Le Vie dei Tesori 2020 in Palermo - Dates and Program

Le Vie dei Tesori is an important cultural event born in Palermo, but which has expanded throughout Sicily to include 15 municipalities between Sicilian capitals and cities of art. It is about a unique opportunity to be able to access some attractions usually closed to the public, located in the various cities involved. These places are exceptionally made accessible through guided tours and special events. The event will be held on weekends between 12 September and 8 November 2020. In September it will be possible to visit special places in the cities of Messina, Caltanissetta, Trapani, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Bagheria, Sciacca and Sambuca di Sicilia. In October the baton passes to Palermo, Monreale, Catania, Ragusa, Noto, and Scicli.

Specifically, this article is dedicated to the proposals of the city of Palermo, that in the six weekends (Saturday, Sunday) from 3 October to 8 November, will open its doors to visitors wishing to discover the most hidden corners of the city.


  1. 2020 program: places and guided tours in Palermo
  2. Tickets: how much they cost and where to buy tickets
  3. Useful info and contacts
  4. User questions and comments

Post Covid19 updates: the event will take place in absolute safety. The entrances to the places will be limited and will preferably take place by reservation; the guided tours and walks will take place in recorded audio mode when there are no conditions for the guides in presence

2020 program: places and guided tours in Palermo

Over 100 places can be visited in Palermo during the weekends of the Vie dei Tesori. Among these palaces, theaters, museums, oratories, churches, even underground paths and catacombs.
In fact, Palermo opens its doors and becomes a city open to the world, which shows its most secret treasures, treasures of art, nature and science, and does so in a current way, following contemporary, historical and social themes.
The program therefore includes:

  • Over 70 places to visit: palaces, theaters and museums usually closed to the public and exceptionally open for the occasion. It is necessary to book the visit on the website, choose the date and time and acquire the € 3,00 coupon.
  • About 100 author's walks: limited number of guided tours. To participate it is necessary to book the visit on the site and pay the contribution of € 6,00
  • 2 places of the Contemporary Itinerary: unpublished paths prepared for the festival that open the doors to studios and ateliers of artists who have chosen old workshops, disused workshops and archaeological areas where to work
  • Over 20 experiences: paragliding flights, horseback riding, boat tours and much more. The price varies according to the type of experience
  • Visits with tasting: special events that will introduce you to the best food and wine products of the area in fabulous places such as museums, historic buildings, villas, theaters, etc.
  • Events: theatrical exhibitions and visits, or shows in motion within locations that combine discovery of the territory and theater

Places to visit

To access these places it is necessary to book on the website, choose the date and time of the visit and acquire the € 3,00 coupon for admission with guided tour. After the purchase, an email will be sent with a QR code to be printed or displayed on a smartphone or tablet at the entrance of the places. Below 10 of these taken as a sample. For the full list, visit the site.

  1. Basilica and Cloister of the Magione, via Magione, 44 - Get directions
  2. Fossa della Garofala, viale delle Scienze, entrance to the Department of Agriculture - Get directions
  3. A. Pasqualino International Marionette Museum, Piazza A. Pasqualino, 5 - Get directions
  4. Villino Florio e Giardino, viale Regina Margherita, 38 - Get directions
  5. Oratory of San Lorenzo, via Immacolatella, 5 - Get directions
  6. Casina Cina, via Duca degli Abruzzi, 1 - Get directions
  7. Palazzo Branciforte, via Bara all'Olivella, 2 - Get directions
  8. Sorgenti del Gabriele, via Umberto Maddalena, 105 - Get directions
  9. Camera dello Scirocco di Villa Naselli, Via Ambleri, 52 - Get directions
  10. Palazzo Mirto, Via Merlo 2 - Get directions
/ 10

Places of the contemporary itinerary

To access these places, simply obtain a ticket and show up at the entrance at the times indicated. If you do not have a ticket, single tickets are available for € 3,00 at the entrance to the venues.
The places of the contemporary itinerary are 2.

  1. Palazzo Oneto di Sperlinga - Duration of the visit 20 minutes (Get directions)
  2. Petrulla Palace - The Other Gallery - Duration of visit (Get directions)

Guided tours: the author's walks

Guided tours with limited number; an average of 15/16 are offered for each weekend, for a total of 101 walks. Timetables vary according to the route, there are daytime, evening, sunset and sunrise walks. To participate it is necessary to book a visit on the website and pay the contribution of € 6,00. Here are some of the walks proposed:

  1. Trekking to Ficuzza between holm oaks and hidden corks - duration 4 hours
  2. Women of ill repute The licentious face of Palermo - duration 2 hours
  3. Jubilation of the Baroque in Carini. The Amaru casu of the "Baroness of Carini" - duration 2 hours
  4. Stories of ordinary heresy The Inquisition in Palermo - duration 2 hours
  5. The thousand lives of Palermo: from the Romans to the Spaniards - duration 2 hours
  6. The mystery of the Beati Paoli: Heroes or Assassins? - duration 2 hours
  7. La Vucciria in the moonlight: story of a market - duration 2 hours
  8. On the trail of the Leopard I: The two mansions of the Prince - duration 2 hours and 30 minutes

For the full list, visit the site.

Tickets: how much they cost and where to buy tickets

For the places to visit

It is sufficient to purchase the coupon on the website and show up on the spot. Coupons are also available in booklet:

  • € 18,00 coupon valid for 10 visits to choose from among the locations of the circuit;
  • € 10,00 coupon valid for 4 visits to choose from among the locations of the circuit;
  • € 3,00 coupon valid for a single entry to choose from among the venues of the circuit (these tickets are also available at the entrances of the venues)

After the online purchase, an email will be sent with the coupon equipped with a QR code, to be printed or displayed on your smartphone / tablet.
The 10 or 4 visit coupon is not personal, so it can be used simultaneously by several people in different places, until its value is exhausted.

For walks

Guided tours (walks) are limited. It is mandatory to book on the website and pay the contribution of € 6,00. In case of non-attendance at the scheduled time, you will lose the right to visit.

Experiences and events

As for the experiences, the travels of treasures and the various events (concerts and theatrical visits), there are no fixed prices but they vary according to the case. For more information visit the event website.

Useful info and contacts

  • Date: in Palermo from 3 October to 8 November 2020, every Saturday and Sunday
  • Contact us: information center 091-7745575 (Mon-Fri 10:00 - 18:00). Email
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