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    Las Vegas Pass: the cards that will open the doors of Las Vegas to you!

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    Las Vegas, in the common imagination, it is the paradise of vices and extravagances, the realm of ultra-luxury hotels and gambling halls, clubs for adults and sparkling 5-star restaurants. The city center looks like a huge kaleidoscope of lights and luminous signs, an endless street lined with huge hotels, often bold imitations of the greatest works of engineering and architecture from around the world: the Eiffel tower, the pyramids, the medieval castles , the palaces of ancient Rome, Venice ...

    In short, we are talking about a place that risks giving you to your head: many opportunities for fun and entertainment could undermine your organizational capacity and subject your wallet to considerable lightening. Many of the Las Vegas patrons are so stunned by the impact with the city that they tire very quickly, discouraged by the inability to understand its essence.

    But if your desire is to spend a few days in Las Vegas without spending a fortune, and you don't want to waste even a second of your precious time, maybe a "Las Vegas Pass”Could really be the tool for you. The Las Vegas Cards we have selected will allow you to visit all the most interesting and fun places in the city, offering you the opportunity to save a lot of time and money: let's see the Las Vegas Passes in detail.

    Attention: Pass characteristics may vary over time (e.g. number and type of attractions, as well as savings percentage). We therefore invite you to check on the official website, indicated in the article, for any changes.


    • Las Vegas Explorer Pass: How Does It Work?
      • Attractions included
    • Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass
    • Build Your Own Las Vegas Pass
    • What is the Las Vegas Power Pass and how it works
      • Prices
      • How much you save
    • Sightseeing Flex Pass Las Vegas
      • Prices
      • Where to buy it?
      • Sightseeing Flex Premium Pass
    • The other Las Vegas passes

    Las Vegas Explorer Pass: How Does It Work?

    This is the pass managed by Smart Destinations, which provides city passes for all major American cities (take a look at our in-depth information on tourist passes to find out more). The formula is based not on the choice of the number of days but on the number of attractions, which can make its use more relaxing (you will not have the problem of having to concentrate all the visits in a short time as can happen with other products of this type). Here's how it works:

    • 3 attractions: approx. 80 euros
    • 4 attractions: approx. 100 euros
    • 5 attractions: approx. 115 euros
    • 7 attractions: approx. 140 euros

    Le attractions are over 50 and the savings can come up to 60%, with the possibility of being used within 30 days from the first activity carried out. Here are some of the activities / attractions available:

    Attractions included

    • Las Vegas Hop-On Hop-Off Day Tour by Big Bus
    • Rockstar Pool Party Tour (included in skip-the-line privileges)
    • Las Vegas Monorail (2-day pass)
    • Stratosphere observation deck with VIP access (skip-the-line privileges)
    • Las Vegas High Roller observation wheel at The LINQ (day pass)
    • The Mob Museum
    • CSI: The Experience
    • Club tour with Vegas Rockstar (skip-the-line privileges)
    • Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas
    • Las Vegas – V Theatre
    • Meal at Planet Hollywood restaurant
    • Hoover Dam tour
    • Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower Experience - Day Ticket
    • Zombie Burlesque
    • Beatleshow Orchestra
    • Nathan Burton Comedy
    • Walking tour of downtown Las Vegas
    • Gene Woods Racing Experience
    • Las Vegas Live Comedy Club
    • Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis
    • Popovich Comedy Pet Theater

    Passes are subject to changes over time, and the Explorer is no exception: if you want to consult the complete and updated list of attractions, go to the official website.

    Included in this pass you will also find a useful printed guide; once you have purchased the Las Vegas Explorer Pass it will be immediately available for download and printing, or, using the Go City Card App, you can use it directly with your smartphone without having to print.

    Buy the pass on the Official Website

    Las Vegas All-Inclusive Pass

    In this case, compared to the previous pass, the philosophy changes. From the choice of attractions, in fact, we move on to making one choice based on the days.

    In fact, with this pass you can choose between approx 45 attractions (which you can find out here) to be distributed in 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. Depending on your choice you can get to save in addition to 60%.

    Furthermore, if you buy a pass for three days or more, you will have access to some premium attractions among which we point out two particularly interesting ones:

    • Grand Canyon Tour (includes lunch, snacks and park entry)
    • Las Vegas Strip Helicopter Tour (a tour to fly over the extravagant Las Vegas strip at night)

    The pass can be purchased directly on the Official site.

    Build Your Own Las Vegas Pass

    In the case of this pass the savings are less evident than the previous ones (20% if you choose 2 or more attractions) but the advantage is that you can only include the attractions that you really want to visit. By doing so, the savings can only be directed to your real interests, avoiding unnecessary waste.

    Build Your Own is in fact the pass that you build, relying exclusively on your needs, for this reason, before making this choice, it is advisable to have a precise idea of ​​what the city of Las Vegas can offer to its visitors.

    The number of attractions to choose from also increases significantly (it goes to 51 that you can check here) compared to the previous two passes.

    This pass can be purchased directly on the Official site.

    What is the Las Vegas Power Pass and how it works

    Il Las Vegas Power Pass is a special card with a variable duration that will allow you to access more than 50 attractions of Las Vegas. You can choose between tours, excursions, museum entrances, shows, trips, themed attractions and much more, with a big advantage: thanks to the option Skip the Line, included in the price, you can skip the queues at the entrance of many of the attractions included in the offer. It will be a question of choosing the duration of the card according to need, carefully evaluating your needs and the time spent in the city: there are cards to 1, 2, 3, or 5 consecutive days.

    In a nutshell, if you buy, for example, the 3-day card - one of the most popular - starting from the first day of use (which coincides with the activation of the pass) you can use it for two consecutive days without time limits. , entering as many attractions as you will be able to visit in the time available to you. Obviously, if you are good at organizing your days, the possibility of saving will be even higher, and - combined with any winnings in the arcade - the card could turn out to be a real treasure in Las Vegas!

    Attractions included
    • Adam London's afternoon
    • Tour of the Beer Brewer Company and Beer Flight
    • Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts
    • Big Bus Hop On Hop Off (1 day)
    • Bodies: the exhibition
    • Cowabunga Bay Water Park (seasonal)
    • Defend the Caveman
    • Eiffel Tower Experience
    • erotic heritage museum
    • Gene Wood’s Go-Kart Racing
    • High Roller al LINQ
    • Hollywood Auto Museum
    • Hoover Dam Motor Coach Tour
    • KISS from Monster Mini Golf
    • Lake Mead Cruise (Seasonal)
    • Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix
    • 1-day pass to Las Vegas Mono Rail
    • Natural History Museum of Las Vegas
    • Lion Habitat Ranch
    • Marvel Avengers STATION
    • National Atomic Testing Museum
    • Pawn Stars VIP Bus Tour
    • Ristorante Planet Hollywood
    • Pool Party Pass
    • Fremont Street Pop Culture Walking Tour
    • Real bodies from Bally
    • Russian Mountain in NY, NY
    • Secret Garden e Dolphin Habitat
    • Experience in the Shalimar Wedding Chapel
    • Sky Zone Trampoline Park
    • Springs preserves Las Vegas
    • Stratosphere tower
    • Taylormade Golf Experience
    • Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
    • VIP Club Crawl Las Vegas
    • VooDoo Zip Line
    • XTERIOUS Fuga Giochi Bugsy’s Nightmare
    • XTERIOUS Escape Games Code 13
    • XTERIOUS Escape Games Casino’s Dark 11
    • XTERIOUS Escape Games Mapuche


     Here is the detail of the prices (updated to October 2018), which however remain subject to possible seasonal variations and offers from operators:

    • 1 day: adults around 78 euros
    • 2 days: adults approx. 122 euros
    • 3 days: adults approx. 166 euros
    • 5 days: adults approx. 245 euros

    The total price includes a set of discounts for restaurants and shops, which especially in Las Vegas can be very useful. You will also have one available color city guide, with a map and timetables of the monorail that will take you from one hotel to another on the Las Vegas Strip.

    Attention! The offer does not include admission to special shows, nor the use of the rooms of the various hotels, nor the “hotel pickup and drop-off” service. As soon as you have completed your online purchase, the card will arrive by email. You will decide later whether to print it or use it digitally.

    How much you save

    If you wonder how much the Las Vegas Power Card will save you… consider that the total cost of all the admissions included in the offer exceeds i 500$. It doesn't take an economic genius to understand that savings can be really high!

    Check prices and buy the Las Vegas Power Pass

    Sightseeing Flex Pass Las Vegas

    The direct competitor of the Las Vegas Explorer Pass is the Sightseeing Flex Pass, a type of tourist pass that is popular in New York and that has recently become available in major American cities, including Las Vegas. I'm going to quickly explain how this pass works.

    You will have the option to purchase a pass for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 attractions out of a total of 27. The Sightseeing Flex is valid for 30 consecutive days, which is a very large period in the average days of stay in the city, and ensures a savings of over 60% on the price of activities and admissions to attractions. At this link you will find the complete and updated list of Flex Pass attractions.


    Prices range from a minimum of 59 euros per adult (51 euros for children between 3 and 12 years) a a maximum of 121 euros (112 for children).

    Where to buy it?

    You can buy it on the official website (where further discounts are often found) or in Spanish on the Viator website (only 2, 3 or 5 attractions)

    Sightseeing Flex Premium Pass

    If the previous pass didn't seem complete enough, know that with a surcharge it is possible to have an even more competitive pass! The Sightseeing Flex Premium Pass has the same features as the regular Flex, but the list is enriched by the following activities in and out of Las Vegas:

    • Grand Canyon South Rim Tour by Sweet Tours
    • 12-15 minute flight above Vegas by Vegas Nights
    • Drifting Ride Along in a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat – 2 laps
    • Hoover Dam & Lake Mead Lunch Cruise
    • Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly
    • Legends in Concert – Main Floor Tickets

    Some of these activities are quite expensive, which - given the prices of the passes - involves a savings of over 70%! To consult the prices and buy the pass you can visit the official website or Viator (for 3, 4 or 5 attractions).

    The other Las Vegas passes

    Las Vegas is one of the main sources of tourism in the States, it is no wonder that it has a considerable availability of tourist passes. The ones we have reported are the ones we feel we can recommend for 2 reasons:

    1. they have a very good number / quality of reviews
    2. they are managed by well-known and reliable operators

    However, there are also others, for example the Bite Card or Las Vegas Reality Show VIP Tour. You can find them all on the page indicated below:

    All Passes for Las Vegas

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