Lampedusa: the Rabbit beach, the most beautiful in Europe

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It is Italian, wonderful and unique there most beautiful beach in Europe, awarded by reviews shared on TripAdvisor, the travel platform. This is the beach of the Rabbits which is located in the homonymous island, a few meters away from the coast of Lampedusa.

An enchanting place, with a bizarre name and shrouded in legends, characterized by a crystal clear sea, by the presence of a fine white sand, from a blue sky and a varied marine fauna. An area in which the backdrops are transparent, where you can discover a submerged world of absolute beauty and where, not infrequently, from afar, it also happens to see some dolphins. Just think that this fantastic world, which is located within a protected nature reserve, can only be accessed at certain times of the day to safeguard the nesting of sea turtles. In short, a magnificent place, sometimes uncontaminated and which, also for its wonderful colors, remembers distant paradises and is able to attract many visitors from all over the world.

Although the period for the world of travel is not the best due to the pandemic from Covid-19, this marvel has been consecrated the most beautiful in Europe by travelers from around the world, as it reaches eighth place in the world rankings.

The beach of Conigli, in fact, defined as the "pool of God" by Domenico Modugno who lived for a long time in an interesting villa located right in front of the famous beach, reaches high peaks also in the world rankings of "Travelers' Choice 2021", after Whitehaven Beach in Australia, Santa Maria Beach in Cuba, Baia do Sancho in Brazil, Grace Bay in the Caribbean, Saint Pete in Florida, Turquoise Bay Beach in Australia and Eagle Beach on the island of Aruba.

Linked to Lampedusa by a sandy isthmus, or a small strip of land covered at times by water, the isola dei conigli and its fascinating beach, returning to the European ranking, reaches the summit. After her, in the top 10 we find Cofete in Fuerteventura; Praia da Falésia, in Portugal; La Concha Beach in Spain; Bournemouth Beach in Dorset (UK); Balos in Crete; Elafonissi beach, also in Crete; Santa Giulia beach in Corsica, Kleftiko Beach, Milos, Greece and Porthminster Beach, St. Ives, Cornwall.

Le satisfactions for Italy, however, they are not over. In the same ranking, at the 20th position is the beach of Sansone, on the Island of Elba, the beach of Tropea, in Calabria, at the 23rd position and the Cinta beach, in Sardinia, at the 25th position. True daydreams and a great pride for Italy that sees the Conigli beach at the top. Just think that in 2013 it was consecrated as the most beautiful beach in the world, while in 2014, 2015 and 2019 (and now also 2021) the most beautiful in Europe and Italy.

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