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Lanzarote, a beautiful and particular island, where the colors are the masters, its volcanic origin marks the landscape aspect of the island, the dark gray of the rocks often contrasts with the blue of the ocean or the surrounding landscape, a true wonder of nature.
Turning it far and wide you cross small villages, isolated white houses that stand out against the brown of the earth. The green of the vineyards are enhanced by the dark volcanic rocks that protect them from the winds.
A decisive imprint? the one left by the great artist Cesar Manrique, where traces of his works can be found throughout the island, from the Jameo del Agua to the Mirador del Rio, from the Jardin de Cactus to the Monumento al Campesino .. and much more, including the various sculptures present everywhere .
Did you mix art and nature, even in the construction sector, where did you express your will? to prohibit buildings over two floors.

Fuerteventura,? a windy island, ideal for those who love to surf or kite, but its climate? mild all year round. The island offers different solutions for those who want to go to sea: from the wide southern beaches of light and golden sand that contrasts with the blue-green of the sea, to the beaches of dark sand or just rocks overlooking the ocean.
But in Furteventura is not there? only sea, the center of the earth? very interesting, formed by hills with volcanic cones here and there? , its valleys are carved by dry river beds, the earth? arid, if you take a tour inside the island you can? enjoy breathtaking views.

1 day

Once we land, we leave the Lanzarote airport and wait for the shuttle that takes us to the car rental agency, we have booked the car with ORLANDO, and I must say that we were fine, despite the bad reviews we had read .. There was a row and after about an hour and a half they deliver us a red Clio, quite new and in perfect condition!
We leave immediately and arrive at our apartment, the JABLE BERMUDAS in Puerto del Carmen.
There are several terraced apartments, divided into blocks, for those like us who were on the ground floor c ?? also a small patio. The car is parked on the street, in August is not it? it was easy to always have it in front but we found it close enough.
In the residence c ?? also a bar and a swimming pool. In front of the apartments c ?? a mini market, very convenient. We were fine, good cleaning. I advise!

After arranging the luggage we go out immediately, and in a few minutes on foot we are on the seafront of PUERTO DEL CARMEN
IS? very touristy and mainly frequented by English, but what about us? loved the waterfront? very impressive especially at sunset, when the sun's rays pass through the palm trees? a wonderful scenery.
There are many restaurants, shops, clubs and pubs with live music, do we like to take a walk after dinner? it was the ideal place, if I were to return to Lanzarote I would make the same choice for accommodation. S? ? after dinner, we started our stay in the Canaries with a tasty fish paella and a sangria.

2 day

About a quarter of an hour by car, from Puerto Del Carmen, we are in TIAS, we stop at a bar, pastry oven where we have breakfast, the pastries were hot and also the coffee was delicious. and cappuccino not bad. We took a short walk, but the country? small . One thing that struck us? was the small bank, we are used to armored doors and with alarms, there? instead a simple shop door, moreover open. T? As? the municipality of Puerto Del Carmen.
Here? present the house museum of the writer Jose? Saramago, to whom? was awarded the nobel prize for literature in 1998.

We move north, do we get to SAN BARTOLOME first? then to TIAGUA.
Are two of the many villages that we meet along the road, very similar, a church, a square, the few isolated houses here and there? they are white and without roofs, in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes with a beautiful view. It seems that time has stopped. In the background we also see the Timanfaya, all very suggestive.

On the road between San Bartolom? and Mozaga, c ?? the Monumento al Campesino, designed by Cesar Manrique, an artist born and lived in Lanzarote. Throughout the island, his imprint can be seen, with his abstract works, present everywhere. This monument? dedicated to the farmers of the island, c ?? a central square and around there are several buildings where inside there are tools used in agriculture and symbols of local culture. In front there is a sculpture created by the artist, called? Fecondit ?? ? it was made with the water tanks of some boats assembled with other objects.
Continuing towards the west coast we arrive at CALETA DE FAMARA, take a walk on the beach, deserted, as it is very windy and l? on the coast not? very hot, also why? the sun comes and goes, we stop for a while to watch the surfers.
We leave and reach HARIA, a beautiful village that we walk around for a while.
It is easy to see these places why? They are small.
Let's go and see the Manrique house, where he lived until his death in 1992 due to a car accident. To visit the house, you pay 10 euros and c ?? a guided tour in all the rooms, furnished with his works and more, full of books and photographs. C ?? even the studio where he painted and you could still smell the paint, everything? been left cos? how it was. Let's say that ? it was interesting but the whole thing didn't last anymore? half an hour.
To eat here I recommend? El Cortijo? de Har? a.

Torrniamo already? in Puerto Del Carmen, we leave the car near our apartment and go to the beach, specifically to PLAYA GRANDE, it is really good, even if it is a bit windy isn't it? annoying, we wait for the sunset and then we get ready for dinner.

3 day

This morning we decide to go north, to MIRADOR DEL RIO.
Arrived at the entrance we decide to take the combined ticket called? Bono 4 centros Turisticos? (there are also three or six) ours includes a visit to: Timanfaya- Jameos De Agua - Cueva de Los Verdes - and Mirador del Rio, costs 26 euros each, but you save on single tickets.
The visit here too? fast, in all about forty minutes, the building, a work of Manrique, is grafted onto a rock at a height of 450 meters, you can enjoy a splendid view of the island of La Graciosa, which can be reached from Lanzarote with daily ferries starting from Orzola, north of the island.

From Mirador del Rio towards the southeast, we arrive at the JAMEO DEL AGUA. A complex created by nature and enriched by Manrique. We enter an underground volcanic tunnel passing by a wooden spiral staircase, in front of us an underground tank of sea water where a unique species of small albino crabs live. We walk along a narrow path along this pool and we arrive at a cave with tropical plants and a beautiful swimming pool where? swimming is prohibited. Then, we climb a staircase and arrive at the Casa de Los Volcanos, a building with information on the volcanoes of the Canary Islands and the world.
Let's go back to Puerto del Carmen to spend the afternoon on the beach, today we choose PLAYA CHICA. A very beautiful and not very extensive beach, there are also sun loungers and umbrellas for a fee, 12 euros for two, sea water? crystal clear and the sand? golden, this beach? very popular with diving enthusiasts, for the beauty of the seabed.

4 day

Today we get up early to go to TIMANFAYA NATIONAL PARK, it takes about 40 minutes to arrive. IS? much visited so I recommend at 08:15 to be already? L? , opens around nine, but already? at 08:40 they let us in,? all well organized, you go by car in single file, let's say, to a parking lot, where they show you where to park.
Then you get on the bus, the only way to see Montana do Fuego and can't you? get off during the ride, c ?? a recorded voice guide, I know anyone who has done this tour? also happened in Italian but with us there was only in English, Spanish, German. The whole tour takes about 40 minutes. What about this park… a very suggestive, lunar landscape, it seems to be on another planet. At the end of the tour we saw the geisers,? was it exciting when, after the guide threw cold water? a jet of boiling steam returned.

After the visit we head to YAIZA. A small town, with a unique panorama, with a volcanic landscape given the proximity to the Timanfaya park.
Not C?? granch? to do here, but a short visit this town deserves it,? very pretty with all the white houses, we visited the museum / shop where they sell Aloe vera.

Leaving the town of Yaiza, we go to see EL GOLFO.
A lagoon protected by volcanic rocks. Here you can? to see, after a walk along a path, a green lake, in practice? the sea water, which is collected and due to the presence of sea vegetables and algae, together with volcanic minerals create this complexion. There are no words to describe the beauty of the contrast of colors, the green of the lake, the blue of the ocean and the black of the rock!
Absolutely not to be missed!
Proceeding southwards we first stop at LOS HERVIDORES, a large rock overlooking the ocean, on which the waves break continuously. and then to SALINAS DE JANUBIO
The winds bring the salt of the sea into these pools, and the reflections of the sun on the white of the salt create different shades? of colors. A beautiful scenery.
We head to PLAYA BLANCA, where we stop for a fish-based lunch.
We found it very touristic, and not very authentic, however? a good reference point for a good meal in one of the sea view restaurants.
Here finally, not far from Playa Blanca we find one of the most? known of Lanzarote: PLAYA DE PAPAGAIO
Here you pay an entrance of 3 euros, and the long road about 4km? very dirt road, but it's really worth it, as soon as we arrive we have a view of the sea that leaves us breathless, and after finding two places to lie down with difficulty we lie there? to sunbathe and rest.
The sea in front of us? spectacular, and we can't stop ourselves from taking several baths.
We leave this wonder to return but first we stop at GERIA.
A large expanse of dark earth, with circular holes of volcanic origin where, in contrast to the center, the vines protected by a rock edge stand out with an intense green color.
You can also do wine tastings, I recommend the? BODEGA LA GERIA?

5 day

This morning we go north, we stop at PUNTA DE MUJERES
IS? a little cloudy and cool, let's take a walk around,? a small fishing village, very nice. Then we go to visit the CUEVA DE LOS VERDES
An underground tunnel where? can only be accessed with a guide,? about 1 km long and the visit takes about 45 minutes.
It is a set of tunnels composed of lava solidified over the centuries, a path of ups and downs in the middle of the rocks with red and white shades created by iron and calcium.
Before returning to Puerto del Carmen we stop at the JARDIN DE CACTUS.
An immense cactus garden, coming from different countries of the world, a mix of art and nature created by Cesar Manrique. At the top of the hill in front of the entrance c ?? a small mill, from there can you? enjoy a wonderful view over the whole garden. Stupendous!
We go back and since yes? made a nice day we stop for a while at PLAYA DE LOS POCILLOS
A very large and very characteristic beach. When is there ?? at high tide a good part is covered by water and then when this withdraws the sand remains wet, hence Pocillos cio? mud.

6 day

Today we go to TEGUISE, c ?? the Sunday market.
Let's take a tour of the stalls and buy two souvenir T-shirts for a couple of friends, this country? very nice, full of people and not just tourists.
For lunch we go to eat at the? CANTINA ?, where there are platters of cold cuts and cheeses for all tastes. I recommend booking first!
After lunch we go down already? in COSTA TEGUISE, and we decide to go to the beach for a while, we choose PLAYA DE LAS CUCHARAS. A long sandy strip surrounded by gardens, shops and restaurants.
On the way back we stop at ARRECIFE, the capital of Lanzarote.
It looks very different from other towns, such as Puerto del Carmen or Playa Blanca ..
We first took a stroll on the main street Calle Real, full of shops, cafes and restaurants.
Interesting ? its defensive architecture, can't you? do not notice, up on the islet, the castle of San Gabriel built to defend against pirates.
Don't miss El Charco de San Gines, basically? a? pond? connected to the sea. It comes with numerous colorful boats, and many bars and restaurants that frame it. Very impressive in the evening.

7 day

Today we go to ORZOLA. We are north of the island. Here we take the ferry that in about 20 minutes takes us to the island DE LA GRACIOSA. We buy the ticket, 20 euros each and get on board. As soon as we arrive in Caleta del Sebo, we evaluate whether or not to take a bicycle, but in the end we set off towards Playa de La Francesa.
It takes about 45 minutes to get there, but? nice, to see all the sandy streets in the middle of the houses, in fact there are no cars here, only bicycles or 4X4s.
We lie in the sun, take several baths and have lunch with some sandwiches brought along.
This beach? 450 meters long and uncrowded.
We return with the 16.00 ferry, but before taking our car back, we take a ride to Orzola.
On the way back we stop at Playa Caleton Blanco, just a stop to see it,? a wonder, very wild, here too we notice a strong contrast of colors, from the white of the sand, the blue of the ocean and the black of the volcanic rocks, making it spectacular.

8 day

Today begins the second part of the journey, we leave for FUERTEVENTURA
We board the car on the ARMAS ferry and reach CORRALEJO, where we will stay for a week. We started from Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. The very pleasant crossing takes a total of 35 minutes.
It looks very different from that of Lanzarote, here we are on the third floor, with a tiny terrace. For? we had a good time, c ?? the swimming pool, a bar and reception give a weekly calendar with the events they organize marked.
Corralejo there? loved it, c ?? of everything . In the main streets many shops, bars, and places to eat.
The promenade, which runs along the beach, is very suggestive, with many restaurants serving fresh fish and places to enjoy an aperitif, overlooking the sea perhaps at sunset.
The beach ? very beautiful, with light sand and the sea water has various shades between green and blue. It is quite windy as in the whole island but there are also sheltered beaches, the sea water remains cold even in August (at least for me who am chilly); other beaches, on the other hand, are "open" and mostly frequented by surfers.

9 day

Today we immediately went to see THE DUNES OF CORRALEJO
A natural park about 5km from Corralejo, very reminiscent of the Sahara desert, a wonderful scenery that is confused with the golden sand before reaching the crystalline blue color of the sea. IS? a must without a doubt!
After that, we chose a nearby beach to soak up some sun.
We returned to our apartment around 17.00pm, and after taking a shower we went to the seafront for an aperitif.

10 day

Today, we spent a bit visiting the hinterland of Fuerteventura, following a list of the villages we visited:
A small town, located about twenty kilometers from Corralejo.
The first thing you can not? not notice as soon as you arrive? the Church of Nuestra Senora, imposed as the symbol of the town. An Arab-Christian ensemble, with three naves inside.
At first glance the eye falls on the outside, the white of the external walls contrasting with the dark gray of the adjacent tower, built with volcanic stones.
Another important symbol for this city? ? the Casa de los Coroneles, or the town hall.
Can you? visit the interior from Tuesday? on Saturdays from 10 to 18 and the cost of the ticket? of 3 euros.
A building that looks both civil and military, from the tiles on the roofs to the towers in the corners.

A small village with a square, a church and white houses.
After numerous curves, with a breathtaking view, we arrive at a vantage point, where two huge statues representing the kings of Fuerteventura are imposed: Ayose and Guize.

Antigua, with its old farmhouses in the middle of the countryside, typical houses, a church. A quiet town, where the windmills stand out, still used today to produce Gofio, the toasted corn.
Pajara, a town that presents itself as ordained, has its own Church? Nuestra Senora de Regla? , and several well-kept gardens.

11 day

Today we went south, to do some sea, we arrive on the JANDIA PENINSULA
We are south of the island. The first thing we go to see? the Morro Jable lighthouse, to get there you have to take a long walk, between the beach and vegetation, where we meet several squirrels. As we approach we notice the grandeur of this lighthouse.
What ? spectacular isn't it? so much the lighthouse itself ?, bens? all there? that surrounds it, the huge white sand beach that contrasts with the green / blue of the sea.

Let's go back up to reach PLAYA DE SOTAVENTO
For me ? was the beach more? beautiful will I return? definitely. A long stretch of light sand that changes scenery according to the tide, natural pools with a crystalline color are formed. Are we there? up to half? afternoon, then to return to Corralejo we stop for a ride to COSTA CALMA.
A tourist town, which boasts a large number of hotels, bars and restaurants, where in the majority good fresh fish is served. freshly caught.
Continuing north we arrive at PLAYA DE GRAN TARAJAL. From here the scenery changes, it is a volcanic beach, therefore with dark sand. Not ? very crowded , ? frequented mainly by locals, the sea? clean.
There are several places to eat and drink.

12 day

Today we go to CALETA DE FUSTE An artificial beach, in the shape of a horseshoe, made up of small pebbles. Thanks to the cliff it remains quite sheltered from winds that blow perpetually in Fuerteventura.
The waterfront, a pedestrian boulevard? nice, full of shops, hotels and restaurants.
In my opinion ? suitable for families with children. Nearby to see El Castillo, a defensive tower.

13 day

Today, the penultimate day, we relax by the sea, we decide to return to Playa de Sotavento, and we stay on the beach until halfway through. afternoon.

14 day

IS? the day of departure, we returned to Lanzarote, to leave the car at the car rental and take the return flight.
Yes ? concluded cos? our fantastic two week road trip between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. A wonderful experience, I never imagined, that just a few hours flight from Italy you could find such landscapes. wonderful, where nature makes them truly unique.
We will definitely be back, and what about ... LANZAROTE AND FUERTEVENTURA ... WHAT A PLEASANT DISCOVERY!

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