LGBT Tourism: Top 5 Most Popular Countries Gay-Friendly of the World

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The one for the travel is a passion that unites men and women of any kind, regardless of their age, culture, social background and their sexual orientation. In recent years, the LGBT tourism (acronym for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual), a particular form of tourism exclusively aimed at homosexual people wishing to visit fascinating gay-friendly destinations.

But what are the countries in Europe and in the world more tolerant and better equipped? Here she is ranking of the most gay friendly countries to go for a vacation.

5 - Tel Aviv, Israel

The fifth position in our ranking is occupied by a Middle Eastern state. Israel, and precisely the city of Tel Aviv, are one of the most popular destinations for gay communities around the world. Tel Aviv is one modern city and avant-garde, particularly attentive from a social point of view towards sexual minorities. It has a large gay community, plus it offers wonderful beaches many of which are exclusive to homosexuals.

4 - Toronto, Canada

The North American continent also boasts an important one gay friendly destination. In Canada, the city of Toronto hosts a district of considerable value, frequented by people belonging to the lgbt universe: the Church / Wellesley. It dates back to 1820 and is one of the oldest city districts, full of places for cultural entertainment. The traditional annual parade for gay rights is held in this neighborhood.

3 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

St. Paul it is one of those places that manages to put everyone in agreement: sun, beaches and an incredibly bright and vital people. Thanks to Gay Pride organized here, the capital of Brazil wins the third position in the standings.

This is the largest gay rights parade around the world, which each year attracts around 4 million visitors from all corners of the globe.

2 - Amsterdam, Holland

L'Holland was the first country in the world to legalize civil unions between people of the same sex. Amsterdam it is not only known as the capital of the transgression, is also a reference point for gay community across Europe; always one of the more tolerant cities of the "old continent".

At Pink point you can get information about gay places in the city. With its reserved bars and clubs, it is an excellent place to make new friends: according to an estimate among the population more than 2 people on 10 they are openly homosexual.

1 - Barcelona, ​​Spain

The queen of gay friendly destinations and the Spain. The country is recognized as the most tolerant in the world. According to recent polls, over 88% of the inhabitants say that homosexuality must be accepted by society. Several gay-friendly locations: Ibiza e Sitges are the favorite destinations of young Italian homosexuals, Madrid it houses the popular "Chueca" district. But it is the city of Barcelona the most popular of all, full of clubs that make the nightlife quite intense.

Curiosity: Is Italy a gay-friendly destination?

Until the last century our nation was even able to emerge among the homosexual tourism destinations. Between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, Italy was a favorite destination for European homosexual aristocrats, due to the absence of discriminatory laws. Capri, Taormina, Venezia e Firenze the most popular towns. The latter was the first to inaugurate homosexual premises. Today lgbt tourism it is neither promoted nor coordinated at a national level and represents an almost urban phenomenon, mainly linked to the cities of Rome e Milan.

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