thousand times more? there? that exists in nature, the world? an amazing creation.
I am literally assailed by a wave of irrepressible joy, difficult to explain.
? emotion in its purest state, my eyes become like sponges and I feel my soul filling up with every single image I see.
? like a grip in the stomach, how to fall in love every time at first glance and understand that that? the only thing you want to see for the rest of your life.
? heat,? an explosion of flavors in the mouth,? like coffee? in the morning.
Doesn't matter, nothing has more? importance: all the routine, boredom, thoughts, problems of daily life are swept away every time I have this feeling.
At that moment there are only us: me and my perfect world.
I know, I look like a fanatic, but? really there? that I feel.
? simply passion.
There? who loves a person, who loves a sport, who loves an animal.
I love this one instead.
Love to the nth degree, crazy and irrational. Without explanation, without rules or defects:? unconditional.
Many people cannot understand my way of being, I often hear myself say: "Come on, it's just a journey!".
And instead for me not? just travel.
? a path of life, in which I find myself discovering new things each time and growing. To get by on my own, to always learn something from people and to discover characteristics of me that I didn't know I had.
? one light after another.
Travel opens the mind: there are no stupid travelers, only people who have no passion.
(In the end, if you think about it, isn't the latter really the salt of everything?)
Ed? heartbreaking every time I come home,? how to leave my baby, my safe zone, my happy island.
Or maybe I'm just crazy, what do you say?
Will I arrive in a couple of hours? at destination and the afternoon will be? dedicated to preparing for tonight's party, a couple of friends will come here to celebrate together.
I wish everyone a great year, made entirely and only of what? which makes you REALLY happy.
Be always yourself, despite everything and everyone, happiness? ? L? where we can all reach it.

6 day

Today in reality? ? the eighth day.
The last 3 were in fact dedicated to relaxation and fun.
We went to clubs with friends, between beers and darts tournaments that seem to be so fashionable here (I even won a game against 4 men ... GIRL POWER!).
We ate Bavarian one evening, drank and played in a strobe club run by a Turkish guy. Medium beers of all kinds cost € 2, super kitsch colored lights and total absence of windows. An absurd stench of smoke (here smoking is not prohibited in night clubs).
Flood and cold of the century outside, but we warm up with laughter and games.
There was something poetic. Extremely intimate.
We visited the stadium in Stuttgart and ended up in the classic "sports bar" above the stadium.
Hooters-style waitresses, the most? beautiful views so far.
In the evening we ended up eating in an Asian restaurant run by German-speaking Chinese (what a mess!) And I finally ate my beloved Thai cuisine again.
We visited the largest chocolate factory. famous in Germany, the Ritter Sport.
And then unfortunately,? it's time to go to the airport.
It took me something like 2 hours to say goodbye to friends, I didn't want to leave. Germany, against all my expectations, gave me some unforgettable days.
Now I'm on the plane that just took off, look out the window and see the city? fully illuminated.
As soon as the plane leaves the ground I am assailed by a strange sensation and I am moved.
I don't know why, I just know what? was so.
I come home more? rich and more? happy, like every time I take a trip.
And above all, I go home with the desire to leave again and at the most? soon.
The world ? too good to stand still.

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