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    Legoland California: how to visit the Lego theme park in San Diego?

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    Who has never played with the most famous bricks in the world? There Lego has managed to thrill entire generations of children (and adults!) with its colorful constructions. From Denmark, the birthplace of Lego, the famous bricks have spread all over the world in a few decades. In parallel, the same happened for theme amusement parks: after the first park inaugurated in Billund in 1964, another 6 parks called Legoland have been opened in Europe, Asia and North America. One of the largest and most famous is located in the United States: in 1999 the park opened its doors in the San Diego county, in California, more precisely a Carlsbad.

    Legoland california is connected with the Sealife Acquarium and it is possible to buy the combined ticket for the two parks. But before talking about the tickets, here are some more details about the park: how to get to Legoland from San Diego and Los Angeles, what to see and where to sleep.


    • Where is it and how to get there
    • Hours and prices
      • Benefits of the Go California Explorer Pass
    • Why visit Legoland California?
      • The attractions of Legoland California
      • Legoland Water Park e Sealife Aquarium
    • Where to sleep near Legoland California
    • Looking for tickets to another Legoland?

    Where is it and how to get there

    Legoland california is located in the city of Carlsbad, about 50 kilometers north of San Diego. Getting there by car it is very simple: just take the San Diego Fwy northbound and exit at junction 48, from which you will easily find the signs for the park, which is a few minutes drive away. The same goes for those arriving from the north, perhaps from Los Angeles if you are on a road trip in California.

    it is also possible reach the park by public transport from San Diego, but obviously it takes a little longer than by car. Here are the two alternatives:

    • 1 option (2 buses, approximately 2.20 hours): from San Diego Santa Fe station take the Coaster train to Carlsbad Poinsettia Station. Here, in front of the station, there are the bus stops bus 444 and 445: both are good for getting to Legoland, getting off at the Palomar Airport Rd & Armada Dr stop, located a few minutes walk from the park entrance.
    • 2 option (3 buses, approximately 2.40 hours): from San Diego Santa Fe station take the Pacific Surfliner train to Solana Beach Station. Here, in front of the station, is the bus stop bus 101: you have to take it towards Oceanside, getting off at the Carlsbad Bl & Island Way stop. From here it is necessary to walk 5 minutes to cross the railway to reach Carlsbad Poinsettia Station. As with the first option, even in this case you will have to finally take one of the bus 444 or 445, getting off at the Palomar Airport Rd & Armada Dr stop, located a few minutes walk from the park entrance.

    If you move from Los Angeles to San Diego but you don't have a car or you don't want to use it to get to the park, you can also consider buying one entrance ticket with transport. At the link below you will find more information.

    Legoland California with transport from Los Angeles

    Hours and prices

    The park's hours vary widely depending on the time of year you go here. By consulting this page you will find the timetables that are always updated. In general, however, know that the opening varies between 9.30 and 10 and the closing between 17 and 21.

    The same goes for the Legoland Waterpark area, which is closed in winter, and for the Sealife Aquarium. On the same page you will find the updated timetables also for these two side sections.

    Legoland ticket prices they range between $ 89,99 and $ 114,99 for children and between $ 94,99 and $ 120,99 for adults, depending on the day and time of year. At the links below you can find very convenient special offers to visit the main park and its two appendages: Legoland Waterpark e Sealife Aquarium.

    Legoland 1 day ticket

    2-day Legoland ticket + Sealife

    2-day Legoland ticket + Sealife + Waterpark

    Benefits of the Go California Explorer Pass

    If you are planning a trip to California and are planning to see other parks, such as the San Diego Zoo or the famous SeaWorld, consider the Go California Explorer Pass, which will allow you to save a lot on the total cost of tickets.

    Why visit Legoland California?

    You don't have time to visit all the United States? Well, that's very likely! But if you are in California, by spending a day at Legoland San Diego you can at least partially make up for this lack. The Lego theme parks, in fact, have a characteristic that distinguishes them from most amusement parks and the Californian one is no exception: they combine the fun of rides and roller coasters with the reconstructions of cities and symbolic places. Visit Legoland as a family it thus allows you to spend a pleasant day for the children as well as for the parents.

    Miniland USA is the area of ​​the park dedicated to reconstructions and, as the name clearly implies, in the Californian park the key theme is the United States. You can feel like giants surmounting the famous casino of Las Vegas, or move like Godzilla among the New York City skyscrapers. On a boat you will be able to sail from the Statue of Liberty to the Golden Gate of San Francisco, eyeing other famous monuments along the way and not only American: from Mount Rushmore to the Eiffel Tower passing through the Taj Mahal.

    Among the most characteristic areas is the reconstruction of New Orleans, built at none other than Billund, in the original Danish factory, and then transported to the Californian coast. Another curiosity concerns the model of the Capitol in Washington DC: the two mini-figures representing the President and the First lady resemble their counterparts in flesh and blood and are replaced after each presidential election.

    The attractions of Legoland California

    It develops around the aforementioned area of ​​Miniland USA, located in the center of the park a series of themed areas full of rides and games.

    • Explorer Island: theme Dinosaurs and wild nature, combines the adrenaline of roller coasters like the Coastersaurus with the possibility of feeling like real paleontologists digging dinosaur skeletons in the sand.
    • Ninjago World: in the last few years Ninjago has become one of the most successful themes in the Lego world, also thanks to the cartoon series. In this area of ​​the park, children can meet the characters of the saga live and improvise ninja with numerous games based on martial arts.
    • Land of Adventure: is the area of ​​adventure and mystery, with journeys among the tombs of the pharaohs and the discovery of the ancient lost kingdoms.
    • Imagination Zone: here we understand how the heroes of Lego! You immerse yourself in mental tests and meet the most famous characters from the Lego movies. This is one of the most engaging areas of the park for young and old, where attractions range from roller coasters to 4D movies.
    • Castle Hill: here too we find beautiful roller coasters, in a medieval setting of castles, ladies and knights.
    • Deep Sea Adventure: here you will enter a submarine and dive between marine fauna, including sharks.
    • Pirate shores: a ship of the pirates and a battle with water cannons make this area the best for cooling off while having fun on hot summer days.
    • Fun Town: the Lego world here manifests itself in all its fun facets. Will find flyable Lego cars and boats, also in Lego, on which to navigate in the pond, but also various rides and the factory of the famous bricks.

    Legoland ticket

    Legoland Water Park e Sealife Aquarium

    Legoland California is flanked by two other parks, which are can be visited with a single cumulative ticket. In summer the park wing called Legoland Water Park. This is the classic water park with slides, pools and water-themed attractions. The Lego theme recurs in the settings, but the real reason why it is worth spending a few hours or a day in this area of ​​the park is to have fun finding refreshment from the heat wave that grips the Californian coast in summer.

    Sealife Aquarium it is a real aquarium in which you can see numerous marine species. If you are looking for great marine-themed attractions, including killer whales and dolphins shows, I definitely recommend the Seaworld of San Diego. But if your children want to see sharks, manta rays and other species that inhabit the depths up close, this is a good alternative, ideal to combine with a day at Legoland.

    Combined ticket

    Where to sleep near Legoland California

    Legoland is located in Carlsbad, so it might be useful to find accommodation near the park, without having to make a day trip from San Diego or, worse, from Los Angeles. Even if this is one of your stops during an on the road along the Californian coast, staying one night in this area could help you in the subdivision of the stages. Here are a few advice on where to stay overnight near Legoland:

    • Legoland California Resort and Castle Hotel. Especially if you choose the cumulative ticket to also access the side parks, there is no more comfortable hotel than the one inside the park. The Lego theme sets it apart right into the individual rooms and is therefore also a valid option for those who want to make their children live the Lego experience even at night.
    • MarBrisa Carlsbad Resort. One of the best hotels in the area for value for money is this resort which features, among other things, 3 swimming pools and 4 hot tubs, a children's play area and accommodation and sports fields.
    • Carlsbad Seapointe Resort. If you travel by public transport and are looking for excellent accommodation, this is the one for you: close to Carlsbad station and also to the bus stop that connects the town with Legoland. Swimming pool and whirlpool, sports fields and playground for children are some of the additional services to the stay at this very good level resort.

    Are you looking for something different? At the link below you can see all the hotels available around Legoland and Carlsbad. If you are undecided about where to stay in the county seat, take a look at our article on where to sleep in San Diego.

    All hotels near Legoland

    Looking for tickets to another Legoland?

    In the United States there is also another Lego theme park, which holds the largest Legoland record in the world: it is one of the parks in Orlando, in Florida. If you are looking for information on what to see and how to buy the ticket you can find it at the link below.

    Tips for Legoland Orlando

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