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The twin cities of Haparanda-Tornio they represent a single destination, but with two time zones and two different cultures. The city is there northernmost in the world and is located in Lapland, on the Gulf of Bothnia, right on the border between Sweden and Finland. It is the river Make it, the largest free-flowing course in Europe, representing the natural border of the twin cities.

Haparanda-Tornio has aNordic village atmosphere hard to find elsewhere. Small and quiet, it offers all the services you need to spend your holiday like a local, without the tourist crowds typical of large Swedish cities.

To attract the interest of visitors is above all the natural context of the territory. In the Torne Valley nature is both verdant and arctic: the river bank with its rapids and meadows here combine with lush forests and a magnificent archipelago. The fabulous midnight sun and stunning Northern Lights have always attracted visitors from near and far.

Being far from big cities, light pollution is reduced, and it is possible to spot this triumph of colors even from the city center. Here are tons of alternatives for those who wish to go to Northern Lights hunting: by snowmobile, by car, on foot, by the sea or in the countryside on the banks of the river. When the ice begins to cover every surface, the dawn is reflected in the icy waters of the Torne river. Among the many observation points, the most suggestive one is undoubtedly the one at the top of the Nivavaar hill, the highest point of Harapanda-Tornio.

In Haparanda-Tornio tourists can live like the locals by combining the quiet life of the town with nature while having fun with different activities. In the winter months, in fact, the Torne river turns into one thick sheet of ice, which allows you to go around with the snowmobile, try ice fishing or venture into the snowy forest on cross-country skis or snowshoes. Those who want to try a different experience can be pulled by huskies for a sleigh ride or go to see reindeer in group expeditions. Here you can breathe the purest air in the world, but also the deafening silence of nature.

Another ritual experience for those visiting Haparanda-Tornio is the sauna, here experienced as an indispensable pleasure. An activity so deeply rooted in culture that it will be included in the 2020 list UNESCO of intangible cultural heritage. In Haparanda-Tornio, visitors have a wide choice of different types of saunas, from the largest in the world in Cape East to those in tubs heated by a wood fire.

Haparanda-Tornio is the gateway to Swedish and Finnish Lapland. It offers so many of those activities that it is possible to focus a stay exclusively in the area, but from here it is easy to move to the neighboring states and lengthen the itinerary.

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