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  • The origins
  • Hot dog originali

For some thehot dog it's just a simple sandwich with a sausage very similar to sausage, for others it is one of the most delicious dishes in style street food that the American tradition has given us.

The origins

The history of the hot dog has its roots in several countries. Despite being a symbol of the United States of America, USA and Germany, contend for the authorship of the recipe. In fact, the German immigrants would have brought the sausage sandwich overseas.

The combination Wurstel with sauerkraut  is actually one of the typical German dishes. It would therefore have been they, emigrated to the USA and nostalgic for home dishes, who would have made the recipe known to the Americans.

Because the hot dog is called that

According to a legend, a Bavarian butcher was the first to invent a so-called sausage in 1600 dachsund, what does it mean bass otto, just in honor of this canine race with a characteristic elongated shape.

Another tells and features a peddler of sandwiches. In 1867, to increase his sales at the stadium, he would have invented that his frankfurters were "dog sausages", a real Marketing Strategy to attract attention among buyers.

The sports version, on the other hand, refers to the games of the New York Giants: it seems to have been the designer who associated the sandwiches served during the disputes with the dachshund dogs (both long and German). PA Dorgan, with special vignettes. The third reconstruction is more etymological: the term dog was used to identify certain bridle  used by railway workers on rails: the shape of the sandwich could recall those bridles.

Hot dog originali

You can create many different combinations of hot dogs, the most original are:

  • Hot dog with teryaki sauce (based on soy);
  • The lobster hot dog, for fish lovers and is enriched with sauces such as remoulade (based on mayonnaise);
  • Sesame hot dog, just add sesame seeds to the original recipe;
  • Hot dog with onion and bacon, which has bechamel sauce as an unusual and original ingredient;
  • Blueberry hot dog, its sweetness combined with balsamic vinegar and one of the most famous street food in the world.

Salse per hot dog

It is essential to choose the right combinations for the filling: hot dogs with sauerkraut, gherkins, vegetables, cheeses and what you love most.

But the real touch that creates a unique mix of flavors is the choice of hot dog sauce.

Usually the sauce to accompany the frankfurters is ketchup or mustard. The ideal white sausage sauce is always of German origin: pork and veal sausages, also known as Bavarian traditional weisswurst, are eaten only for breakfast and never after 12:00.


  • 2 Panini da hot dog
  • 2 Frankfurters
  • 150 g Sauerkraut
  • 30 g Cheese
  • sauces (to taste)


First, cook the frankfurters on the griddle or grill. With a knife cut the center of the sausage, lengthwise, and cook them inside as well.

As a second step, divide the sandwiches in half and heat them on the plate on both sides. Heat the sauerkraut in a saucepan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Finally, season the sandwiches with sauces of your choice, fill with the sausages, place the sauerkraut in the center of the sausages and finish with a grated cheese.

And here is some tasty hot dogs to share at the table with your loved ones. Bon appetit greedy!

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