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    Las Vegas car hire at the airport and in the city: low cost tips and useful information

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    Do you want to take a tour of the West Coast on the road but still don't know where you will leave from for your trip? Well what I can do is help you by starting with reduce the choice! My experience tells me that the most common destinations from which to leave for a classic tour of the West Coast are - in almost all cases - San Francisco e Los Angeles: the two cities on the Californian coast have airports that manage most of the low cost flights to the USA (and not only) from Europe. However, in some cases, it may happen that you land in Albuquerque or Phoenix, or most importantly, Las Vegas… and it is precisely this case that I want to talk to you about, and in particular the car rent.

    Yes, because picking up your rental car may be the first thing you need to do as soon as you finally set foot on the scorching soil of Nevada's Sin City. So let's see in detail all the operations necessary for pick up your rental car in Las Vegas: where the desks of the various agencies are located, which companies are present at the airport and in other city offices, how to move from the terminals to the desks and other useful information.


    • How to get around Las Vegas: is the car useful?
      • Where to park for free?
    • Las Vegas car rental from the airport: how to do it?
    • The companies present at McCarran Rent-A-Car Center
    • Other collection points in the city
      • Are there any price differences between branch and branch?
    • Other things to know before renting the car
    • Car rental Las Vegas: low cost tips to save

    How to get around Las Vegas: is the car useful?

    If you stay in the city before starting your tour, you will have to deal with quite a lot trafficsure, but nothing impossible to manage. Unlike other cities (for example, getting around San Francisco by car is prohibitive) we can safely say that yes, a Las Vegas the car might be useful to you right from the start, which is why my general advice is not to wait and, if possible, collect it directly at the airport, whether you stay 1-2 days in the city, or leave immediately for your on the road to discover the beauties of this splendid corner of America.

    The surroundings of Las Vegas are full of gorgeous natural parks and places of interest, come Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire e Hoover Dam.

    Nothing better than an on the road in the Valley of Fire ...

    Where to park for free?

    If you want to leave your car somewhere without passing out and then walk around the city, you can count on the fact that many hotels on the Strip have a free parking (in some cases only for an hour or fraction) in which you can leave the car (even if it is not the hotel where you will stay) and then use the monorail or one of the means of transport indicated in the article how to get around Las Vegas.

    But pay attention to a not indifferent detail: those hotels that host shows usually apply hourly rates to their parking lot during show times. Here is a list of free parking spaces present on the Strip:

    • The Strat Hotel & Casino
    • Sahara las vegas
    • Circus Circus
    • Fashion Show Mall
    • Wynn Las Vegas and Encore
    • Treasure Island Hotel & Casino
    • Venetian/Palazzo Hotel & Casino
    • Planet Hollywood/Miracle Mile Shops
    • Tropicana Hotel & Casino
    • OYO Hotel & Casino

    Las Vegas car rental from the airport: how to do it?

    Fortunately, theLas Vegas McCarran International Airport it's very close to the major points of interest in Las Vegas, so don't expect long stretches of road to get into the city. If anything, you will have to follow some brief directions to reach the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center, which is slightly displaced from the airport terminals.

    How to reach the Rent-A-Car-Center, located in 7135 Gilespie Street? Definitely not on foot, as it is about 3 miles south of the airport. There is indeed a shuttle service dedicated, departing from both terminal 1 and terminal 3: the shuttles are easily recognizable thanks to the white and blue color and the words "McCarran Rent-a-Car Center" shown on the side.

    • He blew up his Vegas with a direct flight from Europe, your plane will most likely land at Terminal 3, which handles most of the international flights. In this case you will have to reach the shuttles, following the Rent-a-Car signs after collecting your luggage. The Rental Car Shuttle stops are located between doors 51-54 (West) and 55-58 (East). Get in line and be patient: you shouldn't wait long as the shuttles run approximately every 5 minutes. The drive to McCarran Rent-A-Car Center takes just a few minutes.
    • If, on the other hand, you have used a internal flight and land at terminal 1, it will be just as easy to reach the shuttles. After collecting your luggage, go to Level 1 (Ground Transportation): you will find the Rental Car Shuttle stop under the median shelter, at doors 10 and 11. The frequency of the shuttles is the same, as is the distance from the car rental center in Las Vegas airport.

    The companies present at McCarran Rent-A-Car Center

    Most of the more reliable rental companies (read which ones are in our article dedicated to car rental in the USA) have their desks and their cars at McCarran Rent-A-Car Center. Here is a list of companies which you will find directly in the building on Gilespie Street:

    • Advantage
    • Alamo
    • Reviews
    • Budget
    • Dollar
    • EZ
    • Enterprise
    • Hertz
    • National
    • Payless
    • Thrifty
    • Zipcar

    If the agency you rented with is not among those listed on this list, don't worry! Your precious car is in the immediate surroundings, and during the booking process the company will explain the instructions to reach the desk: they will pick you up at McCarran Rent-A-Car-Center with a shuttle and take you directly to the correct office . You will only have to go to the named area Offsite Shuttle Loading, which is located in front of the entrance to the building and is still clearly visible on the map below. If you have to wait a bit, enter the McCarran Rent-a-Car Center and take a spin on the slot machines (don't exaggerate ...): hey, we're in Las Vegas, slot machines are everywhere!

    Tra le Off-Site Rental Car Agencies segnalo:

    • sixth
    • Not Car
    • AVR

    Other collection points in the city

    If the airport solution does not convince you because you have different needs, you can also collect your car in other offices in car hire in Las Vegas city. In fact, it is not excluded that you intend to stay a few days in the city: in this case it would not be convenient for you to keep your car stationary in a hotel parking lot, paying the daily rental rate empty. If that is the case, it may be worthwhile to collect your car upon departure from Las Vegas to West Coast parks or cities. In this case, it is not strictly necessary to return to the airport by public transport: most of the hotels and shopping malls of Las Vegas it also houses the offices of some of the most important rental companies, such as Budget, Advantage, Avis, Dollar and Enterprise.

    Are there any price differences between branch and branch?

    It may happen that from branch to branch in the same city the cost of the rental car can vary considerably, so if you want to save you will do well to check on the various price comparators the differences between airport agencies and those in the city center. How to do? I bring you 2 examples:

    • su Autoeurope it is possible to check the price differences between the various locations. When you arrive on the Autoeurope homepage, select the pick-up city (Las Vegas) and specify, under "pick-up office", SEE ALL OFFICES IN THE CITY. The next step will be to choose the car category; after this choice, you will see a list of machines and, on the right, the "Show locations" button: click and a page will open with all the locations available in the city with the relative price differences.

    Near a car your AutoEurope

    • su Rental Cars - which has a page dedicated to Las Vegas - you can filter your search immediately by writing the location from which you want to pick up the car on the bar. I advise you to write "Las Vegas City" o “Las Vegas Strip”, so as to narrow the circle of possibilities. A page will open showing all the possible options, complete with a map of the offices and price difference. As you can see below, the price differences can be quite significant!

    Near a car your RentalCars

    Other things to know before renting the car

    With this information, you shouldn't be unprepared when picking up your car in Las Vegas. However, I want to give you a series of additional advice and point out some aspects to be aware of when renting a car in the United States.

      • When you are at the car rental desk they will ask you:
        • your license Italian company
        • in some cases, you may find it useful to have an international driving license. Read the linked article to see if you will need it in the states you will pass through.
        • a valid passport for the USA.
      • A delicate matter… to collect the car you will need one credit card on behalf of the driver: if you present 99% prepaid cards, ATMs or cash at the desk, they will not deliver the car you have rented, even if you used a simple prepaid car to book it! Companies need a credit card to be presented for the security deposit. The cases in which the desk clerk turns a blind eye are more unique than rare.
      • If you intend to collect the car in Nevada but deliver it elsewhere (San Francisco, Los Angeles or any other American city ...), you may have to pay a drop-off (this is the name of the delivery operation in another city). Usually the amount of any surcharge is well indicated in the agencies' online estimates.
      • Don't leave anything to chance when it comes toinsurance: when making an estimate, check that you have included all the covers you feel you need. If you are unsure whether you have added them all or if, on the contrary, you have doubts about some items in the contract, we recommend that you inquire at the counter before picking up. You must be sure that the policy offers basic services in the event of an accident or emergency, and especially the tow truck service. Find more tips on recommended insurance coverage in our article on car rental in the USA.
      • Bring the car back in accordance with the contract schedule: if you return the car late, you may be charged for the rental cost for the next day.
      • When booking it is necessary that you choose carefully the car category suitable for your trip. If you start from Las Vegas, you will most likely face the round-trip of the parks of Utah and Arizona: in this case it might be smart to choose an SUV or similar, especially if you want to visit some national park where there are no paved roads. On the other hand, if you are going on a soft trip, an economy or a compact one may be enough.

    Car rental Las Vegas: low cost tips to save

    Cheap car hire in Las Vegas: it can be done!

    As I already mentioned in the paragraph dedicated to price differences between branches, the easiest way to find low-cost prices and savings opportunities is to monitor the best comparison sites on the internet: by analyzing the offers on these comparators and comparing them with those of the official sites of the individual companies, you will notice that they are decidedly more competitive offers and prices!

    To find out more, I would like to point out the section of our article on car rental in USA dedicated to low cost, where you will find indicated the portals that we at ForTravelAdviceLovers use to book cars. You can access it by clicking on the button below:

    How to rent a car at the lowest price?


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