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Levanzo is the smallest and least inhabited of the Egadi islands. It is an intimate and primordial island, it has preserved its habitat almost intact in which a rocky flora thrives with many endemic species.
The inhabited center is a nativity scene of small white houses lying on a small harbor with very blue backdrops.
Today we want to take you to the discovery of this dream place forgotten by man.


  1. Where it is
  2. How to get to Levanzo and how to get around
  3. The most beautiful beaches and coves
  4. 10 things to do absolutely
  5. Where to sleep
  6. The Grotta Del Genovese
  7. User questions and comments

Where it is

Just 5 sq km of surface area, it is a fraction of Favignana and is located 6,5 miles (12 km) from the port of Trapani and just 2,2 miles (4 km) from Favignana. The population of the island has 226 inhabitants.

How to get to Levanzo and how to get around

  • from the port of Trapani:
    by hydrofoil through the companies: Libertylines, Siremar and Usticalines. Single route starting from € 10,00 per person. Get directions to Port of Trapani.
  • from Trapani-Birgi Airport:
    reach the Port of Trapani by bus or minibus (about € 7,50), from there reach the island by hydrofoil.
  • from Palermo-Punta Raisi Airport:
    reach the Port of Trapani by Segesta Autolinee bus (about € 8,00), from there reach the island by hydrofoil.
  • How to get around in Levanzo:
    the island is easily explored on foot, with the exception of some coves which are recommended to be reached by sea using the sea taxi service.

The most beautiful beaches and coves

  1. Cala Dogana
    She is the one to welcome as soon as you land on the island. It is in fact located near the tourist port of the city of the same name. It's a pebble beach perfect for snorkeling and close to downtown amenities - Get directions
  2. Cala Fredda
    This little gem is located near the marina, 10 minutes from Cala Dogana, and is fairly easy to reach on foot. Offers no services - Get directions
  3. Cala Minnola
    It can be reached by sea or on foot in 20 minutes from the center. Nearby are the remains of an ancient Roman structure used for fish processing. It is perfect for diving but offers no services - Get directions
  4. Cala Tramontana
    This small cove is among the most beautiful and visited places on the island. This area is full of caverns and caves to explore. It can be reached by land through a 3,6 km walk, but it is recommended to visit it through a boat trip, so as to appreciate its sensational beauty more - Get directions
  5. Cala Faraglione
    Certainly among the most fascinating. It owes its name to a small island just off the coast. It can be easily reached via the panoramic road that flanks the sea along the south coast - Get directions (the cove is not present in the Google Maps archives, the closest point is Cala Camarro)

10 things to do absolutely

Ideas for your vacation? Here are the most interesting possibilities to experience truly unique moments. Find out with us 10 things to do absolutely in this wonderful land surrounded by the sea:

  1. Boat excursion
    Dedicate yourself to the discovery of fantastic coves accessible by sea by giving yourself a catamaran or sailing boat tour (the rental of rafts or boats starts from around € 50,00 per day).
  2. Sports activities
    The waters of Levanzo will delight all snorkeling, diving and sport fishing enthusiasts (the cost of a dive, including the rental of equipment, starts from € 60,00 per person).
  3. Visit the Grotta del Genovese
    Discovered by a Florentine painter in 1949, the cave is a milestone of the Italian archaeological heritage and therefore deserves to be visited. To visit it it is necessary to make an appointment at 0923924032 3397418800
  4. Hiking
    The lush nature that characterizes the island makes it a perfect place for hiking. There are several paths that can be followed; particularly recommended is the coastal path that develops towards the east crossing the rocky inlet of Cala Minnola, along which there are also a couple of shady picnic areas in which to rest.
  5. Tour through the streets of the village
    Despite the small size of the village, it still offers wonderful views, between narrow streets and ancient fishermen's houses near the port. We advise you to take 20/30 minutes to take some photos and enjoy the picturesque atmosphere.
  6. Enjoy the exquisite "Cabbuci" at the Arcobaleno bar
    Try this particular variant of Sicilian "Pane Cunzato" at the well-known restaurant located in via Calvario near the port.
  7. Enjoy a seafood lunch while watching the sunset
    You are on an island so you can't really give up the flavors of the sea, especially if the local restaurants offer you a postcard view. A good plate of spaghetti allo scoglio is highly recommended.
  8. Take home a "greedy souvenir"
    One of the suggestions we give you is to take home one of the fantastic typical food and wine products that you can buy in the various shops, such as the Olimpia bakery.

Where to sleep

Staying on Levanzo it is not something for everyone. The island is in fact very small and offers limited possibilities in terms of places to eat and entertainment. However, if you want to totally relax and dedicate yourself a couple of days, there is probably no quieter place, especially in the early summer months and in September. The island offers a couple of semi-independent accommodation options, within residences such as La Plaza or Lisola.
If you want a cheaper solution, you can rent a holiday home on Hundredrooms.it, a portal that compares the ads placed on well-known portals such as Air B&B, Booking, Wimdu and the like.
Here are some low cost solutions:

  • Hotels, accommodation and b & b from € 70,00 per room -
  • Favignana and Levanzo: 1 day cruise from Trapani from € 60,00

The Grotta Del Genovese

The Grotta del Genovese is a real must and it is famous for prehistoric graffiti depicting animals and primeval life scenes. Access is closed, and if you want to visit it you must contact the caretaker who lives in the village and who is not difficult to find as soon as you disembark: in fact a "Grotta del Genovese" sign indicates his home (Get directions).

You just have to agree with him the time of arrival at the entrance of the path to the cave. He usually takes you by jeep himself to the entrance. If you want to try a particular experience you cannot miss it.

  • Contact us: 0923924032 3397418800
  • Excursion duration: about 2 hours

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