Les Revenants: the Locations and Places of the TV Series

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In the nineties the brilliant mind of David Lynch gave birth to one of the American series destined to make the history of world television: Twin Peaks. It was the first major thriller / science fiction television production to be broadcast and appreciated in many parts of the world, thanks to the inimitable mysterious setting taken from the classics of horror literature, expertly mixed by the authors with a very subtle ironic vein. The "Secrets of Twin Peaks" then became a point of reference for fans and professionals.
The latter, in the following years, tried in vain to recreate that suggestive atmosphere. Until 2012.
21 years later, a fiction was released that fascinated the public as much as Twin Peaks, resuming its style in large sections, but at the same time inserting particularities in line with modern cinematic mechanics.
We are talking about Ghosts, a French production event series, incredibly managed to cross the ocean, entering the hearts of American fans. Given the global success, Sky Atlantic acquired the rights to broadcast on the Italian territory and inevitably the "Revenants-mania" exploded also in the "Bel Paese". For this reason today we want to point out some of the location where the scenes were shot. If you consider yourself a true fan of the series, you can't miss these places, especially because there are a lot of them close to us Italians, much more than you can imagine ...
here are the places of Les Revenants.


  1. The surroundings of Annecy: does the land of the "returned" really exist?
  2. The homes of Adele and Camille
  3. The "real" Lake Pub in Sevrier
  4. The Tignes dam
  5. Curiosity: was Les Revenants shot in Italy?
  6. User questions and comments

The surroundings of Annecy: does the land of the "returned" really exist?

According to statements made by the producers and the director, the small mountain village where the events are set does not exist. It is in fact a place of imagination that in a certain sense wants to enclose the typical atmosphere of the countries of French Savoy. Precisely for this reason the writers have thought of create a kind of collage, filming the towns around Annecy, and mainly in the village of Seynod.
Other shots were made in the nearby municipalities of Poisy, Cran-Gevrier, Sévrier, Annecy-le-Vieux.

The homes of Adele and Camille

Adele is one of the topical characters of the plot, around which mysterious events revolve. Her existence is upset by the return to life of Simon, her betrothed, who committed suicide. The scenes in the Adele's house were shot in the town of Annecy le Vieux, one of the 13 municipalities of the Annecy community.
The scenery is predominantly dominated by woods and the natural site of Mount Rampignon it is probably the main attraction.
Menthon Saint Bernard it is instead a very small town inhabited by just under 2.000 souls, also located in the Haute-Savoie. In one of the houses in the village the interior scenes of the Camille's house, the dead teenager returned to life. Menthon Saint Bernard is also an important tourist destination.
What gives this place a unique and timeless charm is the presence of an antique medieval castle, one of the historical monuments of the French cultural ministry. Open to the public, inside there is a library that keeps over 12.000 ancient works and manuscripts.

The "real" Lake Pub in Sevrier

In the country of Sevrier is the Lake Pub, a place with the same name as that frequented by the protagonists of the series, and which seems to have inspired the writers.
It is mainly linked to two characters: the maid Lucy Clarsen and Toni, brother of the multiple murderer Serge, nicknamed the "Cannibal".

The Tignes dam

La dam assumes a particular meaning in the series. In fact, it is as if it made the town alien to the rest of the world, imprisoning it in the mountains.
The one that is often framed in the episodes is actually located near the town of Tignes, famous for being one of the best known ski resorts in the world.

Curiosity: was Les Revenants shot in Italy?

Many of you will probably be surprised by this revelation: the disturbing underwater shooting were shot in the depths of the Tirino river in capestrano, in province of L'Aquila. For this reason we recommend that you start your tour of places of Les Revenants starting right from the small town of Abruzzo.

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