Liberty Bell Center, Philadelphia

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It is the place that preserves, within the Independence National Historical Park, the Bell symbol of freedom and independence for all Americans.

The bell was made by the London foundry of Whitechapel in the distant 1751 to celebrate the anniversary of the Privilege Card compiled by the founder of the city, William Penn. But, once it arrived in the New World, the bell had a crack and had to be cast and made from scratch: two American blacksmiths, John Pass and John Stow, took care of the Liberty Bell.

Thereafter, the bell was placed on top of the State House and rung whenever there was an important event of public interest. The last toll occurred in 1846 on the occasion of George Washington's birthday, but since then it has lain silent and today it is kept inside the Independance Hall, more precisely at the Liberty Bell Pavilion.

How to reach us: SEPTA Routes: 17, 21, 42, 33, 38, 44, 48, Market-Frankford Line

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