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Lake Powell is one of the largest man-made lakes in the United States. Located tra Arizona and Utah, was created on the Colorado River following the construction of the dam glen canyon in 1963.

In the midst of the canyons submerged by water, spectacular scenarios come to life, which can be admired by penetrating the fjords by boat. Within these perimeters the lake emanates the grandeur of its blue, the jagged earth of red outlines its unusual contours and the mountains of rock. Its waters can reach a depth of one hundred and seventy meters, and cover an area so vast as to cross the borders of Arizona to enter Utah.


To exploit the full potential of the lake it is recommended to stay in Page, an Arizona town with an ideal location: very close to Lake Powell, located on the Colorado plateau, overlooking the entire valley from above. The resort offers a variety of shops, restaurants and accommodations, as well as a variety of attractions. Flagstaff and its surroundings are not bad either, albeit a bit far from the lake.

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By boat, by boat, by motorboat, even in houseboats: the excursion on the lake is an imperative that cannot be given up. It is possible to choose short excursions (one, two, three hours) or even the whole day, to get sucked into the various gorges, in the continuous discovery of unique colors of the rocks and natural conformations out of any scheme. In some parts of the lake it is also possible to swim.

A stop at the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, a colossal arch of pink stone that rises inside a canyon. Legend has it that it is located on land sacred to the Navajo Indians. Its height reaches almost eighty-five meters. It has been declared a National Monument.

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